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\ - 1 

University ScHooI 







"• / ? 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 
St IVIichael's University School 


our pegins. 

ubiished in Canada Printed In USA 




^ ^^ 

: ml tt ■- - ' 

ixtf'^n tt \ 

%-SJLLI Hii 


^i 'MicJ^6 97^i 

34CC Slichmoncl S 






(3rads- 188 
ponsors - 228 

To produce aii annual yearbook tKat co^^ers tke 
entire arrav of scKool activities, and, tke scKools stu~ 
dents. teacKers. faiuilv and friends, is a dauiiting — and 
ultiniateK' revv^arding piu^suit. TKis is true ever>' year, 
and I am tempted to say tkat it is especially true tkis 
year. Tkis year tke sckool began its secoi\d kundred 

5o many indiv?idual kigkligkts vcill be co^cered in 
tkis book. Muck of tke book, too, is concerned — appro" 
priately — 'vVitk tke smaller ackie\7enients and attack" 
ments tkat kaoe meaning for individual teackers and 
students, or for particidar teams or ensembles or com" 
mittees. u-om sucl\ detail and siixcerity comes tke fabric 
tkat makes tke sckool wkat it is — a place for students to 
grow, and for deep attackments to flourisk. 

On tke larger scale, one of tke most emblematic 
events of tke year was tke opening of tke newly restored 
Sckool House and new Library. For nearly a kundred 
years Sckool House kas stood at tke centre of tke expe" 
rience for so many studei^ts wko kavc attended tke 
sckool. Students kave lived in tke building in board" 
ing wken it Was also a residence; classes Were taugkt 
in tke building wken most of tke spaces now serving as 
offices Were classrooms; a library Was attacked in. tke 
back quadrangle of tke building, and now a new Library 
kas taken tkat place. Tke effective renovation and res" 
toration of Sckool House ensures tkat tke building will 
continue to kave for future students tke nxeai^ing it kas 
kad for past students. Tke permanence of tke structure 
reinforces tke permanence of tke values and experiences 
tkat are central to tke SMUS experience. 

I Want to tkank tke students and teackers wko 
put togetker tkis record of sckool life. It is compreken" 
sive, good"natured. and spirited. It reflects tke texture of 
SMUS life as no otker record does. I always look forward 
to its appearance in tke fall, as does everyone else. 


" Bob Snowden 

■" .<■: 

The long journey finally comes to an end ae I submit this. 
the final page that needs to be submitted for the grand. . 
full color Yearbook. During the difficult journey . some have 
unfortunately left us and some have gladly joined us as we 
went through the hardships of attending every Yearbook 
session after a tiring day of school and working under my 
itV> ^"^^1 "affectionate" tyranny. There were many ups and downs 

^^ with issues of organization, deadlines, lack of photos, and 

unimaginably long write ups that we could possibly make 
a separate book out of. but all things aside. I would like to 
deeply thank them, as this year's Yearbook members have been the most dedicated, skilled, and 
enthusiastic friends that I have ever been able to work with. I would like to thank every section 
heads. Samantha. Jessie. MJ. Ian. Eric. Nick, and Nancy for their dedicated work and support. I also 
deeply thank all the members who have given their entire effort in creating such wonderful pages. 
In addition. I would also like to thank Mrs. Nason for her help with Junior School and Ms deRosen- 
roll for helping with Middle School. And finally, to Mr. Taylor and Ms. Fraser who I cannot thank 
enough for their wonderful guidance and entrusting me with this year's Yearbook. Thank you. 





i2 Middlf SciiLiLil Candids 

'^^ "^wz^ss 



lAe i^ 


1 M f 


Wi ' c?* 

Si 1 

Middle School Candids 1? 


Vie packed a ton 
action and. sonxi 
relaxation int 
2007 Spring Bcea 
cJapaia Trip. Our firs 
a tKcee'day stint in Tokyo, tGatuct 
Tokyo Disney Land; amazing skoppinc 
in Skibuya and Hacajuku; and a day' 
spent de"stcessing at tke kot springs 
ii-i Hnlf onff TVi pn if Was off to Ky'oto to 
fvjisiLftoiuG oi-skipaVi s incfGdible castles 
and t sinplGB, amftcy out ouc Wagaski" 
svceet -nxakiixg skills. Next canxe a trip < 
to tkjl beaii^fulcity of Hicoskiniaaiid 
Mi\^tfci M g Ijlefn d. vv'kere tke "cut e deee 
ended up eatim^ouc i<^a.^i'can\ wte 
spent our last daylwalkiivo^n a r^Uv 
cool, accked bcidgfc ana iSKiinq irxtne 
cable car to anotl 

Lastly, ouc old fLVeiiil^.^iiMjc\shov\'ec 
us acound kis konictov\?n Fuki 
It vOas really v^acnx, and after a tour 
of tke kigk sckool, we squeezed in 
a little bit more skopping. Japan 
Was an exciting place to be, and( 
We kad a great trip filled witk karaoke, 
ice creanx, suski, Haicku, and maybe, ju st nvaybe. 

a little bit of culture. 

I I 



^^Si^\:i-- -^-'i 

■as, • 




r-si - 


a plane and I 
of us tkougk 

mcl 2 teacKers got on 

: L -^/g 

118 Travefl 


spread .so fac. we only na»JG.;fco nxiicK 
befoce were spread too tKliM.stcGtcke( 
before we ka'^e to cecoll. Little did we lcfii_ 
leai^lng our families beklnrHliat morning | 
gaining 40* amazing new family ntenxW 


JCosta Rica is a beautiful Central 

Anierlcan countcv tKat Kostecl 

six students and Mcs. Muctland 

lor 12 days In April. Tke trip vJas a combination of comnxunlty ser" 

^;lce, education and adv?enture tra\?el. we Kelped build a sldevJalk, 

"replanted trees along tke Rio Saraplqul, stayed ovieri^lcjKt wltK a lovv) 

9 Income fanilly and donated containers of scKool supplies aiid clotnlng 

I to tke Saraplqul Learning Center. Vie learned a lot about conseroa" 

' tlon, sustainable development and tke real Costa Rica from our guide 

Jimmy. Tke ad\?enture tra^?el came In tke forni of wkltewater rafting, 

zipllne trav?el Iti tke rainforest canopy, body surfing In tke Pacific Ocean 

and korseback riding to Waterfalls. It Was kard to lca>ce tl\ls beautiful 

country and We are anxious to kcad back 
1 " 1 * 




lov\Jn of Monlc Ci-isli aiiJ ,,, m.-n 

I iininecliatcly. Ev.'eu v\?KGn we c! 
oi'pKanaqe. WeallGxpeclGfl l\esii 
nil s a^e \Cc-i-G all coOecGcl Kcl kicis 

mbliiicj all ooui' u.s. Tlic kids ul tuc orpiumaqG 
: liuiictrGcls of coluutGGfs qo tKi'oiiqli tlit'ir IK'cs 

.'%• iiKike room 

tlveif Keai'ts. .Altei- uc 
we KilGu'' t|i r' ' anil 

out. Wli 

Uic Gxcuus 1 U liaOG, Kow impoi'lunl gcade U u'lU be 
foi- niy unwecsUy applications, aboiii ili" ( ininimi 

ip ni miss acjaln. Rut rcallv tli 

bt in my iiiiucl. [-■< mcj nioi-c 

mf (l\cin (amil\ 

19 Travel 

StuJerft Copifnonwec>lth 
Confepence Febpuc»ry 1007 


sith is 


Davel and lony Cuoodman to host this years 

-ommonwealth is a unique tamily of 53 memDer 

countries around the world sharing many common 

interests. As a multiracial association of states, all equal 

and sovereign, it is a world away from the handful of 

British Dominions which were the first Commonwealth 

members. From Africa to India, from Pacific shores to 

the CarioDean, the Commonwealth s 1.7 oillion people 

make up almost a third of the world s population. The 

Commonwealth jociety of Vancouver Island worked 

with 3t AAichaels University School teachers Kirsten 

Jtudent Commonwealth Debate at the school. 

During the conference, students played roles of the Head of State for their country, presented their 
positions on selected topics for debate, and then debated on issues in order to reach a common approach to issues. 

St Michaels University School Students Jennifer Matchett, Morgan Pudweli, Andrew Stephens, Kathryn Wizinsky, Allen Hsu, and 
Danielle Ward participated in this wonderful daylong event. Kathryn Wizinsky won first place in the debate and spent a week with 
the National Commonwealth Conference in Ottawa. Additionally, Andrew Stephens won an award for his excellent contributions. 







r— f^ 


Cfyxpd Ceam rocks. 
We've eaten our fair 
sl)are of almond tarts 
n?f)ile d)asing our goal to make 
CF)apeI more personal and rel- 
evant to student life. 

ost Cf)apel ses- 
sions are non? col- 
laborative, involving 
a diverse array of musicians, 
guest speakers and student/ 
staff presentations. One tf)ing 
to r\^ki) wc aln^ays look for- 
ward is planning "Roopla" 
C()apels. Cbese services are 
completely student run and n^e 
•pe to incorporate more next 

reiterate, Cfyxpd 
Ceam truly rocks... but 
not quite as mud) as 
almond tarts. 



Break, n. - Cbr©3iK^ h ^\\od 
iViie^tvdil betvveen lessons, usually 
\n the mdiAle; of morning or af ter^ 
noon school. Mso transf. Cf. coffee^ 
break, tea-break. 

-Oxford English ^IdloViaq 

A i- 





24 Break Time 







k " — ■■ iSSb^Sj^B 




^^V y 

"^^^ ^:^^^^^F^Hf L^^^^l 


J J^^r ^^B 





^^ ^^^^^^H 







!»-■#» 4- •^««*i' 

II Hi- 





28 Special Events 

special Events 29 

• :i\ * M 


^^ '^i,.?^ :-.^. 

/^=^ — 



1 ^^^^^V"^^^^! 

\ ^^^^HfiHrilQ' 












- "=^' SiJ fc 






-\ ^ ^^ 




1 ^itI^B 




1 piTi -'-^'i^ 

Cops for Cancer Headsha\'e 33 








Ve>lerrt'mes Dc> 

i J 

Bi^r. ''■ ^w 

E» ^ a 



.>.l-v # 




woi field 

U/e would like to take tfiii opportuyiily to 

hccnk all the parenti, itudenti and itaff 

"or tfieiV iuf^piort tfirou^fiout tfie year. In 

<eei:>in^ with tradition/ tfie actfvitiei of tfie 

•jparenti' Auxiliary are focuied on building 

community and itren^tloenin^ ti'ei witfxin 

our icfiool U/e are Very grateful for our 

talented and committed volunteeri wfio 

^ work tireleiil^^^ordiWte eventi tfiat 

foiter |30iitfve relatiombipi witfain our school community- i^S^^ 

Beginning in September, parenti were able to attend the 6(ied M- Wi 
form Sale and the U/elcome (^offee "^arty. Later in October, i^arenti, t I 
teacfieri/ and itudenti organized a Very iucceiiful Ir. School "Bam 
Vance and over 300 hundred ifxejopie ihared in a Ymmorabie evening. 
In November, the^^A hoited the [popular "Boarders without Borderi 
dinner. Many famiuei took part and invit^sd boarding itudenti to thei'r 
home to ihare a family meal. The traditional (^hriitmoi Evening Celebration 
for the. fiVit time in the imall gymnaiiuYn, and it wai a ifiectacular iucceii! 

The armuai Staff Appreciation Luncheons were held in ]une, Thii event li our opportunity to thank 
the SMd^S teacheri and itaff for their tremendous dedication and coYrmiitment to "ieeking the excel- 
lence in all of ui with paiiion and compaiilon." With the iupport of our parenti, the luncheon 
wai, ai uiual, outitanding! 

Throughout the year, the 1?A alio offered the following iervlcei: "piece of Home ^Ift "packagei and 
Oa\(e Service for boarding itudenti, ^izza 'Dayi for all three ichooli, the publication of Student 
Dlrectorlei, bi-monthly l?ANewiletteri and 
^arem Clrade Soclali. 

^ueit ipeakeri at our monthly meetln^i 
included theX>lrectori of our 3 ichooli. Mi. 
Nancy pichardi, yj. Xovler AbriouX/ and 
Mi. I^oth. SM^S Advancement Aiioclate, 
Mi. y^ria Cioncalve^, hoisted a tour of the 
new Schoolhouie and two M'ddle School 
parenti. Mi. iPatrlcia lane and Mi. lara 
Uxuzon, gave a prei^entationon the ichool- 
wi'de leaderihlp initiative with a focui on 

The Auxiticity meYnber- 
ihi'p approved funding 



towarcli rKe foltowfw^ 
Alloaxtioni "Funding 


2. Hiitorical mapi (Sr, Scfiool) - 


"Damp iProof Art 0(xbmeXi> (Mj'd. 

School) - $2409 

Set of <Sm'ded t?,eadin^ boolcs (Ir, 

School) - $i42j 

Set of Smart Boards [y^d. School) 

- $1650 

]^ed Tide Spectrometer iyitem (Sr. 

School) - $2,720 

Keadfng 'iProgram (Ir, School) - $940 

Glaii Kiln (Middle School) - $1823 

"^oscope H% iyitem (Sr. School) 


Gtaii iuppliei (Sr. School) - $13152. 

hAoQazirve. %a.cVi (Sr. School) - $459 

Wet Belt Socru^r (Mid, School) - $42.7 


Wooch/orUinQ tools (Sr. School) - $22jo 

2. p.obot Starter kids (Sr. School) - $3772. 

Sony OybenhorVoO H2. "Digital <::;amera 

(Sr. School) - $384 

Debating Software ')?rogram (Sr. School) 


Athletic Tent (Sr. School) - $3390 

Oatcbar Edacation: 

urfboards (Sr. School) - $142.6 


"Data projector, laptop cart £tr com- 
puter (Sr. School) - $ij86 
<^olor printer (Sr. School) - $1802. 
Digital projector (Sr. School) - $1160 
^ladi com^auter (Sr. School) - $1484 



Xfibrap^hoYie (Sr, School) - $2,938 
Boii OlariYiet (Sr. School) - $2x285 
Wireless M'crophonei (M'd-/Sr. 
School) - $z92.o 


School OomynuYuty: 

z concrete picnic tablas (Sr. School) 

- $ao20 

duest ipeaker []r. School) - $1000 

Uirge Inflatable Latex balloons (<:jrad 

(Committee) - $1363 

"VJertical roll paper diipenser (M'd- 

School) - $880 

24 Heart t^ate Monitori (M'd. School) -^^ iyrfn^e (Infirmaty) - $224 

- $1732. Blender (Infirmary) - $2J 

50 BflAketball ]erieyi (Ir, School) - $983 

yoga Mati (M'd,/Sr, School) - $350 r^fLpy.- 

Athletic Tent (M'd,/Sr. School) - $i338^^^;^.^ ^^^y^^ g^^^ . ^,^^ 

2. MaVJiuxl lypewriteri cxnd worksta- 
Boardin^: tiom (Sr. School) - $859 

ICT> projector and screen (Harvey/ 
Symons Hotwe) - $1548 
36" televiiion iet and stand (Bolton/ 
Timmii Hoctse) - $2874 




Matthew H 
Georgia Ha 
Sofia Jeliaz 
Abbey Jo 

Isabella Leong 
Olivia Lupin 
Marcus Miller 
Mateo Murr 


Tasha Norris 
Matthew Owen-Flood 
iV Meredith Selwood 

We love SMUSil 


Chloe Fitzgibbon 

Rachel GrohovgiC 
Lindsay Hann^ 

Triumph Kerins 
dan Kerr 
civley Kirk 


Nicolas Kyle 
Elise Lincoln 




1, r 




Olivia Meadows 
Adam Moulden 
Imaan Nathoo 

^ / 

Karmen Tse 
Rhys Williams 

Madison Woo.dhead 
Rachel Yuen 

Nicholas Papaloukas 
Sara Perelmuter 
Ami it '^aini 

^PS^ 2"% o 


Jasper Bosley 
Riley Clare 

Ricky Fabris 
Erin Forbes 

Grace Hart 
Bryn Haydock 
Noah High 

Maya Jervis 
Ava Johnston 



Sophie Jones 
Rowan Ko 
Jayne Leggatt 

Joshua Litton 
Jessal}Ti McElderry 
Anna Mollenhauer 

Jamison Schulz-Franc] 
Jonathan Sudul 
Laura Williams 

Benjamin Wingert 

Zachary Zwicky 


Brennan Bellavance 
Sun-Eui Choi 
Charlotte Colby 

John Cook 
Aidan Currie 
Sean Currie 
Olivia Donald 

-r*. ->■-■ 



Myles Duncan 

Luke Erasmus ^^|pff!% 

Connor Fenton ? ''f 

Emma Frankenberger ! i '»» ^ 


J c 

cbt .** ' 


> . > > x>^> > 

^ ^v 


Laura Grohovac 
Hari Ikonomou 
Anika Johnson 

Jordan Kerr 
Aidan Kyle 
Alexander Mabberley 

'-- -y 


Trent Norris 
Sara Owen-Flood 
Samuel Perelmuter 
Olivia Roberts 


^ ^^ Timot 

Joseph Avio " 
Timothy Bemtsen 

Christina Sipos 
Michelle Song 
Justin Tse 
Isabel Williams 


Rachael Benjamin 

Loren Cai 

David Cunningham 
Sage Friswell 
James Hayashi 

Liam Hayden 
Nathan High 
Graeme Hyde-Lay 
Ann Makosinski 

Grant Nicholson 
Jennifer Shan 
Mila Stolle 
Owen Sudul 

Adam Chan 
Jeremy Chan 
Christine Chiu 
Samantha Colby 

■^s/;-«, :-^?. 

Caitlin Hastings 
Jennifer Hawes 
Amal Khan 
Vivian Lam 
Cimarron Langlois 

Jessie Cram 
Robbie Harmah 








Emma Laprise 
Harvnah Lincoln 
Kevin Welsford 

Sydney Witoski 



i-- '-% 







r Ml 







Benjamin Bartlett 

Hayley Burns 

Jenna Dhillon 

Celine Doehring 

Emma Donald 

Bryce Fenton 

Isabella Gudgeor 


Sema Hamidi 


Kevin Holmes 

V^ ^^H 

Jack Janus 

■ vV 

Brandon Lucas 


Georgia Quinlan 


Michael Rossi 




■ m 

Marco Sanati 


Alexander Simson 

Levi Supowitz 

L i. 

Melton Wan 

^B. .VHKi^l 

Claire Williams 

v^ii^,;' '< 







Poseidon, Poseidon god of the 


TbpQshes Qpound the gpeat big 

CDhen be is Qngp9 be dipeets 

big stopms 

Rousing buge oiooes to page 

and to tbundep 

(JpQsbing axroes pooring b9 fop 

Poseidon is ongpp 

Tbot is no lie 

CQben Poseidon is boppp tbe 

seo is bpigbt ond Qokn 

Do boots OP sbips sinl( op die 

fop Poseidon is boppp. 

Ifooe is 1% Q eQDd9 Qcme, 
&DotioDs mi^dngr 
(Joloups txmsting. 

Qpol^en looe is lil^e eboeolote, 

SoTeet ot fipst, 

*phen melts into o mess. 

Ifooe is lil(e q eondp cone, 

6motioDs mi^dng^, 

^oloups txmsting. 

•pojisting into something beaatiftil 



Art th9 goddess cxiin and cold? 
A brilliant beopt, tb9 5toP9 told 
•phe beaut9 donees in th9 e9es 
•pbe Joipness of one hundped lies 
flpt tb9 goddess ooin ond cold? 
'pbe sins ope 9oung 
'pb9 beopt is old 

Qut lonel9 on th9 nwuntoin high 
OQhen friends ope lost 
^phpough eoeP9 lie 
A feeling blooms oaithin the soul 
A feeling dopl^ and plain as eod 
Angep, sodness gpoojs a?ithto 
Qut arith a moptal, good ojill ouin. 




ri < 











^^im ^J<*0 






Alex Campbell 



Lindon Carter 

Jason Chiu 

Theresa Cho 

Kate Cluley 



Silas Doore 

Sophia Ducha- 


Taylor Ellison 







Luke Friswell 

Charles Gannon 

Sydney Green 

Leah Hall 

Ella Hayashi 

Erin Hope 



Liam Hyatt 



Candice Ip 

Lisa Kinoshita 

mil ^-^ •!■ 


Casey Klimock 
Ethan Lee 


Ryan Lider 
Mason Loewen 
Adam Marsh 
Hannah McElderry 
Julia Milden 

.^■». Mollenhauer 

-s» ♦. pi Abbey Piazza 

' ^ ^ Archana Pillay 

^ . V^ David Pollen' 
^^^^ ^^^^ Samuel Reid 
^^^t^^H Pamela Schaefer 

Christian Sharp 
You Jin Shon 
Coiton Stockus 
Lucas Thornton 

Keller Totz 
Shamina Varma 
Steven Whillans 
Marita Wyatt 
Brian Yam 







Dhana Andison 

Isaac Barss 



Sarah Bodine 

Tiffany Britton 

ristina Chwyl 
Jonty Considine 
Michael Crabbe 

Mitchell Cram 

Alex Davies 

Baldeep Dulku 

Jacob Duvenage 

Joseph Erlic 

f Cortney Ewonus 

Alexandra Hastings 

Colin Hawes 

jA Jack Hayes 

l^^penjamin Holmes 

J^l Isabella Holt 

Austin Huang 

JDerek Hyde-Lay 

Valerie Irvine 

Samuel Jackson 

Gaby Jeliazkov 




Nicole Bainov 

Tyler Beames 

Eric Beban 



Jacob Boness 



Andrew Cho 

Erica Choi 

Leo Chou 

Brandon Chow 





Shelby Clark 

Ally Courtnall 

Sean Debroni 

Kelvin Doore 

Kelvin Doore 



Connor Eden 



Maxim Ellison 



Joseph Furness 




Camilla Gardiner 


Gleave Riemarm 

Lachlan Glen 

Maddy Goodman 

Rebecca Griesser 

Haley Grogan 

Stefan Hall 
Emily Hayashi 
Robyn Hope 
Eali Hopper 
Kieran Hyatt 

Helen Ip 
Rliys Jevon 
Christine Kang 
Jonathan Ker 
Gita Keshava 

Sarah Khan 
Mary Lapp 
Nancy Lee 
Veronica Li 
Vanessa Loewen 


Cate Loomer 

Victor Ma 

Stephen MacArthur 

Christopher Madsen 

James Mather 

Logan McCoU 

Fraser McGee 

Jeffrey Miller 

Tara Moon 

Aidan Morrice 

Ana Olivares Cervantes 

Karlee Olmer 

Megan Parker 

Madeline Petersen 

Kelly Phillips 

Annie Pi 

Sherman Poo' 

Eric Protze: 

Cliona Quail-Bradle 
Martika Rodg 
Emma Ronning-Ph 

Tanya RoSBa 
Coven Sandh 
Montana Sawyer 


»?1 ^^wf^ 


Dylan Sedgwick 
Michael Shaw 
Colin Smith 
Jocelyn Stedman 
Camille Stone 

Andy Tak 
Connor Thomson 
Anna Timmis 
Hubert Wang 
Jennifer Wang 
Yaou Wang 

I I I ■ i TT 

i nilllll Tim TTTT 

^ ^ ^ '^'•^ 







On March 1 1th, an historic first occurred for the school, when 23 ruo^ij boqs and 
2 staff (joined o few daqs later bq a third) left for the shores of Australia for 
the first ever SMUS Midde School sports tour to leave the shores of Canada. 
After thirtq-three hours of travelino> the gf oup arrived on Fridaq 1 6th at Trin- 
iU| Granner School, Melbourne to be o;~eeted bq foiner Australian Wallabies 
ruo,b4 captain and 1 999 Ruo,bij World Cup winner John Eoles After lunch it was 
tine for a lose-the-jetlag, practice session and to trq to occlinotize to the low 
30C tenperature. bacli at the school, the boqs were then whisKed owaq with 
their billet fanilies. 

Saturdaq was spent at the Healesville Wildlife Sonctuarq, with ICano,aroos, 
ICoalas, Enus, Dino,oes just a few of the 200 species of Australian wildlife livino, in 
anAustralian bush land environnent. A final practice session filled out doq. The 
evenino, was spent with billets, thoug,h a nunber of the boqs went to Telstra Sto- 
diun to watch the Collino,wood Mao,pies vs bnsbone Lions pre-seoson Australian 
Football final. Sundoq was a daq entirely spent with billet fanilies, with various visits 
to St IC.ilda beach, Luna Park entertainnent area, Philip Island, with o snail nunber 
attendino, the Fornulo One Grand Prix notor race. After a quiet Mondoq visit to 
the Cdlinojwood Mao,pies practice, and a quick, look around the Melbourne Cricket 
Ground, it was o,ane tine ao,ainst Tnnitq Granner. The teon beo,an nervouslq but 
soon hit their stride with sone g,ood ploq and a trq and a penoltq. Ahead 1 5-0 
soon after halftine, the heat ploqino, its toll, Trinitq beo,an coning, back into action to close the g,ap to three points. The tean hit rig,ht back to 
score and convert to g,ive a confidence boosting, 22-12 win. Special credit on the daq to double trq scorer Li*e McQoskeq and Log,an McCdl. 

Tuesdaq was travel doq, with a flig,ht to Canberra. On arrival, the tean went straig,ht to Radford Colleg,e where theq soon departed 
with their new host fanilies Wec^esdaq was a visit of the Australian Institute of Sport before relaxing, before g,ane tine. The boqs beg,an a little 
nervouslq ag,ainst a big,g,er opponent, but did well to hold then to just one ti~q in the first half. The huniditq and Radfords nan-child ultinatelq 
proved too nuch in the second half The boqs foug,ht back thoug,h to score two late second half tries. Joe Furness, brian Christensen and Stephen 
McArthur were the plaqers nost to the fore. 

Thursdaq the tean had a norning, visit at the Canadian Hig,h Connission, as well as a tour of the Australian War Menorial nuseun, including, a 
laqing, of a wreath at the Tonb of the Unknown Soldier, before heading, to Marist Colleg,e to neet their new billets. Fndaq was spent in downtown 
Canberra shopping, before the late aftei~noon gone. Marist College as one of Canberras top i~ug,bq schools proved too strong, for the boqs. 
The tean never stopped trqing, and deserved a trq or two thenselves. Top honours on the daq went to ICillian Widdis and Ere bebon. Saturdoq was 
a daq with billet fanilies, with the tean neeting, up in the evening, at bruce Stadiun to watch the Canberra Raiders vs. Melbourne Storn Australian 
rug,bq leag,ue natch. 

Sundaq was a 1-hour bus trip fron to Orang,e, where the boqs were soon whisked off with ther lc,inross Wolaroi billets, nonq of then to stoq 
on forns. Mondoq was a visit to a local sheep fom. The hig,hlig,ht thoug,h was the rounding, up bq the famer of a nunber of kang,aroo and over 
a hilltop vet~q near to where the group was standing^ Later in the daq, the boqs beg,an to put into place nonq of the lessons fron their previous 
g,anes, deserving, to be nore than 7-0 up at halftine. K-inross struck bock soon after halftine but the boqs rebounded to score ag,aln and hold 
out for a close 11-10 win. Top perforner on the daq was Stefan Hall. 

Tuesdaq was a 5-hour bus trip to Sqdneq and Epping, boqs School. Soon after arrival, the boqs were off with their new billets for the evening, 
Weciiesdaq was a trip fron Epping, in North Sqdneq to Ciixular Quaq in downtown Sqdneq, followed bq a fernj next to the opera house, under the 
harbour bndg,e, and around to Darling Harbour. Here the boqs did sone shopping, before a retur~n bock to Epping,. Thursdaq norning, was g,ane 
tine, and after a slow start, and being, 7-all at halftine, the boqs turned on a fine displaq of running, rug,bq, ploqing, sone of their best rug,bq all tour 

for a convincing, 1 9-7 victorq. Mike Shaw and Rhqs Jevon especiollq showed out. After lunch, the tean bused 
off to their final hosts at Tnnitq G^ranner School, Sqcheq, being, soon owoq with their new fanilies. 

Fndaq norning, was a I hour train and feri~q trip to Monlq beach on the north side of Sqdneq 

harbour. Everqone enjoqed a swin in the worn water before a tean lunch at a nearbq pizza restaurant 

■Je all returned to Tnnitq having, had a little too nuch sun. Soturdaq was final g,ane daq. The tean plaqed 

well, and were unfortunate not to score sone first half tries having, doninated possession and territorq, 

|being, onlq 0-7 down at half tine. Plaqing, into the wind in the second half and the long, tour began to take its 

|toll, and the tean was unable to g,ather anq nonentun letting, in two late tries Nonetheless, the boqs had 

|put in what was arg,uablq their best perfornance on tour. Top plaqers on the daq were Eoli Hopper and 

etour ironnan Alex Harveq who had pilaqed ever~q ninute of everq gone. Following, lunch, the teon bused to 

|a hotel for their final nig,hts staq. After settling, in, it was tine for sone final shopping, at the narket in The 

area of downtown Sqdneq. Once bad, at the hotel and a quck chang,e of clothes for the nig,ht the 

tean waked to the nearbq Aussie Stodiun for the New South Wales Warotahs vs. Canterburq 

^Crusaders fron New Zealand Super 1 1 Rug,bq natch. The tean headed bacX to the hotel 

[for a final group chat to g,ive everqone a chance to look bock the past 1 6 doqs and the 

nanq hig,hlig,hts that will not soon be forg,otten. 

Sundaq was travel hone daq , which sow Mr. Foenonder flq bacX to Melbourne and Mr. 

iCuklinski flq to New Zealand, and Ms. Von Alstine along, with tour parent Mr. Widdis escort the 

roops via Son Francisco and Calg,arq back to Victoria. A special thank qou to Mr. Widdis 

|or this and to he and his wife Ms Dovis-Goff for their help on tour with the billet g,ifts. 

hanks to fellow coach Mr. Foenonder and tour Mun Ms Von Alstine for the enjoqoble tine 

jether. A thank qou also to all the parents for their support and encourag,enent with 

his venture. A thank qou too to all host schools and fanilies. Finallq, thank qou to each of 

boqs for their detemined plaq, for revealing, their character on and off the pitch to 

''noke this a verq worthwhile life experience for each and everq one of then. 

Mr. ICuklinski 
(2007 Midde Schod rug,bq tour coach) 


Coach: Ui^dv Van AuriN/B 

Fabulous \ssist\nt ^ Rbfekeh: Dakji BvEKErr 

KjlCOLE Chakj 

6abv ^bua^kov 
Iaukekj Iaprisb 
AsnroKj Iouih 
SuJ^vvoo Oh 

Cassakjdka Quakj 
Iauka Shaw 
Saka Iavlor 


-Ms Vk^j 



FROM THE Middle School, accompanied bv thbik coaches, 
Mi^- Cliff Vorath ak/d Air. Doni Pollock, LEFr VicroRiA foj 





A.SHBURV College. Mr- Garv Ijjnn, MP i=or 5aanich and the Islands, Minister of Kjatural 
Resources for Canada, and also the dad of David, our striker, hosted us in Ottawa and 

SIONS WITH THE Speaker of the House and the leader of the Senate in their offices and 


lunn arranged for a trip to the aviation museum from where we headed back to ashburv 
and a game in the pouring freezing rain! 

The next dav we boarded the for Montreal, had an interesting tour of Vieux 
Montreal before meeting our billets for the ne ^cr four nights. 

The SMUS Bovs plaved outstanding soccer throughout the tournaaient despite being 


KfATioNAL Tier II chaaipions. Congratulations on an outsta-Kjding vear bovs, it will be Aiosr 


ptAVirtK; 99ccuf T»V5 pfk^-r rA»a.. 

New f»wr^f*»r*9 \jnif. C/xmaxa C/ 


f^ -ro «t: WrT>* Ai»^ CAMC9 W^^cc: 

P4.WAV9 %*/Cu- "~ 

ffi^COf^ 9W^Ot^ Vft.fOUA.T, k.O» 

ZTf^rJ^^ rO^i/ULi-Af*/ ViAxAfx* 
VUi.PW«TA-fCTUg: ^XfKAJKC: ^w>r5- 


n4Cf9\jfr^ PKA<:^C«UAT rAA.pwrrr 

OW»AT. ^Uf^ Ae<rUf»«N*0 k.O»^PCR« 
^^CORP^RO^ A^f AMrOf»/^C^ «A 
r^fAM lHCfV\^ fA FC^AJfAT, 

To 70L.c«o^e: coKt: t^i^^CAfT, 
^fT luptat LAfK/ »^T ure Tc; 

AMCOr«V^V Nr^ ^Ok.OKT»t ^Ot-OR 

cor>/^e«Uf^f Tt ^Ok.CKT»g; tat 

AT, am TtM V^K>k. cuourp^UM* 
Cffn, »^T Tw^r^i. e^M^AfT k-OKTro 


fWfAT, Rw«7 r«Am/rrtvAORfM e>< ^J" 

^WCfAT, COr«*fw«Ol.O«CK^ rAC'fPf^, 

Cw>e^rf7 w>rsrw»*o lUptat ffUfA 

^TUCK AuaUf^. 

W>T A7f AM, OUr5 f»/rAT L.Uf*» 

fUfx^M Aw»T pWf^^r etrr pkat 

fAIr^ ^UJt9f^ €^ LA AUCAfT cOK 
^U^Tfe: f««ACr^f«^ e^TfOK/^ ACfH« 

^xccfTATfM zz»«fT, our^ r*/f«rA gwt 

^AtT ulputpa -KfHcn-i r^gf<^^(9 
coKCM ^rprw**o^Ok.OK w^fUKCM • 
CA A^ ^c»^^«^r5 ^o roKC r ao 

«U^ AUCf ATffi/ »IAT t.»>PTATf6: 
r ACr^t^f^^^ ^fCH/A ff>^(Ft9 en,' 

L.W/TPATUM VtWfM Ai-fT Ai.faUfP 

This was a banner year for Grade VII Girls Basketball with close to twenty girls participating 
at one time or another. Practices in Cross Grade PE and after school along with some girls 
playing with Dani Everrit and Night League coupled with our weekly Middle School league 
games made for a long and exciting season. Perhaps the most intense games, though, were 
fought with the strong PCS team in the Mt. Douglas Tournament. Although our girls played 
their best game of the year in the finals, we were narrowly edged in the championship game. 
Particular kudos must go to Madison Hadf ield, Sara Taylor, and Aly Pollen for their deter- 
mined play throughout the year. Well done, girls, it was a pleasurecoaching you this season! 
-Don Pollock 

^•Kp^fj^iHG cfTOUp OF ccN^Mrr-rt^ A-r»ActTe^^ r^/koao col.^ ai*/^ 
T»Atiw pu>.Tff«A-<r^ futfOfft^fi^et^ ^-^fKT^fKft^^ fAFcv o^[/ »fi/ -r^A^ 
^CA^op^ ^eT-Tfiwc T»Ag; Tc»irfc ro*< A »<Cf**ARXA«Lt ^CKfC^ or K/xrg;^, 

T^Ag; fi^ovrcf:^. T^Aftct^«^ Ke^CATTA* cwM**ff»/A-re^ Wrr>A r^Ae; 

Ai*/^ fn^f>^9 fOf< TO evpi^^, ^Mw/^ aofi^jft^^ roK 1 7 of T»Ag: 
ZO fn^fi^^ f^^ WOf^ ^ OAAMprof»/^HfP^, pu^rrn/c Zn/^ av»<Atx 

^Af77t^ ^OAOOL fxow^fr^ w^ccu^e* ^f^A^/ ^AoKKr«: Cro><^WAm/ 
FOR -r^Ag; ^R cffTu^ Cc*^ 11-1^. ^AA><»^* ^vu^of*/ Af«/i^ ><f»^Af»/ 
►Ay/xTT (jwWroK wov^ crfovfcg; c/oat /vi/^ aUA^), ^xv^ A^/^ fOK^A 
^A^ri^o^ (rojt^WAw^ for -r^sc; jur>^(Off «oy^ fut^tcf^ eicf\^ 

TaVcor, Cokth^y ^Wof^u^, 9<e9f:ccfi>~ ^c^AR^^ixr, f^fc/^ Ct^oi 
Ai«/^ ><ATrA^Krrw^ fft^TKz (^Af79t^ ^OAooc sOKttoff^ r-to^ice aUA^). 
^r T^Ag; i^Vf5»^A/X C^AAf»*P9, T^Ag; cfKu^ oua^ ^ow«c»at to «:-rTgK 
TrAg^R ^T^A pwAre Fr»Wf^rA at pK£:VfOw^ kXAOi^ kc^catta^ a»«/^ a 

f»*t>AC APPtA^^t^ WfTrAffW KCAOA W»A(M A «OAT-^TOPP«»« 9€fffe^ 

OF rKA«9i (W^A^^ vou k-o^e: coi^^ftok. of t^a^: oak ai*/^ rr 9^tKtc9 

AKOt>^ ACOf^ ^f^C T^Ag: «OAT) ^CT T»At; CfKW9 «AO< m>/TO ^T^A 
0)Wr^ ACA»f^. ►^OWe^VCK, T^At; CfRU^ W»« PKOU^ OF T^AtfK Kt^kA-T^ 

^AAVrn/c KOWo FOK TrA^ ^''^"'^ "'^''"^ e^v^K t^at^ vcak! 

T^Ac: (wovrce: «ov^ c/ctat ^AKit^c^ a ^t>a pi.Are^ Frt^^r^r^ ov»<Ai^ 

^A><l^* Af^ V^^Uffi^ CfKtM. A CWOSe: F»FT»A f\fi^C€- 1H T»At OUA^, ^< 

lowcv L-o^ft^c TO T^At; oT^A^K S^Aw>^ aUA7 OF cKA^r 9 A*"/^ 1 «oy« 

V^^C^ TWO aw>A7^ ^AAVe «C¥rW 9\MlH<i fT OW/T WfT^A ON^ AK«TrA»» Al 

^^ot<rf! V^mfi>^ Af^ ^AA>i»^A cow»pg:Te> »»«/ t»a«: jw»«/fOR ^><pg^rg>/ci 

EfC^AT, L«^ W f»*r^^i^ ^CrAOOi. ACW»*V</» Jo^ CwWn/ff</C»AAM A*<^ ^COI 

^WwA<e^^ Aiw^ roxc^ »y ^/frx PaWux »w or^ck to ««»»« »aom«^ t^* 

COt-ir TO ^f**W>^! 

P^f7Ai</ coyte^ T^At ^R fi^ovfce: cfRu^ to a ^icvck w»aa^ fon/A ai«^ ^x^ 

«OT^A C9^^fJ9 T^AtfR «OAT^ TO ^T»A PWAf^ F>h/r5»A«^^! 

kTHC^fNc:, R^«ercA Ai^ Coj^f^v Wc*^ on/ to tra*m/ at t»a«; VrcTom 
TfTV ftoWw^c Ccw*« TO »Aon«; t^a^^k OAK5f**A»««fVP. Wg: t-oox forWar 

ro CR^AT T^AiTirfO^ FROM TrA«:^C: Cm.9 A* T»Ag:V FOU-OW >H/ T»At; FOO- 
►Tfp* OF T^Ag; cMT^ OF ^A»^^t^ ^OAOOi. 

/ATfONAW OAAM»PfOri/* T»Af5 V^AK! 

r»AA^M9 TO ^AR*, ^yj^fi>*>ir>ie Wacx^i 

TURRV, ^A»r5. ^h-»rv rViX, A*</^ ^Afr5. 

Wauc^ca for -K^^em c^p^Cf^ 

T^A/^ ^PR»NC ^^W PCtl*/TV OF ACTfOn/ OF THC^ Fff^^ ►AOCXtV PfTOA FOK CN^^ fN CK/^^«^ 6,7, 
Cff90f> <tf C«m.^ -r»AAT CAMe^ OWT TO PI.AV, /Vi- OF T^Ag: i^^ACUe NAATOAg:^ We^C P».AVt> Oprf T^Ae 

/^Wc^onAg: TU*<F fft\^9^ AT tka^ Un/rv^K^fTV of VrcTowA Wrr^A t^a^ <m(x9^ 6/7 tcam PLAVff«/c 

e:VC^<V TUC^^AV /V«/^ T^At CKA^C ^ TCAM t^VCKV T»AU»<^^AV, ^Kfu. »C^Ve».OPf>*C|i^ A»^^ TgAM 
PI^V FO*f «OT»A CKOUP9 »M«PI«OVC» ^fCf>/»F»CA?«/TLV OV^R T^Ag: COUfT^C OF T»At; 9CA90fW, WfT^A T^Ag; 
CfRW^ ^HOWfU/C ^TROkK; AT»Ai^TfCr5M A^/^ ^t:T»?M«WATfO(i^, 'TVVV^*<^ TO AU. OF T^AO^e; CfRU^ W^AO 
CAM^e OW/T TO L^AK^ A^/^ PCAV T»Af5 C*<CAT CAMC Ali^ «^^T OF I.JJCX TO T^O^t Cf7A7^ If'^ 
WrAO A»^ ^f*OVfH«; O^/ to CfrA^C 9, ^A^, ^ Af«/» ^A^, ^Aou.v x^^ov*^ t^aat VOU W»V^ KCPfre^Cl^T 

TrAf; 9OA00L We»x AT T»At; 9f*^tof< w^v^. 

'-^A^rV Mou.^l^^AAU£R 

^VM^ ^ddii #Wi9» 

"tVA^KC wa9 ckcat pARTrcfPATron/ »»/ Tkacx AfW> F^rcc^ at T^sg: ^Af99i^ ^oaool t^at^ vcak Wrr^A 
ov^K ^O *Tw>^en^^ eettfom^ii^G if^ t^a^; ^.tACUg: »*»«:t^. ^Ao^T of "frAg; ATrAi^TC^ aoa^e^vo p^p^orw- 

At.^ «e^T* TrAKOUOAOUT T^Ag; 9CA90r^! 

t^Ac; 9ef^<^^n cOij^n>^fKre9 Wrr^A Z^ of our ATHi^Tc^ «ro»**p6:T»n/c fn/ T^At Crry F»</a».*, f**Ai^v fn/ 
»AA.T»pt^ £veWT9. At tm€^ Crrv f^ff^At^ T^ACfit: w»^ t^fi>^^ eycerxtr^ p^KFOKN^Ai^cg^ w</Ci.u^ » </c two 

^MW^ ATHi^Tg:^ T^AAT ^AA^ TMfWT PU'^ff*^ ^e^TCfBf*»»tWg> «V IOOt^A^ OF A ^t^O(W^! 

OOR]^ ffW T^A^ :ZOO N««:TeR*, A^P ^TCPTA^fi^ k-AM >H/ T^Ag; 100 

fr Wa9 AWe^of>*c VCAK FOR ^Af^p|^ ^rrAo^. Trao< ak^ ^re».^ 
WrTH k.oT^ OF cfi^f^fikfffiki^f^fc, LAUc^9, ron/^w>M«pTfO^ of rA»«^v, 

i^ARM»»« OF fMtW ^XfU.^ A»«^ fh»V»ROV»MJ Of*/ OL». T^A^ig: WgRg 
OPPORT|>rfrr»«:^ TO><M;g^ V0W«R *C4^ «OTrA P^AV^fCAkXV A>i^ 
»**C»»/TAiA.Y. ^Ao*T OF OUR AT^Ai^Tt* W»U. «: R«:T»,«R|W»1*«; TO ^Af79t^ 
^OAOOL »Mf:>tT ygAR A^<^ ^AOPtFtAU-V W>U. «g «AO< TO T^Ag; TRATX TO 
rrAALi.g>^Cg T»AgM9Ci,Ve9, Afi^ ACrAftVC NtW PgR90r</A4. «f^T^. 

*<»»t*<TOrR6: A»>/^ TOOv< Ffi>^rr ff^ 9€>^fHfi^ COr»»f**U- 

; ^UrTA«LV pw^crcTfVf; f»*uvc TO -r^Ag: Rcfw«^MWcAiMin^ 
j ^»rvfcg: AT THc: Jur>/tOff ^«>aool, ^ccpw p^t»?, a 

I OAAM^^f? C*<OUP FVAVg^ ^CA^Of^/Ai. ft*U^fC AT T^A^ 

Ift^^TfVAc Of T^Aj: Tktc:^ rAt^^ rr^ t>a«: ^Mppc:^^ 

HoT^ Ar«^ T^Ag; LAKCc: CK09^ CRA^c: 6>/^€M»Le: 

^pf^^ORMc:^ OK/ A ►Afc/hAr^, fffikn<fY ^av at t^ac; 

^t^rOR ^OAOCk. A^9i£M«LV. Two et^9€M9i^^, 
*f^ TUR^, PVAVC^ f»/00^ HOUR coiwc^^rr^ roR TH«: 
R^^f^fWT^ AT TrAf: VrcTORfAit/ A^«^ ►Afc^ACATg: i^o^cc. TrAf^ too^ Pk.A<rE: a^ part of our 
NC^c^A^oUR^Aoo^ OUTR^AOA. W«:xcv OAAP64- ^»«vr«:^ Ac^o pROVf^^v A FrF»«: oppORTiXWrry 

f^OR F^fffOmAfikTidce^. T»A^ CfffK^f. 6 ^TU^C^*/T^ PWAVg:^ O Cai«/A7A at TrAC: C9r^€4fU^C€. 
CcftKfn. n>^ SfKf^fi^H^f A^ PART OF A^ wWTg^?»^ATrOF^AC «AT>AtR«»« OF ^^L^CATg:^, tVAfiV AU^O 
TOO*< PART ir<i A NVF»/r CRO^^ CAMPUS COfi^Cf^rK AT T>A«: JOr^tOff ^OAOOL, WrTrA TrA^ Cra7£: 

^ ^TRr^c ^TUi>tfi/T^, FOR A^ APPRe^^rATfVg: Aw^^rgwcg: of paro^^. Ma^^y ^Af^^tJ; ^oaooc 

5.T»J^«WT^ ^r^rOVg^Cg^ T^Af^R ATTfFi/C Ff^O^^^^ ^Offff^C RTH^AR^Ak.^ FOR 'WfLi-POWCR" Al*/^ 
THO«: W>AO WrRT *<«>/ TO 9e PfT OROA^^TRA f^O^tCtfi^H^ Kifx^^e^ N*AI«rfy >AOW>R^ TO PR^PAR- 

tK^ tA09ic T»AAT rArc»AcrcHT(» T^Ac; ^TACg; f»^crf<h^. T^Ag; ForU9 for alc ^iw^eMvcf:^ ^w^rF^ 
T^fRV TciRNA Wa^ Of*/ ^rcHT-ft^A^rfWc, T^Af: e:><puORATrop^ OF Flat X€;y^ ai*^ T^Ag; ^t»^v of 
OAAu.o/cm/c R^PTRTOfR^. ^T TrAg; ^ef<ir,i€ Cof^cf^rr tr^ caruV ^AAV, thc: ^><t^i»/t of t^ac: 
i^ARrWrpi/c Wa^ rvr^g^*/T, T^Ag: v^rv »*^>ct g:vg>/fr»/c ^(^ c^i/T^AU^A^TfC aii^ Wiluiwc pARTrrrpAi«^^ 

Pf^^ORMAg:^ AT T^At; OffMtK^C Of THC: f5i^ ART ^fAOW, ^^i^rRCV f^ AW-W^Af^ rr</ f**»>5fCAL 
CfRCk^^, Af»/ ORO^^TRA ^RAW^ FROM ^TU^^^i^^ fr</ Cra««: 7 A»»/^ 5 WA^ FORf*A«> NfAR 
T^AC £>/» OF THC: Vg^ikR TO ROA^AR^C ^P«^f AiXV C>AO*e>«/ ARRAI*«C»**«>/T^ FOR T^A^ CcO^fft^ 

C£^c^^*opl^r'. A«w^ ^o t^aj: y^ar of f**U^r f**A»<rF^c CAMe: to aiw g^*/^. 

.-^ARV ^MfT»A 

The M^^i>tB School Choirs 
WBKB iKj ^uiL spiKir rnis 


BxciriK;G ro Vv^rCH rHB 


Ali^i>^i-B School Vbars 


A.K;D rHB sruDBK;rs should 





•pc Wi 




with a\ 





ffli'rti in 

rowitriOiW r, tl 

rru mory pl«c id with (ucjc in a ptac|°: where in 
If jction little 

wotfi jr f«cet fo 

f)«t it wen^ io well a 

moved fay 

'm wWcK h oi ipecini nearung f >r them. 1 1 m. fwonble :J by the g« neroa 

tir ic and lov i given fay 

40 nmnzi 
er. They 
on, mova I 
4<fTa magic al fain'ei! I 
truly outii Binding, 
40 hard 

in^ 40 
1 here it wix 
feel io, 40 
le vxci4e of 
4tt dent4 in tf^'s 
tjicky enoi 
e coit, a|ain, 
gift to 

4uch gi ted indivic 
Wa4 a c iamond in 

rhe perfort lancej 04 

to faring a 

rhat juch c drama pi jfect wilt I lave iuch i profounc impact 01 1 sch< 

4hc W4 again ; 'our leade; 4hip fhrot gh kindne 14 and loV( of educaf 

Upoi p.eflecti'0 1, ir i4 frtie 1 y write a f lay then 4( ggest it be ^reformed butv 

i<yy I gain id from th i actor'4 p< rformanct of U 

15 to me 1 

= thl4 

:)uiet ti'mei vve may re nesml 

part4 that were iign ficant to c s. Tor me,, t woi a ht nour 

uali all w » bad a li rfe piece of brilliance I :> 4b« 

but with I ach actor" s effort tb« / add 

the cry4ti il theatre t ght4. In re ^ecti« 

id wa4 received to It vingly by he audlenpes Mt^i 

4hine worlderfully i» 

dream to 

ife. To Xa Ae,r Abrioi u<, your ge icro4ity, b( lief « 

the 4hear 
really faro u^Wf the p ay to life, 
me to tea -4 e4pecial / the little 

:»uld writ! ayui' write 

»ll the timf I 



i4 loVe al 
• 4chool i4 
)e involve* I 

X whole ai id by tfie y> oment4 w 

flic teach Jr4, the pc rent* arui 

, B( t the biggi At realizal '\an I hod 
for each o her and tb s audience 4. Tho/ be 

, Oy« 

relatione hi 

It il a teclcher'4 dre4m 

1 dreamd 

r'4 di 

>f a coit 


beyond ( 
before us 

ucIq/ to ha 'e bad thai opportun ty to have itood beiid i them. On r 
f^arenti. Ou 
ca4e, to 
to have 
tbanH you for v "e have be en enrichi d fay your 

betwei n 


3rofe44ion lU W 

gave it hi mour beyc nd belief, 

of the fnfat toui Indrvi 

ieved that 

th such 
oppohunity we 
mar 'elous the^: tre experiei ice that fe\ \> 


y( <(. (Jherisfi this e><per e»<;e|ai:, 

as are all spirits and 
«, info IRin air: 
Jlnd, liRa tHe Baseless fa6ric of iRis vision, 
cWc cloud-capp'd lowers, IRe gorgeous palaces, 
cfyfe solemn temples, IRe great glove itself, 
Sfe all ssRiaR it inRerit, sRall dissolve 
tflnd, liRe IRis insuBstantial pageant faded, 
JZeave not a racR BeRind. Hie are sucR stuff 
Jls dreams are made on... 



Jiual perfoi mai 

vas that tf is cost, be; 'ond 

t needed e<ch 

serformar se* 

■TJc uglai Mai ison-1 












^ J. 



1^ ^s'-- 




V m 



On M%y 24 tlie Middle School took 
m tlte first ever World Partnership ^1 
Basketball GaiDe, organized to supporl 
the World Partnership Walk Two co- 
ed teams were qtade np from the Gr8 
l^ls and boys ISA winning teams. The 
Spartans co~-captained by Kate Loomer and 
Connor Eden with Coach Mr Primrose The 
Wack coached by Dani Everitt with team 
captains Montana Sawyer and LachUn 
Glen At half time a teacher free throw 
compactions took place. Mr Bryan and 
Mr Newman represented the Spartans, 
while Mr de Goede and Mr Kuklmski 
represented the Wack The game was a 
tie nntil the final seconds, when Brian 
Chnstensen made a stellar pass to Tara 
Moon who scored the wmning basket 
With seconds to spare 



Senior Sfaff 

-r» ^^ 

lie a n I 






^ -fi 


Semor S/a/f 


"oT tiave never let my soRooling interfere 

witR my education/' 

^ — - dKarR %^zoain 

Zoe Abelson 

Emma Abrioux 

Jeremy Bagshaw 

Natsumi Bamba 

Taliiia Barsalou 

Mario Bautista 



Harrison Chang 

Xiaotian Chen 

Justin Chiu 

Winston Chou 

Yoon-Ha Chung 



Laura Dale 

Scott Dallen 

Travis Denley 



Caryn Dooner 








Sottil Dupiat 
Joshua Edgar 
Andy Erasmus 
Jure lErlic 
Lisa Evans 





Lukas Galbraith 



Ciara Glen 

Katrina Gong 

Samantha Green 
James Harris 
Alex Harvey 
Benjamin Hayes 
Clare Hendriks 
Sylvia Ho 

Henry Hsiao 
Janine Hsu 
Michael Hui 
Michael Ip 
Hisham Ismail 

Claire Jackson 
William Jevne 
Purni Jung 
Brandon Kang 
Shaun Kho 
Joseph Kim 

Kevin Kim 
Rachel Kim 
Wonjin Kim 
Nicolas Klak 
Judy Kweon 
Edward Lee 



"of)?^ pWpSWof life 

fig fit maturity/' 

i - ©/c^ Wortfiimer 

Richelle Leonard 

Steve Luxton 

Kirsten Macleod 

Megan Mahoney 



Leo Marchand 


Kyle Marshall 

Luke McCloskey 

Alex McKinnon 

Ryan Mel v in 

Cameron Metcalfe 



Emily Mulroney 

Rebecca Mulroney 

Danielle Murtland 

Thomas Nicholson 

Morio Oyake 

David Park 


Alicia Pawluk 



Reid Plasterer 

Ross Prager 

Genna Purcell 



Bradley Sawyer 
Benjamin Scliaan 
David Sedley 
Joseph Shan 
James Sharp 
Kieran Sharpe 

Michael Smith 
Kristin Song 
Rowan Stewart 
S\'dney Stockus 
Andv Sung 

Becky Thomas 
Daniele Tipping 
Robby Truster 
Jason Tseng 
Kelly Tutt 
Kellv Twa 

Jose Vallarta 
Marc Van Der Wal 
Nicolette Varma 
Mar\'ann Watson 

Simon Witt 

Mark Wizinsk\' 

Stephanie Yang 
Jamie Yorath 
Alex Zapantis 

Olev Anniko 

Colin Beban 

Melissa Bosworth 

Kyle Bridge 

Thomas Bridget 

Jessie Cai 

Sheena Campbell 

Johnny Chang 

Kelly Chang 

Calvin Cheng 

Aleesha Cheta 

Johnson Cho 

Yoo Shin Choi 
Yun Jeong Choi 
Nicholas Chow 
Brendan Chwyl 
Duncan Clarke 

Megan Cooper 

Samantha Dark 
Kabir Daswani 

Rachel Davel 
Callum Davies 

ilivia De Goede 

Tania Diaz Bell 

Andrew Dorman 

Bhupinder Dulku 

Lauren Dunn 

Steffi Duvenage 




Benjamin Effa 
Alastair Fehr 

Elizabeth Fenje 
Reilly Fong 
Riordan Forsyth 
Anna Fretz 
Laura Gilmore 

Kristina Girard 
Nicole Godwin 
Konstantin Golikov 
Sasha Gray 
Douglas Grimmer 
Patricia Halim 

April Hall 
Ashley Hawes 
Neil Hayden 
Emma Houghton 
John Humphries 
Mizuho Inai 

Aiman Ismail 
Sonja Kenzlers 
Forrest Kilgour 
Robin Kim 
Shun Kinoshita 
Lauren Kipp 

Jake Kislock 
Karolina Koziol 
Lauren Kullar 
Masaki KunLmoto 
Benjamin Kwok 

Rory Lattimer 
Alice Lee 
Allegra Lee 
Charles Leitz 
Kevin Lin 
Danieia Loggia 

Evan Louie 

Kevin Ma 

Ceilidh Macleod 

Rimi Maehara 

Chad Margolus 

Kirsten Marsh 

Lulu May 

Jake McClosl<ey 

Lexi McCoil 

Steven Meng 

Harmon Moon 

Taylor Moon 

Brenda Moore 



Tsiunugi Murata 

Joel Nason 

Carol Ng 

Joyce Ng 


Nixon Musgrave 

M'arlise Nussbaumer 

Hiromi Ogawa 

Curtis Park 

Beau Parker 

Stephanie Passmore 

Kate Peiffer 

Philip Petranek 

Alison Pliilips 

Amrita Pooni 

Francis Quinlan 

Emily Reid 

Juliette Repole 

Karia Rosenberg 

Monica Rossa 

Jamie Saunders 

Jeti Sawatdipong 

Trevor Scagliati 

Sedano Zuniga 
CoUn Sedgwick 
Gaurav Sekhon 
Samuel Sherrod 
Julie Shim 
David Shin 



Ai ;'i 


Lw i 




Chuck Shriner 
Samuel Simons 
Aleksandra Slawek 
Ashley Solmer 
Mackenzie Stone 
Brvan Sun 

Tared Sweet 
Scott Swinkels 

Tomoya Tago 
Jeffrey Tak 
Austin Thind 


Brendan Thomson 
Val Timin 
Brenda Tong 
Jason Tseng 
Miklos Tusz 
Paul Tut 

Nicole Van Der Wal 
Jimmy Wang 
Matthew Warner 
Justin Wong 
Timothy Wu 
Jasmine Yan 


Vickie Yang 
Vicky Yang 
Edmond Yiu 
Emilv Yoon 
Linda Yu 
Dion Yzenbrandt 

Sradi^ 11 

Carolin Albers 

Hudson Allison 

Daniel Altaian 

Seria Bat; 

Jason Bains 

Terra Barnes 
Karianne Barrett 
Annelies Bekes 
Tica Bengston 
Stephanie Bentzon 
Francesca Bianco 

Oliver Bild 

Francois Boyer 

Darren Broome 

Heather Buckingham 

Erik Burke 
Dylan Callow 

Jacquelyn Carson 

Jennifer Cha 

Germain Chan 

Rochelle Chan 

Vernus Chan 

Zachary Chan 

Nicholas Charleton 

Michelle Cheimak 

Andrew Chen 

Eric Chen 

Jessie Chen 

Yura Cho 

Tony Chuang 

Jee In Chimg 

James Coates 

Nicole Cook 

Andrew Crow 

Peter Currie 

Paul Davison 

Jennifer Debroni 

Nicolas Dill 

'^ i 





Duran Del Paso 
Lori Lee Emshey 
Elizabeth Eng 
Martin Erlic 
Joshua Evans 
Ashkauglin Forghani 
Madeleine Francis 

Siobhan Glen 
Alexa Gravel 
Riley Gudgeon 
Elizabeth Guilbault 
Ryan Hall 
Jayne Hammond 
Gillian Harper 

Rosanna Harris 
Jessica Har\'ey 
Christopher Hawe 
Joseph Hefele 
Jasmine Hendriks 
Samantha Hennings 
Allen Hsu 

Felix Hu 
Graham IngUs 
Imran Ismail 
Jennifer Jackson 
Andya Jang 
Adam Kennes 

\ ictoria Ker 
Terry Klio 
Up Khuptisuwan 
Ellina Kim 
Seyi Kim 
Cliris Kimmerly 
Felix Koenigs 


David Krauss 
Vannie Lau 
Samantha Lee 
Sonia Lee 
Emily Lewis 

Bill Li 
Allan Lin 
Benson Ling 
Arthur Lo 
Kevin Luk 
Stephen Lyon 

Katrina Macintosh 
Andrew Madsen 

Courtney Mahrt ^T 
Alexander Maier ^ 
Brittney Martin 
Aysha Marzouk 

Taylor McCarten 
Charlotte McGee 
Claire McKenna 
Chelsea McLean 
Taylor McMillan 

Laura Miller 

William MilDiollin 

Rebecca Minaker 

Takahiro Miyoshi 

Sarah Moselle 

Richard Moser 

Benjamin Ng 

Gloria Ng 

Shinya Nomura 

Kevin Oh 

Min Park 

Ryan Park 

Hannah Paton 
Raksit Pattanapitoon 
Iliya Pavlovic 
Nicholas Pawluk 
Mike Persson 
Allison Philbin 
Kwang Pithayachariyakul 

Sarah Porter p 

Emily Prager 

Kim Pringle 

Morgan Pudwell 

Jessica Qualley 

Evan Rankin 

Jennifer Rao 


Victoria Sapsford 
jolTtiathan Schmidt 
Christine Schweitzer 
Laura Seabrook 
Ottilie Short 
Christine Sih'er 
Byu Ri Sim 

Himat Singh 
Danielle Sjolie 
Sam Skulsky 
Christopher South 
Curtis Smith 
Sarah Smith 
Benjamin Southwell 

Derek Stedman 
Andrew Stephens 

hard long 
\iari-Alina Timoshdmk 
Elysia Toporowski^'^ 
Sara Traubel 
Gordon Tse 

Maggie Tseng 
Kendra Tubbs 

Van Der VVesthuizen 
Ke\in Wang 
Dani Ward 
Ali Wheeler 
01i\-ia Wl-iittick 

Katrina Whyte 

Jordan Wiedemann-Komarnicki 

Amanda Witty 

Kathryn Wizinsky 

Michelle Wong 

Monique Wong 


Junior iSlugBy 

C[>rougf)out all of September, October and noucmber ttjis group 
of boys s{)on»cd dedication, determination and, most importantly, 
improvement. "Oyzy progressed from a rag tag band of atf)letes 
to an extremely committed and skilful rugby team. Un 38?^ 
competition, t^e team struggled against Sbawnigan Lake and drew 
nntf) one win a piece versus :l3rentn>ood. I3ut it was perhaps ttje 
away victory over St. <3eorgcs t^ot nnll be remembered, as wz were 
severely undersized and riddled a'itt) injuries on ttjc day. Cfje boys 
defended bravely and withstood wave after rvavz of a potent St. 
Georges attack. Witt) tries by tTom I3ridger and :6eau Parker, 
and a massive defensive effort by Kevin Lin, tbe squad managed 
to squeak out ttje wia Dn local league play, rvc wzrz undefeated 
and successfully defended tbe city ct)ampions[)ip for ttjc tFjird year 
in a row, beating cross-tonm rival Oak I3ay. Cbis sent us to tfje 
island tournament ranked second rv\yzrz rve quickly advanced to 
tf)e semi-final. On a very wet, windy, and muddy day. we were 
unable to play antb tfje necessary nTdtlj in order to beat tlje mud) 
larger J3rentwood College team. Dt was a disappointing loss, 
but in true sportsmanlike fashion tf)e team rallied to victory over 
Ladysmitb to earn a deserved tbird place on tlje island. Com 
:0ridger's distribution of t^e ball allowed iScau Parker and ijared 
Sweet to run wit() pace and determination wf)tle ?l^ac Stone and 
3of)n Rumpbries provided a solid platform up front. ^ committed 
band of parents deserves a special tbank you for braving tbe u^et 
weatbcr and sbonnng tbeir support at eacb and every game. ?l big 
tbank you too to ?15r. £liot ^indcrson, ?l>r. Gimpbell Rail, and 
tXir. "Rob Common for tbeir coacbing expertise. Vivat! 


Steven AAeng, I ornoya I ago, Aiman 

Ismail, joinn Humpiiries, Tom Dridfer, Karia Rosenberg, iasha 
on ]in Kim, Chris Taggesell, Campbell Hall, Justin Wang, Colin 
AAasaki Kunimoto, Bryan Jun, l\0Din 

Gray, Lul^e McCluskey, W 

Beban, Kyle firijge, Colin Nixon Musgrave, Masaki Kunimoto, Bryan Sun, Robin Kim, Chris 

Colquboun, Curtis Park, JarecJ Sweet, R07 Lattimer, Chad Margolus, Kevin Ln, Tim Wo, lohi 

Ellacott, Neil Hatden, Beau farher, Michael Zhou, jure Eriic, Brendan Thomson, 

Aiex Harvey, John Mackenzie Stone, Eliot Anderson (coach) 

Senior ^ug6y 

Dedicated, fjard n-orkhig and experienced jvere a fen' of tf)c ivords being used to describe tljis first XV. Witt) [)ig|) 
expectations, \Ajc team set out to realize tf>£ir dream of a pronncial title. Ctjeir focus from grade 9 onnxirds come to 
fruition on Saturday 3unc 2nd mtt) a most satisfying wctory. 

Cljrougfjout ttje regular season. tf)e second XV proucd ttjeir n'orttj bv fronting up against mud) older and larger 
opposition giwng tf)e first XV a d)ance to rest and recoi'cr after tt)Cir onm games. C|)is n-os iniviluable and tt)e importance 
of t})is team is often understated but tfjey most certainly played an integral role in ninning tt)e 1&Z title. Deu'comer, 
Oscar Duran, 5(>?a\xi a knack for defence and Constantin Langenbad) proiTdcd experience and strong running from \fy: 
inidfiekL Dn tf)e fonvords, a small pack mis anc()ored by grade 10 ?t>asaki Kunimoto and veteran campaigner Duncan 

Opting not to tour, Wyz first XV started tfjeir season sIonHy nHtt) a victory over Port ^Ibenii prior to tt)eir first real 
test against l3rentn'ood. C()c lack of preparation time 3()on"ed and proiied costly as Wyz team lost tt)eir first real test of 

l!)c season 18-11. Dext up n-os Sf)amiigan. Once again, tt)e fom-ords \ycid tt)cir [)ands full n-itl) a [vn-erful St)anTiigan pack n+)id) took anw 
any advantage Wjc backs migl)t [)cax \)ad over t})cir opposite numbers. ^ 29-5 loss \yad coad)es £liot ?inderson and Zfan Rydc-Luy re-tf)inking 

|tt)eir line-up nntf) tt)e [)opes of bolstering Wye fonvards. 
Gmtcr Dan Weidner avis mowed to tt)e second rou' n-itt) ^ndrcn' Cron' to proiide wo^i and defensive pron\3s to tt)e fomxird pack and 
Dave Waldner made [)& a\iy into tt)e starting line-up antt) outstanding tackling \fyxi could no longer be overlooked. Super Saturday xvqb next 
on tt>c cards antt) a matd) up against perennial p?a\n1)ouse Carson (5ral)am. S?TMIS avis in total control tt)e a'()ole game and wan a mud) 
needed confideiKe boost antt) a 31-26. 

(3oing into tt)e ^SC tournament ranked 3rd, SHMIS drea' a quarterfinal matd) up against Semiamfjoo. Cl)ey st)oa'ed complete dominance 
rigf)t from tt)e opening kick off r\-\)tit) alloa-ed all tt)e resen'cs to play in a 28-5 victory. 'Oyssc anns set-up a semi-final game against island rival 
S^aaTiigan Lake. Witt) d)atKe to earn redemption from tt)e early season loss. S?TMIS avis primed for tt)e occasion domitvating t})e first l)alf 
m attack and routinely turning back tt)e Sf)aa'nigan foravirds a+jo a>ere bent on picking and driving. Cfje croa'd a-as given a tense finisf) as 
SfKimiigan controlled play for Wyz final 20 minutes and STIMIS a'as defending a scant 11-7 lead Fksa'cvcr, tt)e defence did not fold otkI tf)e 
referee's a4)istle sent tt)e boys to tt)c 13C final. 

C[)e opening kick-off for 5?T>US could not \ymc been better! 0corges dropped tl)e ball 5 meters out and ^6eau Parker dotted donm just 
nnde of tt)e posts after tfje ensuing scrummage to put STJMIS 
up 5-0. Roaxavn-, for tt)c rest of tt)e Mf. S?]>US absorbed 
a potent St. Oeorges attack. Only braw: defending from tt)e 
likes of ^ex l^eid and 3esse Kliman kept tf)e game close a-itt) 
a 1 2-5 drficit at tt)e Mf- 'Oyc second batf saa- S?T>US create 
a fabulous come from bcl)ind iHctory. Led by tt)e boot of Peter 
3aai tl)e speed of tt)e n>avrikos brott)ers, tt)e support play of 
?^ndrea' Croa- and 3es3e Kliman and tt)e bard a-ork of props 
Ajit Singt) and Lucas Parker, SHMIS earned a true team 
wctory. f^ final score of 2 1 - 1 2 saa' tt)e team com tt)e Sc})Oors 
first rugby title in 10 years! 

Finally, in on eerie coincidence, as tfje team posed for 
pl)otograpf)3 under tt)e Cbunderbird Stadium scoredock at full 
time, tt)e tt)ougf)ts of many turned to Q)uck S|)ergold. "Oyz 
affable S?1MJS Ristory teacher and rugby coad), a-t)? passed 
aa-ay suddenly in December 2005, bad enjoyed a quiet but 
important role in tt)c development of tt)e players bott) on and 
off tbe field. Ris tragic and untimely deatt) 1 8 montf)s agj b*^d 
been marked by a memorial sen'icc on Cbccmber 21st tt)at 
year. Cbe ta'elftt) montt). Cbe ta-enty-first day. 

^bove tt)e boys' beads, as cameras clicked, tf)e scoreboard 
read 12-21. 

Cbanks to ?T>r. £liot Anderson, ?l>r. Dan Ryde-Lay and 
^^r. Wcs Plater for tbeir coaching assistance, support and 
motivation. Further tt)anks to a loyal band of parents, a-bo 
supported tt)e team entt)usiastically, and a'ere rea^rded a'itt) 
some skilful, enterprising rugby. 

BoCR ro^^ Iti.ot Anoerson (coach), hllis Curay, Kichard AAoser, Andrew C_row, iV\ichael Vandcr 

V\ estnuizern, Denson Uug, ian Hyoe-Lay.) 

l^Aiaale row (jam jRulsny, iaytor AAcC-arten, Cnris C-unningnam, Ajit jingn, (3eorgc Dutnie. Dave 

v\ aldner, Kyiey I apping.) 

Front row (Lucas iarRer, Dan Vveidner, Justin C^ourtuall, AAatt i3a5wortn, reter jawi, Jesse KJiman, 

Yianni /V\avrii?os, Alex Ixeio.) 


BacR row (L to R): Tony (joodman. Jennifer AAann, Renee Duvenage, alina Oarsalou, Curahani 
AAiodle row IL to R): Jasmine risu, Kate I immis, jtepnanie Duvenag-, /V\elissa Doswortn, Vic 
japsford, L.iara (jlen 
First row (L to R) ): tmma AAay, Racnei Davel, Olivia de vDodeae, .:quelyn Carson, Katnry 

Wizinsky, Ottilie Sliort 


cf/fc focus of tltQ BluQ team fRis ysar ssas on deve/opmenf /or f/ia/u/ure and i^ifR IRat end result in mind it was a very success 
ful year. 'We Rod a small group of senior students, zoRo added strengtR and leadersRip to our squad wRen tRey played witR us, 
and a larger group of Reen, younger students, wRo learned quicRly, played tailR grit and verve, and never gave up. <^Re first 
occurred early in tRe season snitR IRe trial Syfire and rain, wRicR was IRe tfriendsRip Qup. Jlmazingly everyone survived and 
prospered: IRe squads supported one anotRer, closer friendsRips were forged, and tRe team was still speaRing to IReir coacResi 
cTyfe second Rappened during a league game against tSieynolds ScRool. J'Re team's confidence seemed to Build during tRe game. 
crisp Rits were made out of defence, passes were strung togelRer, and goals were scored. tTRe last was tRe last game against 
strong ^risR touring side. @nce more tRe girls played very well and never gave up. But more IRan tRat, IRe girls were excellet 
amBassadors for tRe game on and off tRe field. 

cflSr. Soodman and dKr. JSilly 


*2re ujere luc^y to Rave an exce/hnf core group of Sraie 
12 field RocRey players zdRo made up IRc 6ccR6one of IRe 
successful fSted learn. 'iS'Ral a>as mosl impressive aas IRe 
significanl progress and groalR IRal IRe t^Rolc team made, as 
taell as every individual in terms of sRill, tactical acnareness 
and fitness. Jlllied to IRis aas IRe tremendous spirit sRocan 
IRrougRoui IRe season, at practices, at training sessions, at 
games, and at tournaments. <TRe results IRrougR IRe season 
left SJK^S equal 2nd in IRe 'Victoria ScRools £eague, 4fR 
in IRe JSJls, lltR in IRe ^ridgman @up. CCigRligRts included 
Danielle Henley s stirring play doson IRe rigRt uaing and IRe 
scoring of many sweet goals, QRarlotfe Houston's ame- 9 
some control and presence all over tRe field, Jaime SRarpe's 
intricate driBBling and pozserful Ritting, c%c JoRnson's alert 
and often mafcR-saving saves in goal, <MccKyla <Mact^ntyre's 
tremendous fitness and perseverance, cindrea de Soede's 
notaBle goals "on IRe post", ©livia dT^uellers "going to 
Jexas" doan IRe rigRt ioing, and (Sallie Waters calm, aulRori- 
tative interceptions and Ritting from IRe BacR. J'Re Srade 12s 
listed aBove were very aBly Relped By &rade lis StepRanie 
Sentzen, QRristic Silver and Sourtney tMaRrt wRo will Be 
very capaBle leaders in tRe autumn of 200c, and IRe silRy 
sRills of Sradc 10 QeilidR JKacleod. JRe presence of Srade 
9 newcomers, Cmma JlBnous, £mma 'Wilson-t^ease and 
tXirsten <Macleod, really Bodes well for tRe future. ^m 

Overall, if Ras Been a successful season, and we will all 
dearly miss tRe wonderful, spirited play of tRe talented Srade 
12s. tTRey leave Be Rind a legacy of a fine worR elRic, sRill 
and integrity. 

fMr tXerr & tMs aSaudon 



Jl ^eam 

Junior A 

<^ <Team 

uacR row (AAr. fClenz (coach), Andy jung, 

jteven AAeng, i\ODin Kim, Too Snin Choi, 

Curtis Park. Jeff Tak) 

/Viidale row (Harrison Chang, jcott Uallen, 

Won jin Kim, Draaley jawyer, Winston Cho 

Joseph jhan, Hisham Ismail.} 

rront row (AAarh Wizinsky, iNowan Jtewart, 

Cameron /V\etcalfc, Henry Hsiao, AAario 

Oyake, Austin I hind, ]oseph Kim.l 



E- ' ■*■ 


II tjiir.mi m 


back row (Kyle bridge, Jamie Yorath, Jimon Witt, lorn bridger. lorn INicnolson, Charlie jouthwell, I r,^ 
Uenley, /V\r. jnaun roster.) 

Iront row (jose Vallarta, /\\ex Harvey, loel INason, Olev Anniko, I ycno AAommsen jmitn, AAario 
bautista, Kevin Kim.) 

Cbcrc wzrc questions being asked in pre-season as to wljettjer 
or not ti)c S?tMlS team could be compctitiue in ttje uery challenging 
Lon'er Dsland league Hjis year. Cfjcre would be touglj competition, and 
tfjc ^ue 3ags entered a team comprised of mostly grade 9 atJ>letcs. 
Cfje team's first matcfj roould be d^allenging, nntf) a 3- 1 loss to ?T^t. 
Doug. 'Cbe team bounced bach from {fy: loss rvitt) a ruin oucr a b'sblv 
skilled t^ynolds team, lifter a fen' games, ttje team ruos beginning to 
look like a cfnimpionsbip team. Rftcr a uery c(>allenging league season, 
and some administrotiue issues, tlje team would finisf) 4tf) place in 
tljeir pool. 'CiyiB n'ould mean a first round playoff game against tfy: 
eventual Dsland Cfjampion team. SH^US found tt)cmsclues being up 
2-0 after 1 5 minutes, but unfortunately couldn't t)old on and eventu- 
ally lost tfy: matd). 

Cfje team bounced back from ttje loss, to beat ©DS, ^entwood, 
and Sbanmigan in ttjc ^Sf\ tournament. C[>is ruas a fitting end to 
a uery positive scosoa £ucry player in Hyc squad made key contribu- 
tions, and all ore looking forward to building an even stronger team 
next year. 

cfl <Team 

Senio r^ 

©5 ©fca/wj 

Back row (L to R): Jason Dhillon, Michael Vander, Riley Gudgeon. Ben Cole, Yianni AAavrikos. 

Ki[?o AAavriRos.. Ravin Jong 

Noddle row (L to R): A/V. Steve Kerr, Sean Godwin. Craig Gorman. Kevin O Riordan. Oscar 

an. rAi. feter Leggatt 

nt row (L to R): Snane Keepence, Dan Dale, tilis Gray, Jesse Kliman. Nicn Dumett, Tcter Jawl 

?^ftcr mud) coiisidcratbtx, H)c decision was made ttjat tt>: Senior l3ovs' 
Soccer team tvould moue up to play fV^^ ttjis V'^r. *vVitlj a very skilled 
and dedicated core of players, ttjcy a'crc unbeaten on tl>: Dsland tt)is yw- 
D>; squad defeated Tl^dgraiv 1 -0 in tfje US^ Qjampionsbip, St. ^ndren's 
2-0 in tljc Colonist Cup and dispatdjed Campbell Riwn-'s Cimberline 3-0 
in tf)c Dsland Q)ampions(>ip. ^t ttje Prowncial C(>3mpions()ips. ttjey suf- 
fered ttjeir only loss in major competition to Fkindsn'ortf), nif^ ivcnt on 
tlje nnn tfjc Cbampions|)ip, 2-0 in ttje semi-final. Clje team re-groupcd and 
defeated ?^rgyle 3-1 for 3rd place. S|>ane Keepence was named to ttje 
Commissioner's XD Ccam. 

Cl)is year also sees us bid faren'ell to a group of players n'fjose success on 

tiK field may not be reproduced in S?TMIS (jistory. 

Since (3rade 10, tfjey (>3w: ifon 8 cf)ampions[>ips. 

placed 3rd at tlje ?^f^f^ Provincials and n-on tf>: ?\^ 

Proinncial Q)ampionsl)ip. During ttjis time as n'ell. 

tt)ey only lost 3 games in league or cup play. 

Cl>»e players are: CIlis ©ray, (Jesse Kliman, 
S:xin (3odnnn, Don Dale, Kevin OT^iordan, Peter 
iJaui St)ane Keepence, i3en Cole, Craig ©orman. 
Vianni ?l^aurikos, fJavin Song, Hiko ?l>avrikos. 
Hick iSumett 

Oje tord> fyxs noa' been passed to t^ilcy ©udgeon, 
Oscar JDuron and ?l>id>icl van der Westljuizcn, 
ttje only players to return next year from tt)is 
squad, and tl)ose 3uniors moving up. 

Congratulations to all for anotJ)er very successful 
and memorable seasoa 

Back row (Up KKuptisuwan. Natlian VVong. Byu Ri Sim. Nic Dill, Alex Maier, lag 
Dnariwal, Cnis itoJ 

Front row (Brennan rong, AAyung Wnan On. RaRsit lattana litoon, Benson Ung, relix 
Koenigs, Andre tlerrero, /VvicnacI jeo ) 

Junior Slrls Soccer 

This was a great season for tne Junior tuirls soccer 
team: after placing fourth in their pool, they rose to the 
challenge of playing Claremont, ranhea first in their pool, 
and defeated them in penally kichs 4-3. Dy placing third 
in the city playoffs, the team achieved the honour of being 
the first junior Girls soccer team to represent jAAUj at' 
the Island tournament. In this tournament, the girls, held 
the Oah Bay team (who had placed first in the city) at a 
scoreless draw, hut unfortunately lost to rrancis Ixelscy , 
a team that went on to tahe second place, 2-1. I he team 
peahed during a very exciting game against Droohs, where 
the constant pressure and shots Dy the SAAUj girls was 
not reflected in the score_|^ 1-0 win. The SMUS team 
had an unfortunate Igss against Keynolds that placed Inem 
sixth out of eight teams. 

Althougrf this result is amazing, what is even more 
impressive is the transformation throughout the season 
- fijim harely heating Stellys 1-0 in the first game to tying 
powerhouses Oak Bay twice in the season. I his improve- 
ment is inspiring, and means that there are better things to 
come from this group; thanks to everyone for the incredible 


Back row (Nicole Landry (coach). Ceilidh Macleod, Amerita fooni, Anna fretz, Nicole Van' 

wal, jam DarR, Lauren Ixjpp.) 

Middle row (Monica Rossa, Lisa Evans, Olivia d« Goede, Lura Dale, Talina Barsalou.) 

front row (C^^:Glen, Danielle Murtland, Giuliana Bianco, lanine Hsu, Genna Purccil, Saman 


Senior ^irls So^er 

Baclj row (fcter Leggatt (coacW, Allison Pkilkin, MicliaeP 

Macgrct Lapp, Nicole Cool;, Wendy Shcrgola (coacn). 

Middle row (Rosanna Harris. Charlotte Houston, Emily Lewis. Siobhan Glen, Cassandra 

Cjiza, Jaime jnarpe, Kia AAavrikos. 

Front row (Victoria Sapsford, Cassandra Zawilski, Ryanne lohnson, Katie James, K-acie Ward. 

Mckyla Mclntyre, Liz Weir. 

mis year the Jenior Cms iu>.>.c. i.eo.i. 
started ofF their season with a tour to Hawaii. 

Needless to say, spirits were just as high about 
our tans as about the games. We competed 
with reputable teams from across North 
America and had an amazing time. Vve came 
home to start our season after spring break 
charged and ready. With a loss against iCj 
standing in our way we didn t get to the dC s. 
But the memories of the season were just as 
rewarding. We showed our heart for the game 
in putting together 8-10 man teams to compete 
in tournaments in Nanaimo and Vancouver, 
winning against some stiff competition, "laying 
on the centre field at the alumni game (stirring 
some conflict) was a highlight to our season. 
This year, our team banaed together in strength, 
heart and skill. We created memories on and 
ff the field that will last for soccer seasons 
come. Thanhs to Tanis rarish for working 
t and introducing us to dead bug . A 
ulations and thanhs to Mr.Leggatt (SIR 
^and Wendy for dealing with us (and 

TJuNioi? /Soys IBaskisTibaijA 


ifan, i5r/aMjun, (Adam AAciean, Chad AAargolus).) 

Oys ■ basHe^fe# tieanl ■ was ■dedicated and hard woH^ing*"" Itwy ^oi>/ed ' great ■ wH and'^iJMe resilient, fighting through many injuries and illnesses, to place 5th in league play 
U^t fini^ji in a numLef of vf''?-'^ Thii /oaf s league was extremely tight and haiMought victories over Mount Doug and Clarcmont set the stage for an exciting 

I pt' of an Isiond chamoionship ocrtB however, it \A/as not to be, as losses to Oak Day and then Delmont eliminated 

[1 /sar, learning and developing incredibly over the year, the bencn a 

fa'rtiapan^etfi^wawn and pcfiotn.ea admirably when Csjlleci upon. In particular, solid m.nutcs tTom !!)cdg'.vick: fiayoen and Wong, provided inspirational sparks wntcn helped 
^Thi? tAO-'iu.ifr: t.vinem of Wi,' jnJ Sun .'.ere ppr!-aps the Dest ;!uo in the city Jiis year. VVitli Sun at the helm, we ran a Fast-paced and high-powered offence; and Wu shot very well fr om; 

\-\K Island Championships. 


„o,!,L,i;,v r.„L, u 

iflv \PA«rin mntini)! 

oe-Lsy, Cnris Noel, C_hn-stopncr Hawe, Kiicy vludgeon, Ajil 
front row (Jolm Sckmitlt, Benson Lng, Yianni Mavrikos, Peter jawl, NiRo -Mavrihos, 

li. .-.«., ;,Kt.v <,..\ayi yw.i .y L^ U u ^..ii.^-a.^ jvoi. .... ^ ^.'.v-it vaiicty of reasoHS. Cc:u..-.,. ... - ^- '^'iB' ^cKool soccer team ensured tnat a good number of key players would not 

1 basUttall tryouts until Ute irt tKc first tcmi, Wkile tks was counteitalanced to a degfee by some effective t >!y November workouts and a less time consuming than norma! Christmas 
''■'■ exam schedule, it stin made for a relatively slow start In \*-nat is always a nignly compressed and con^tP 

itn tne result tne team opened witn nine consecutive losses before defeating 

in January, Tnis did not always translate into wins, but riope remained that 

lod side before then going down stubbornly against eventual uL. runner-up 
ipen three point shots and a couple of tree throws gone down, a massive 

point loss to eventual dG winner Ladysmith was followed by a disappointing 

I His speed, competitive nature and nose for the ball more than made up tor 
; equally feisty and hardworking, and with rCzi and captain reter Jawl, 

I. Uatii 

;ir>g a game 

Unfortunately, a spate of ir^es and c^-^"' "-■ 
WeiTington in a final pre Christmas exnibft 

Nonetheless, all u>e (payers retained a very po~. 
h.. , ...iJ -"iqht hit stride come tne playoff rounc. , 
the South Island tournament, trie ^' 
I .LMiiititk Park. In this latter contest, only six points sep^ated tne two teams with minutes to play, and 
'>y\y\ could nave been on the cards. 

In the full Island tournament played in Courtcnay, the same magic did r>ot reappear, as an opening roui 
defeat to PCS and a final record of II-IQ. 

Tnroughcut the year. G/r Yianni (VAav^ikos took ' '■itn a rasping d--:. 

,;r, -.c' -i^NM .^ ^otinq stroke, ar>d he fijtiy deserved h ' o the City Ail-Star team. 6rother| 

Id some of the necessary finesse, witk the former, an atfilctic 6 4 G/F, leading tfie team in scoring on many occasions. Of tlic 
r f Ajit Singli made many key contrilnjtiomlce recovered from knee surgery, while newcomer jon Schmidt displayed some useful offensive toucfics. 

lolstered by some talented Grade lis. will hope for greater success 

latcrs for their hard worli. enthusiasm and positive attitude. Hopchjily. both can remain involved in SAAUS Dasfcctball in the future, 
prhing and efficient band or minor officials and. of course, to the fans. 

Grade lis Alley Gudgeon and Hudson Altisoi 

Eigkt oF lU players return For the 2008 season. 
TKanlis to assistant coaches Qiris Noel and AA 

I botK 

AdamscneR, Lauren Kuliar, )asmin Tan, Lexi AAcColl, Katherine Konler, Laun 
Amrita rooni, Kacnel Davel, Carol Ng, Olivia de (boede, Anna rretz, jamm Darlt, C«ilidn AAacneod. 

■Qje grade 10 girl's basketball team fjod an cnjovabic season ttjis year. Altboiigb skill Ici'clfl iviricd (amongst tfjc 
team), all players improved tfjcir individual skills and sljon>ed |)uge development as a team. Cf)c girls put fortt) a toi 
rific effort in a very competitive league, displaying a nxjnderful attitude and team spirit. Dumcrous n^eekcnds n^nrd 
spent playing basketball by this enthusiastic and ljardn?orking group of girls. ^ \)igt^ic^t of tiyz season n\js tl>: Uqj 
tournament in Gsllingwood n;f)ere rve finist)ed first in our pool, and 4tl) overall in t\yc tournament. Over tf^c course 
of tf)e season, tt)e giris not only grew to become respected team-mates but also to become friends. Cljis fricnd- 
sljip Ijelped to create a more poiverfiJ team on and off ttje court. From tijc sidelities ttjere avrc constant cljecrs ot 
encouragement, giwng tlje players a boost in morale niyki) spurred tf)em on. D feel tbat ttjis team learned nitjat bci 
a team means, rvinning or losing, nx mere a single unit. Cvery girl on tF)is team deserves to be commended for 
effort, individual improvement, and great team play. 3 feel tijat tlje players on t^is team nnll contribute greatly 
senior program in ttje foUomng trvo years. Well done team! 

Diaridrd Carsalou. ItsS^^nSvey, itephanie fientzon. Lauryn Kerr, tlaiy Dro 
Janielle Denip f ■ ^ A^.r. r .(..r^a AAacintosn. Angie Hsien, Lz Weir 

With fttrong, returning grade 12 plavCTs, Luuryn Kerr, Via 7TSjivrhc», 'Dimira Harsaiou, Doniefle Denlcy. Liz Weir, and 
AngK FVaiei), combined nit!) nen- addition» to tf>e team Kocie Word, Qtepfjanic ficntton, 3eae Roruev, and Katrina ?l>acin- 
toatj, tbe girb bod f)«0b l)ope» to return to Kamloopa once more. Dn mid-3anuarv, tfje team captured tl>e 38?^ t*k rvH) a 

in over Crofton F>ouac Sd)ool(ttv defendit»g djainpe) from Vancouucr. Laur^m Kerr mj» named a tournament ?U-8tar, 
and T^ia ?t>avriho6 received tJje n>\T3. Dje team beaded into tljc Daland tournament in late February a» tlje number tljree 
accd bcJ)ind Lambrich Park and Weflington, tvH) only tlje top taw finiebers guaranteed a bcrtt) to tlje :0,C.'a. Ojc 8?tMl8 
giria fyai a i ' ' >g loae in tlje 9cmi-f inol gam: againat Qs^ington, n-itb oD fvpca of a provincial d>ampion8()ip eeem- 
ingly crual>xi. . x !MU:5 finiB»)ed in t^ird place. Dn a laat ditdj effort to quoltfy for prouinciala, 871M18 participated in a 
d)aOeJigc game against ttje Vancouver tjjird place finialjer. n>c?l>at}>. Witt) nottjing to ioec, tlje ^Glue (Jogs started out TvAi) 
a ucngcance, defcatit»g ?l>cn\«tb 43-04. D)is pitted tt>jm againat tlje 4tb ranked Vernon Vipers. Don- competing in tlje 
cv-M-olation round. 8?T>U8 proceeded to beat WcBington. Ioec to WJ* Scaton and tljen defeat D. P Codd of Prince Ocorgc 
t 11 4) in I Itb place, flia and Lauryn n-ould like to Icauc tJje team witlj a few laat nwrda, "Oood 7t>oming, ficautifulaf'. 
Cbanka to aO of ute and panenta ivljo aupported us tfjfe year. V3WIC!! Lowe, LK & fl?l> 

Junior Sirls 

jue AAacDonald (coach), Nicole Cuoduin, Jasmine 
Tan, K/isten AAarsn, Lauren Kipp, Keven rlctcner 
(ast. coach ). 

Kaeleign rlctcher, Jtephanie Yang, Ashley Hawes, 
AAarlise Nussbaumer, Laura Cuilmore, latricia Halim 

The S/ViUS junior Girls Volleyball team did not come out on top in every game this season, but the 
girls made tremendous improvements and put in several fine pedormances. I he Victoria Junior tlids 
League was divided into A and D pools this year, with jAAUj contributing teams to both pools. 
Our A squad narrowly missed City Championships after losing a challenge match to Claremont. 

Co-captains Kirsten AAarsh and fatricia Halim were great leaders and team motivators. Kirsten, Lauren 
Kerr and Kaeleigh Fletcher turned it on at the net to mount an impressive offense. I heir strong spiking 
and net play were huge assets to the team. I hey are to be commended for their consistently excellent 
play. Also contributing much at the net in her bloching and hitting skills was jasmine Tan, who has 
a great future as a middle blocker, jetters /V\anise Nussbaumer, Laura Cilmore and Nicole Codwin 
developed much assertiveness and confidence, essential qualities for their quarterback positions on the 
team. AAarlise s consistency, Laura s powerful outside sets and Nicole s hustle for the ball contributed 
much to overall team play. Newcomers Ashley Hawes and Jtephanie Yang showed much versatility, 
playing well in both back court and front court. I hey both made excellent improvements in passing skills 
and at season s end were making excellent contact with the ball in their hits. Jtrong defense and court 
coverage skills were demonstrated by all members of the team, i atricia, Jteph and jasmine did very well 
at passing the ball to target. Kudos to Kaeleigh and /V\arlise, in particular, for their hustle and digging. 

All in all, the junior Cirls A team was a motivated, focused, spirited group of young athletes who 
developed much skill and confidence. I he grade lOs will add much clout to an already-strong jenior 
Girls line-up next year, while Kaeleigh and Jteph will provide the leadership core of the Junior team. 

Senior Skirls 

Kristin Gustavsen (coack), Daylin Mantyka (ast. coacK), 
Drittney Martin, Jessica Harvey, firenda Moore, Hannali 
Taton, Becky Anderson (ast. coach). 
Katrina Macintosh, Jessica Qualley, Winnie f con, Kacic 
Ward, Giovia Ng, Nicole Edger, Rebecca MinaUr. 

When looked at in terms of skill, ttie Senior Girls Vollcytall Team is one of the strongest groups 
of girls in years. Witk tke kigfit of Jess Harvey [A], Hannak f aton, and Brenda Moore, blocking 
at tke net was always successful. Tke strengtk of poA-er kitters Winnie foon, Gloria Ng, and 
jess Giualley also produced winning offensive attacks. Trina Macintosk [A] and fiecca Minaker 
provided tke team witk ever-versatile play and various strong spikes. Nicole Edgar skowed great 
strengtk in ker sen/ing and passing and Kacie Ward, playing libero, made sure no ball ever kit tke 
floor in tke back court. Dritt Martin [C] took on a new role as setter creating great opportunities 
for tkis talented group of volleyball players. Tke season did not end as well as planned witk a 7tk 
place island tournament finisk. Despite tkis disappointment tke team learnt a lot about game play and 
tkeir overall skill improved immensely. Tkey also kad a ckance to attend a private sckool tournament 
in Calgary and participated in many off-island tournaments in Vancouver. Tkree gids will be grading 
tkis year Winnie, Kacie, and Nicole, altkougk tkese girls were immense assets to tke team, tke grade 
elevens and new coming grade tens will work kard to improve tkeir standings in tke next sckool year. 
I hanks to Kristin, Mrs. Anderson, and Daylyn for tke numerous kours tkey put in improving our 
play. It was a great season! 

I ne 2007 golf season was one of the best in recent years. After 
a slow start at the Aroutus Kidge Invitational, the team improveo 
steadily, flaying in hurricane lihe winds at the Cities, we scored well 
enough to advance to the AA Island Championship lournament, 
where, to everyone s surprise and delight, we finished second, just 
losing out to Drentwood in a play-off. At the AA irovincial 
Championship I ournament, which was played on two challenging 
courses on the junshlne Coast, we finished seventh out of thirteGn."! 
Although this was a bit of a disappointment, there was still a bright 
side, as Kebecca AAinaRer emerged as the AA Clrls frovincial 
Champion, lo all the players, I would lihe to say, next year will be 
our year and thanh you for your cheerfulness and fine play. 

DacR Row: Chris Smith, Chad AAargolus, Dyl 

AAissing trom pnoto; Drendan I nomson 

DacR Kow: Judy lobacco, jara I raubel. Cjaurav jCRnon, Kayzeez Jaffarutiah, Kiley Cudgeon, Jeti Jawatdl 

T ong, r o-Wei Chuang, Jeff riunt 

Center [\ow; tllina Kim, lony Chuang, Austin Thino, Paul Tut, Derek Jtedman, uhupinder DuIru, 

Imran Ismail 

rront Kow: jandra Oh, Sharon Yu, Heather Ducmngham, AAaria juiia Oivares. Jenny JacRson, Gillian 

■Harper, Alex Zapantis 

I he Jeniof Cross Country I earn was composed of both girls and boys, from Crades 9-12. I he teams goals were twofold: personal improvement and 
team performance. I he Senior Cross Country Season was composed of U league races, and culminated with the Island Championships, held at Deaver Lah 
I his year participation was very good, as we had approximately 50 runners involved in the different events. During the league races, it was apparent that both 
Alex Z-apantis and Leo /v\archand were determined on improving with each race. Doth of these junior runners were consistently in the top 15 for their age 
group. On the girls side. Heather Duchingham and Sara I raubel found themselves in the top 15 consistently for their age groups. Also in the league races, 
SAAUS recorded some very rine team results, where we finished as high as 2nd place in both the boys and the girls events. 

At the Islands, our school once again performed very well in the muddy conditions, with many of the runners setting personal best times on the course. 
Craig Corman was our top performer, finishing in 21st spot on the boys side, but it was perhaps our team results that were most impressive, the girls team 
finished in 15th place and the boys team finished in 5th place. 

Although we did not qualify for the Trovincials, the team showed huge improvement as the season progressed. Although we will be saying goodbye to 
star runners To- Wei Chuang, Kayeez Jaffarullah, Jag DhariwaJ, Sharon Yu, AAaria Julia Oliveras, both coach lobacco and coach Hunt are looking forward 
to next year already, as much of the talent lies within the youth of this team. 

Judy Tobacco 
Jeff Hunt 

Back Row: Richard frimrose, faul tut, Riley Czjudgeon. Judy lobacco 

Center Row: Christine Schweitzer, Brendan Chwyl, Heather uucRingham, lony Cnuang., Jonya Kenzler, 
Grol Ng 
tfront Row: |ulie Shim, Alex Zapantis, fo-Wei Chuang, Leo Marchand, Monique Vvong, Imran Ismail 

The 2007 Track and field teann was relatively small in numbers but loaded with talent and determination. Although experiencing a late start 

due to our lengthy spring break, athletes quickly jumped into the third meet of the league scries producing a number of excellent results and 

having a chance to experience a variety of new events and training clinics. It was especially pleasing to witness the development and improving 

performances of new comers Christine Schweitzer, Moniquc Vvong, Carol Ng, lulie Shim, and Sonja Kenzlers. 

In the long distance events strong performances were produced by Alex Zapantis and Leo Marchand in the 3000 metres and Heather 

Buckingham in tne difficult and technical steeplechase. 

Middle distance and sprinting evenb saw Riley Gudgeon quickly improve throughout the season, posting multiple personal bests and narrowly 

missing berths to the B.C. Championship Meet in both the 400 and 800 metre races. 

This year SMUS truly dominated both the long and triple jump with fo 'Aei Chaung. Imran Ismail and Tony Chuang constantly placing in 

the top U in both events. Advanced training and dedication throughout the season culminating in impressive jumping in the competitive Island 

Championships resulting in Imran Ismail and Tony Chuang both qualifying for the open triple jump event and ro Wei Chuang qualifying for 

the second year in a row in the long jump. SMUS's jumpers completed their year at the B.C. Championship meet with impressive results. 

Imran and Tony placed 9th and 22nd respectively, both posting personal bests. At the same meet. Po Wei eclipsed his personal record by 

over 20 cm to place 4th in the long jump with a final jump of 6.28. As only 2 centimetres separated 4th through 2nd place. To Wei s 

performance was especially impressive. Congratulations to all competitors on a line season! 

The season was spectacular as this 10 year old team found all the pieces needed to achieve its goals. An outstanding group of committed athletes reached gold 
and then platinum performance standards early on in the season setting the tone for a remarRable series of races. Leadership and grace guided the team throughout their 
season as experienced rowers challenged and mentored the novices. Three league regattas culminated with the LVIjjAA champs, a 2 day regatta involving heats, 
semis and finals for 20 events. SAAUj qualified for 17 of the 20 finals and won 6 championships, placing 2nd overall behind Jtelly s. 

The junior girls experienced eight led by i\ichelle Leonard and Liz renje and coxed by Alicia fawluh dominated the field with a stellar victory. Kichelle and Uz 
went on to win the double and place second in the quad. Novices AAaryann Watson, Caryn Dooner, Nikhi VDWal, Anna rretz, Lauren Kuilar and Lexi 
AAcColl rounded out those crews. Lexi, AAaryann, NiRRi and Caryn went on to win the novice girls quad by an overwhelming !3 second margin! 

For senior girls, doubles partners Channeile Sawyer and Angharad Wylie placed Uth in the senior girls eight along with Vanessa Lah and five of the novice girls. 
In novice action, Charlotte AAcGee, AAichelle Cheimah, AAari Timoshchuch, Jen Rao, Lexi lulineila, and jeria Dag earned the silver in the 8-. 

The junior boys experienced eight led by Jon Cunningham and Jcott Swinheis and coxed by Nich f awluh stormed down the course to a strong victory. Jon and 
jcott went on to earn bronze in the doubles event. 

The senior boys of Derek Steoman, Dave Stewart, JacR Chan and Sam Witt raced magnificently in the quad earning the bronze. Derek and Jake went on to-: 
earn bronze in the double. 

The senior novice boys went on to defend their titles in both the eight and the quad events with AAike Upton steering the quad to a .3 second victory over 
Claremont and Nick lawluR coxing the eight including Chris Cunningham, Constantine tsphording, AAike Upton, Scott AAyers, Josh Evans, Ashhaughn rorghani, 
Onye Onyebar, and Drandon twonus to a strong gold in the eight. 

Ten rowers travelled to the CSSi\A s Schoolboy Championships in St. Catharines, Ontario the first weekend of June earning 3 medals. 
Junior double Liz Tenje and Kichelle Leonard gold 

Junior four of Alicia fawluk, Lexi AAcColl, Richelle Leonard, AAaryann Watson, and Caryn Dooner bronze 
Junior single Liz Tenje bronze 

Senior boys double Derek Stedman and AAike Upton 8th 
lightweight single Derek Uth 
ouble Jon Cunningham and Scott Swinkels 6th 
I team was 22nd overall In points out of 143 schools 

uacR row l/V\r- iefi Hunt, Ixcvin /Wa, Kevin ls«ng, jnaron Yu, Jennifer \_ha, t\oss f rager, .'V\icKael Ip, Henry Chen, Jamie 

jnarpe, Drittany nTiartin. 

r.-ont row ( Ainnie Foon, Jesse Vvang. AAike Zjfna, jeti JawaatJpony, 2-acn (_nan, Jurrey Un, Carol Ng, lerry Kno. 

I ne jenior Dadminton 1 earn is a team tnat competes against all AA and AAA 
^^ nigh scnools in tne province. I his coed tean-. is a selection or the top players from all the 
"^ students in Grades 9-12 at the school. 

In league play this year, the team went undefeated and clinched the league title. At the 
Island Tournament, the jAAUS team continued its winning ways with two big victories 
U^^^ over rival schools Jt. Andrews and Claremont. I he I jA I ournament soon Followed, and 
InLtKe team once again was victorious with a huge vAn over Crorton House. In this span 
jwtime. the jAAUj jenior Dadminton leam made history, by recording a 17 game win 

In AAarch, the team traveled to Richmond to compete at the irovincials. Vvith the 
goal of making the top 8, the team round themselves in a diriicult pool. In pool play, 
tfte team lost t/vo 6-5 heartbreahers, wnicn thwarted the hopes of making the top 8. In 
spite of this setbacl?. the team did not fold, and they came bacR with a vengeance and 
won the remaining 5 games to wrin the Consolation Kound. 

Leading the way this year were a core of (jrade 12 s who. for the better part of 
the last few years, contributed greatly to the badminton program at the school. LJn the 
IK gins side were Jaime jharpe and jharon Yu, who had the ability to play in both singles 
and doubles, and both did so brilliantly. Winnie loon and Jurrey Lin in doubles play 
were aosoiutely stellar and together, lost no more than 5 games in 4 years together as a 
pair. On the boys side, Kevin Tseng led the way with his quickness, and Henry Chen 
provided the competitive spirit. Jesse Wang was also a major contributor and had the 
aoiiity to bring his A game when the calling came. Under this core of grade 12 s are a 
pack of youthful badminton enthusiasts who expect nothing more than perfection. I heir 
E desire to improve, to be committed, and become the next frovincial Champions is clearly 
there. I am optimistic that the team will only improve in the future and I am excited 
about the potential for next season. 

-Mr. leff Hunt 

Back row (Ben EfFa, lason Dkiilon, jagjitpal Dhariwal, Jack Cnan, 

Rateez JafFarullam, Qaurav Sekhon, 

Front row (AAicKael Smith, James Harris, Rachel Davel, Bhupindei 

Dulku, Galium Davies 

Jf)e cricket squad faced a reduced preseason | 
breotbc before tf)e first game, but ttje players re 
tvcre soon into tfje snnng of things. 

^gain tlyz sdjool was invited to enter a teaml 
midweek cricket league. Cbese games started atl 
entertaining evening games. Cowards tf)e end of] 
School on a ruarm Saturday afternoon. ?^It()ouJ 
coaching sessions in tfys nets bad been very ualul 
Cup Competition. Witf) a small change in Hyz fori 
tf)C atmospfjere was b'Sblv competitive but lots o| 

Hext year we bope to be invited back by tbe 
Cbristian Scbool, and 

Stelly's Secondary Scbool, so tbat our youn^ 
cricketing skills. We also bopc to revive tbe staff I 
Co tbe five graduating students we soy tbank y| 
a little time for tbe game of cricket. We also 
continued to support us even wben it got ratber | 

to tb» 

Victoria and 
"and tve ployed aeven] 
season we boated 
[we lost tfje game, tbe 

. Our season ended witb ft; 
our game lasted 

and bope' 

players can continue 
[student matd). 

u'iab you all tbe best. a.\d 
ink you" to our byal g,rouf 
lid in tbe evenings. 

(Moniqiip Wnnfl. F.lton Ch;in AJrPW Dnrman KriM-iian Ginrnipvik. Germain Qan. 

(AAicKael Loomcr, Kelly Qiang. Lz Weir, Angle Hsick Kwang Pittiayachariyakul.) 
Fong row (Yuri Lew, Brittany Martin, Nic Dili, Ken Yim, Pkilip Pctranck, Scria Bag, Lilierty 



Df s official, tbis year's S?1MIS Cen- 
nis Ceom brougljt in Hyc moat attractive 
group of iyeavy ()ittcrs. ?Vter rigorous 
fitness and ()itting tryouts, it was clear 
rviys rvas made for t()is team. Witt) 
coacbes, ?t>icbael "s()ortv" Loomer and 
Liberty Williams, arguably. H)e "hot- 
test" coad) in tf)c league, bott) S?TM18 
?ilumni and past players, steered ttje 
team, flstuming players tverc Hyz fierce 
duo Kaving P. and <3crmain Cban, easily 
tt)e most feared girls doubles team in 
ttje city. Ken Vim and ?^ndrciv JDormon 
once again rvere always committed and 
dependable, ^ndre "^^gassf Rerrero and 
Skxstty ?^^cyer's combination of killer 
serves and f)ig|) energy was just wtjot tiyz 
team needed, Hext up, newcomers, Felix 
Koenigs and Die Dill, sporting tt)C latest 
(5crman tennis apparel, colour coordinat- 
ing beadbands, dominated iiyz courts. 
I3ritt, Kristijan, Seria, ?t>onique, KeBy, 
and Pljil ead) added ttjeir own flavour to 
t^c team. Cntering ttje W^ island Cour- 
noment, tt)e team was ranked #2 in tf)e 
city. During a day of beated play up at 
^3rentwood College and S^awnigan Lake 
School, tbe team successfully knocked 
out long-time city rivals, ©DS. F>ow- 
ever, competition in ttje afternoon proved 
to be a challenge, after falling sjjort to 
Lambrick Park in tiyz next round, tfje 
team needed a win against :0rentwood 
College for Hye final bertt) to Provincials. 
Cbe STTMIS tennis curse was cast over 
tbe team for tbe ttjird year in a row as 
we fell sljort (5-6) in ttjc matd). €very- 
one con agree ttjat we jjad an amazing 
season wjjerc improvements were seen 
ttjrougbout and most definitely everyone 
bad fun. We wisb tbe team good luck 
next year! 

Captains, ?\ngie Fteicb and Liz Weir. 




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Staafirs and Orchestra 

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'"^^ifihgWcTsociallt/ accepfaSle form of scHizopftrenia." 

SlOsa for the 
Brovs/n-Naired 6oy 

czQ[k^]a3©{M]c(S^©@®DD:a] D^^ 


I Will always do better with ^^^^ 
pointed toes, silk coats and long blond 

■hair. -^_^-^^^^— 

Enheq w illgHSKgBrBKur boys hand and he 

R fti ll foll oviaci^mKgl Narva just to thread 

jgty55ei|ff his fingers. He vs/Ul 

ith a running nose, smile 
lyour arched wrist. 
ro^hasbrougn^yOu a treasure 
Knest full of Baltic salt. 
^^c/ have gf\/en hi'm large toys and large 



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spendilBSfiioht frotiftnal 

>jfLOjtj Qh^pKoto*'aiiburnsyYeu'otfer him cake" 

uare biscuits. He turns towards the 

indow and you worry he has 

latter.thleAdo.e.s^not tA/an^ 


By Diandra Darsalou 

We left a piece of lemon cake and cooled cfiai tea 
on your desfc. 

WalRing home from work I pause in the darkened lane 

3 steps shy of the speed Dump that has saved the neighborhood kids 

Like riding little irves time and time again, the same kids who, 

on the other side of the ivy-grown fence. 

used to put sprinklers under trampolines and jump 

from stone to stone collecting blueDells and picking snails, 

to appease the springime sprites and gumpy garden-gods. 

This is where I stop to hold once more that last moment, 

when we clutched at our sleeves in the cooling summer night 

and held tight to the burning tigers and snarling dragons 

reluctant to shed 

sun touched murmurs carried on the backs of hummingbirds, 

faithful little messengers who danced through the air 

to your playful gypsy song and dodged 

dragonflies that now hang in crisp repose 

from (you said) your bedroom ceiling, 

feebly warning autumn off. 

In tne rieat of a |uly afternoon. 

tne trampoline in trie back yard was broken, 

and we waited for someone strong enougfi to fix it. 

Second f lace in the P etra Kenney Competition 

Tom counted your black leatner sfioes. lined up benind ours, 
dusty and empty. 

lulie came nome from kindergarten. 

tears dripping down ner criecks, 

biting ner lips, watcriing ner cartoon silently. 

In tne riospital. 

a faint line on tne rieart monitor beside grandma. 

On tbe second floor, we found motner in trie battitub 
sleeping pills everywliere on the cold floor. 

Sunday morning, police stepped into our house to look tor 


boots across the burgundy ground, 

sirens waking up the curious neighbourhood. 

At tfie graduation. I twitched my bead every two seconds, 
searching for you. 

The nipple piercer. I he forearm snake tattoo. 

Tne fashion model leer. The red wig. I he juicy gossip about 

what you do with your boyfriend. 

The watcher of sleazy confessional IV. I he 

lover of hip-nop songs with the word clitoris in them. 

The student who sits at the back of 

tbe room and scratches her infected belly-button. 

The dog-collar choker. 

The mail-order black latex dress that takes an hour to get on. 

The wet pillow smudged with mascara 

And eyeshadow and lip-gloss. Drahms Lullaby 


HonouraLle Mention in The League of Poets National Contest 



JBiSati on ^venincj vvas held o n Movember 2Mi 

(^^^filcoctrimi'Done ; 
U/iltfam ]eune 
Leo MATchmicl 


rade lo'i 

ptfvfa de Goodie 
Sen Kwok 

dice Lee 
(SaaraV Sekfoon 

Grade ii'i 

Zjxchary Ohan 
lane Hammond 
Goartney f^Kahrt 
Oharione McGee 
Oiaire f^^\CeYma 
OM^uxncka Zowf kkf 

Grade a's 

M^kfyo Qiao 
Oat Merke 
Micfoaet Hamflton 
battle U/ateri 
Kaftey Metcalf 
Andrew Johniton 

■ ^,. . ^ 


V ' 




-^ « 

i V 




The C|ccidamic Counol GmbarMed on quite a buj,' 
year, storting oFF Foremost coith our S*'®'"" 
cirs in l^esidence program. Guided 
nrir. Liggett and PIV. JacHson, our 
group invjited Dr. John medina, 
a dynamic SFxzciHer and proFes" 
sor From ODoshington Uni^aer- 
Sity oaho described the eFFects 
oF stress on learning. Colin 
Cjngus and Julie QDaFaei pre- 
sented to both the midtfle 
and Senior 5ch°°'S ^h^^ SPoHc 
about their ad>3entures as the 
First couple to trood around 
the oxsrld soldy on himan 
pooser. Rettie ODud, a tal- 
ented FHm producer and script- 
asriter coho cuon 3 Gemini 
acoords, provided tcuo Hm end 
directing coorHshoPS For Stu- 
dents as osell as a documentary 
Rim presentation. In addition 
to physical education speeches 
by LTOic graduate students- our 
councB aoelconned STHUS alunnus 
rriichael Code. Qeing a specialized 
laoayer in Criminal Loco and a coei- 
respected Faculty member at the 
he SPoHc about his experience as the deFense 
kicoyor oF the C^ji — India Trial. 
To cap the year, the C^ademic Council hosted the annual Trivjia Right, a 
spirited battle oF the brains driven by students- teachers, ond the ••T^och 
For the Top" team. C| great thanH you to the Scholars in residence pro- 
gram and this Fantastic group oF teachers end council members coho not 
only raised the bar, but also created a lasting impression on ynUS' 

QacH roco: Radine Qureshi, Ross Prager, Qrondon 
Ecoonus, John Liggett, RieH Qwrleton. Priichael Jactfl 


First roeo: He«y Shen»- Ratasha QuresN, Sfina Kjim, | 
C^igie Itseih. Ricole Edgar. H"&tijan Gjorgje>3iM 

QcicH roco'. Justin K|o. CJOllllcim JcanG. JaHe Todd. Pcggv 
Hogan. DorcH Jjtcdman. nflichGllG ChGimciH. JciSicci Qucil— 
Icy. [^cznGG DuxjGncKje. ^^^tstin TurcottG, ^in VccnrcipGn 
rriiddla ro«i:>: Siol^h"" Qgr. Drirs. ForbGS, Cnloin ChGng. 
Torry h|o. OeiirG mc^Gnnci, nTlaggiG TsGng. Vu [^ Cho. 
£)ittK! ^yort, l^obonna Harris, fTls. CDniioms 
"Front roto: JossiG Q-iGn, fTlcirgarGt Lcipp. Victoria h\ar. 
ScT\<nnttxi Leo. Emilv Zhcin. JaynG Hammond. CharlottG 
JTIcQgg. OSvil^OiitticH. Froncosca Qianco 

Cyts Council 06—07 has hed a vxsry 
busy and successf^ year, especK#y ii 
raising Funds For ODor QiHd Canada 
In the First term the council began 
planning For its tcoo major eoentsi ^ 
Day and l-|eop the Beat They also 
hosted a High 5>chool musical movjie 
night, coith proceeds going to CUar Chfc 
The highlight oF second term osas most 
deFinitely CJrt Day^^^^^eor^ C|rt Day 
cuas bigger and baHd^^HIW^^^-coith a 
multitude oF guest artists end o>aants ttvouc^- 
- r'- '■ '••" ' _ '••■■'- ''••'"-''•' -"- out the day. The rtaoo QorHor Lbrory coqs yjigd 

CIS tt>a display araa For student ortcoorH From groCfe) 
6-12, and axis e supportivxi neco \jenuc For t^la ev>ent. ^Yt*, CoundTs year Oil 
minated oolth Hoop tho Qeclt. a 1 2 -hour mu^ic marc*txjn For COar Chid Canod^ 
This years Heep ttw Qoot coas an outstandng «>uccoss- The day Fcc*urod en Qii 
Sand Competition and tcoo talent shocos- at e« oF aohich students sf>ocood tfwif 
best colours. COandering musicians also populated 0"w dassrooms oF not only | 
senior school, but midcfle school as coell. In addtion to the Fostrobes oF ttie day. 
Cyts Council hosted tcoo 03ar Child beneFit coneorts. the First Feefcuring irkt* 
Gedcjes. JeFF mitchellmorc and C^iex Qodman, Md the second, the \>ery tc*»«tc&l 
Paul OQrien. % 


^H rooa! £)usein S^^ndcrs, DciniGl C^tmcin, FTIaric! Jufia Ouxscires. LuUfi Lgc Siis Qrnv. JncH ChcBT, 

>cfync Lciu. Dyltin Colloaa. Tommy Fong. JunniFer Cha 

rd roco: PI. QuresN, 'Oanasbo Lcih, l-jeiaGV mctccilFG, maMiyo Qiao, nemcy Zhang. l-j«ocng Pithavacho- 

^HuU DicolG Coo4, Liz ODoir, £)andra Ph. Qrittney martin 

rid roos: Lori Lee Emshcv- Hw**^™^ Qorrott, rOonique CUong, Vunjeong Qjoi, Jee In Owng, 5)iot>han 

ion, nriin Ju PorH. Etten Go. COinnio Poon 

pent row: Linda Vang. n.C?ureshi. DanieUe Sjo*c- &r«lv Zhon. Samantha Lee, C^;,ha Qcnedvczah, 

asaie Onan. (^ocheUe Chan, >5ictona ^yapiPorti 

The VJGTV critical job oP 
introducing prospGCti>3G 
ncGO S)rnUS Painilicjs to 
our school COOS) cigain 
goTcrouslv supported by 
the coondczrFul coor4 oF 
our C^cfrnissions CouncB. 
Our student Tour Guides 
v}olunteercd countless 
hours oF their Free time 
to both shooa prospec— 
ti\X2 Fomilics around and 
also to gi\je a student 
pcrspecti\>e on liFc at 
ynUS- This year, our 
tour guides Faced the 
added challenge oF an 
Gvjerchanging tour itin— 
aror^ as £>chool House 
ciaas again added to our 
route. Challoner coas 
taHen oFF and then a 
detour became nec~ 
esscirv to a\}oid the 
cxcavsation For neco 
construction betoaeen 
the G-othall Centre and 
the OOilliam monkpnan 
Cjthletic Complex . 

This V^™" the C^tNetic CouncH axis quite an experience to be a part oF. Q3e coere made up oF a coide 
orietv oF students- male and Female, young and old. Field hocHey players to rugby players to superFans- Thi*^ 
(oriety added to the group dynamic This year as a council coc coorHed on many things, coith a Focus on rais 
ig school spirit. ODe h<dd spirit nights cind made sure that nflicM Jaguar's nroxxas coere tight, coe e>3en de\3oted 
n osscrnbly to teochfrxj the school "cheering l0l". ODe created an oehaertising team in charge oF maHing all 
TO posters that eoent up around thej,chool prov»efing inFormgtJon about sporting ewznts. many oF our councl 

:r::_-^ ~^^-rr^£rir3^:- members tooH time to photograph 

cxjr S)rnUS mcithletes in cictiorv 
provsiding many laughs and ^^^ 
" moments oF embarrass" 

meht/excfcemcnt at the ^ 
^ closing citNetic banque|§i^\ 
ThanHs to eoeryone ^^^ 
coho supported the 
C^hletic Ccxjncil and 
SJinUS ^Ithletics this 
06—07 year. ODe 
coish evxzryone the 
best oF KjcH in years 

to come! 

i'. Joq Dhari— 

QacH roost Jog 
,1 coal. Sits Qrav. Vionni 
§ rriCToriksos. ni4o rna\)rit(oa, 
^J^drecD Crooj 
middle rooa: HV. 
HmrosG.Coicflidh madcocU 
hjirstcn macLeod. I^io 
movjriKOi- Louryn h{cirr. rfirs. 
QrooHe * 

■ront roosC JocH Chan. Pete JnU. 
l^ycBTne Johnson. COovne Lau. S<^m 

/^ ^ 

It has been a busv V^™" ^°'' '*^ Intemotiohcil 
CouncM. 00<2 put on cultural M-Kihcs— ^^''^loPK"^ 
Japanese ItcSan, and l^orean—For students 
and staFF. mo\jies coith international ' 

themes oaere shocon in the Copekind 
Theatre, including Chocolat. during 
ODhich u>c handed out chocokrArc 
brought bocH From manv oF the 
Students' homo countries,. OOe 
produced a poster oF dozens oF 
translations oF nTerrv Christmas j 
and SG<^ons Qreetinrgft. The 
most ambitious— and s^JOoasS"^ 
Ful_evx2nt, hooocNser. ojcis the 
Cultural Ertravjaganza cog s<* 
up during the £)mUS Com- 
munity and CJumni Celebrations i 
coeeliend. There ooerc dis~ 
pfcivs end hands~"on exhibts oF 
Japanese origami, French mordi 
gras masMS- rOexican pinotas, 
Indian henna painting, l-|orean 
SticH game, and Oriental calBg— 
rophy. On stage coe enjoyed the 
prafiK^onai movaes oF a martial 
CytscM^gi^^^group. a Soot^ 
tish highl8Sff ^KfO''iC) oxts porFormod. 
and a ^ci;,a Jnj^truftor gcroa les- 
sons in the Fine art of s<^<!>ci dcndng. 
Oriented bubble tea and trodKioncI 
Thai ckinte coere sold. CDa hold an 
international bakie scIg. <^'>^ d^o. the 
evjei — popular International rnerHot— 
place. Our crooaning achiewemont of 
the year has been the establishrrwnt 
oF the International Council Qursory 
to Qring a Student From a De>3et- 
oping Country, a Fund, ooe hope 
coith Qctensivie Fundraising, eoB be 
put to u«.e in the rxsct Feoo years- 

QcicH roe»: E^^atyn Zapembs. ^Hyci [TkjHheimmetxveinovjci. Isabd S«*^>0' Je&sica Hcmacy, 
l^ovooz JofFeirvJkih, CcroHn C^lberj,. rfYm Ju PeirH. In KjVJng Vang, rjcitci&ho Qureshi 

rndda ro«»: Uristcm TurcesttG, nToSv Ccmeron, Joe In Chung, 
C^tmcrt, Emiv Zhen, >3annje Lou, l^ochoaa Chcin, Tommy 
Front roeo: Cyjc,tin Thind. J<*i 5)cicocitcflpong, ^flan Lju, 
Ovt&bna ^drvjoatxar, ^yora Trcwbel. ricicfinG QuresN. 
CaitRnCheng, C^rta QencdyczaH 

at group oF students on rczcord, tha 2006/07 £)tudent Council axis SCt, 
Occomplish ci signiFicant amount tfiis VO™"-c^ ridGed, the group eM not 
as«PPoint! CerrvSng oxasr From last v<2«"b agendo. Student Gxnd mo\>ed Forcoord From 
"drGom". to •tiopo", ^o "reality" osith the sunvner uniForm golF shirts (thonHs oF course to 
tha odcSbonci herd <!oorH oF the UniForm C om t HCe adjli^nd thoy exsnbnuGd their role as a 

Jufic ^him. Den 

Chris Ito, 

^^oumSng board 
^"lc£x" pKsriod, 

i^tudent issues by 
dancGSt and s' 
jcai^^mi^ummiachon' rcFlected the 
desi^^^^^port the local communi 
through donations, end the Coun- 
cil's Pihol crooaning glory eoas the 
instalment oF neos 'cubbies' 
under O-othalTs tax> scterior 
Staircudls^ goodbye dusty 
piBb oF heoxiy bacl^pacMs! 

QacH roco: Stephanie, 
zon, Richolas P' 
vian der CUesthuiz w. Emma 
CUilson-peasG. EiBBw C^ortoux,^ 
Cfida PaculuH. EmSy PeiFFor, 
Christopher Smith. Gourao 

Third roco: ms- f^ggV Joshua 
Exscms. Ricole Coole TenniFer 
Cho. I3rittney 
Qcig. Lauren Dvnn, ^ 
C|fcman, Qenjcwnln l-{co<5t( 
Second roco: rYVs. rTlurtlancI, 
Cfndreco Johnson, Richolas 
Qumett, K|e\>in O'f^oidan, Jee In 
Jcong Choi. Qhu- 

tcphen Oong, Colin 

-lid Dale 

^rino COhyte. C^ 

)ingh. Channele SeKoyer. 
rrielissei Qoscoorth. Pumi 
Ici S<^PSFord 

U on the timetcMc and the neoo 
gencrd ^ socH drrao, a peanut butter 

jodorship has boon a major Focus For the entirG Senior £)Chool this '>^aar, ana 
)fe has trenslcited into many in depth and thoueJhtFul d^cussions oF the topic 
nongst the 2006-07 PrcFect Counca_a group coTvase mondatG is school 
adorship on c* Fronts, and oahose ksadesrship cfeo indudes rsprcsentcfcion oF ol 

the other school councils. From estabSshing a -preFect G-odo" in the First 
Kiatis OF the school y^aac, to acting as omba&sa dggwifcCberfayd&MBHaBttaft. 
irtnd re-Opening oF £)Chool l-jouse J^1l<zx :^iS:£^-::^--r^^^:s^^ 

id md-Jyla address*^ em oudksnca .-iS__£E_l 

hundreds, no lessO, to -bud- .< 
^ing up' coith Junior School 
udonts at the Christmas 
^scmblv. the group has 
ft a positi^se and last- 
q marH on the culture 

the school. Thev 
i^e leFt a oisual morti 
to, on beholF oF the 
irad dass. in the Form 

a neco murd For the 
pmnosuT^ ^V>d Finely. 
(orHing in conjunction 
Aft the Dance Com- 
Ibtcc. mannbers oF the 
IreFect Council con be 
snembered For host— 
g the SchooTs First 
Jrientines Formal"_an 
sent oF epic piroportion 
-Kl success! 

QocH rooo: nV. mardxirvd. Dcroid S^aa3- 
crd. Hugo Chcir% meitltMXO Q°boxxtt\. 
ITiHo rTVi\3oMos. yknni mcronMoi. P<*cr 
Jacai. Cljrt hrxf^ ErruTy Qridgar. Haxiin 
Of^jordon, rfV. Liggott: 
Jjoojnd roco." fTls. ITlurtlcirKt nVinaJulta 
OtKKroi,. Emily P<affor. Jatfs Todd. Ellis 
G-ov- DicMotas Qurrvoet. Stap'TCn Dong. 
I^onoo nXroanoga. ChonnaHc ^ycKO-^cr. 

Front rocu: C|hro Cno. 
Elizobotrh CJOair. fTWidrK! 
Qi*-csN. fTTonjo 
rat Lapp. Cyxiraoo 
not. ;- 
bha Quroi!>hi. 

■^ Hojgy nriato- 



QocM roeo: Tony Chuong. Dani ODord. HicoIg Godcuin. C^shkzy HcKues. 
Scott £)ODinHGls. JosminG ^an. Oroia de Goede. Cyrirfca Pooni. nVsJD 

nrtddte roeo: \DcnM Tut. ChorlottG Itouston. f^ochcl DavscJ. \>ick|iG V^ng, 
Lnura Qknore. Linda V", Liz V". L™ Fcnje. CDl&on COong, ffchdos ^U^^^ 
Front roeo: Gonna PurccL ElizabGth Gu«3cr*, JcnniFer Hoo. Emiy 
Qridgcr. HTykv*' mdntyrc, Oti>3ia muGrter. GnlfiG ODcfcors. Liz CDctr. Gkj- 
liciuo Qjcnco 

The SJTTIUS £)er\3ice cound enjoyed a busy «md 
productixxz year, raising nxsre than $7,000.00 
in Funds, eohich cocre passed c^ong to \xiri- 
ous charities end oaorld relicF organixations. 
Through our "Ser\Mce Day" e>oents. Funds coere 
raised that enobtad us to suPF>ort: groups such 
OS CDorld >3ision, Zambia mission Fund, Free 
the Children, fTlengo CNJdren's Hospfcal. Hands 
C^oss Borders. Camp Thunderbird and mora. 
The S<2r^>ice Counca has been instru— 
;al in trying to proFie these 
.organixations throuc^ chapti and 
presentations. Some 
^other highlicf>ts during the 
coere the Hoflocoeen 
l-jauntcd House in October, 
coas a huge sue— 
:ess givxzn the arr^izing 
|\>anue coe coere able to 
luse (Che*oner basomcjnt... 
noco a distant memoryl. 
Ithe Festi>x< oF Trees at 
the Empress- the £)er>3ice 
Cound Christmas tree, 
the ITkitchmaHer ccm- 

during February and 
Spirit Day in may. 
lis dynamic council coas 
headed by &ni^y QrldgGr 
and G3ason U3ong and 
their leadership throughot* 
. the year coas much appred— 
ated. The si^onsor teachers For 
this counca eocjre Dorothy Hco^cs. 
h(e>3in Coo^ and Suxy He* 

Akt Club ME^rs okjce a week wr^n 



Igramme, so rtiAr ARMsrs of 



IrHE cLASSRooAi sErriMG. Per- 
Ihaps rnis vear's Mosr success 


tfroni sJioi^. 'H^aleriQ t^aylor, dKrs. JorliQs, Qalvin QHang, cREArED artefacts for a chiid whose ufe 
tMiofiaol Seo, ^oon £qq had beekj affected sv wars, past or pres- 

Sac£^^owi tMaria Jutia ©livaros, %3fSancy SRang, Judy EK,r. KjExr ^ear we are hopik^g to 

fXaoQon, Clysia i^oporowsRi, Woon-^a QRung, dKin Ju ^arR, work more extenjsiveU' with 6L\ss 

fusikjg, fabric collage akfd ceramics. 

- Aktkja I'orbI 

Cmma %May 


A garganjtuam silver CUP. At the 


Charles Ieit^ qualified for provikj- 


Trials despite havii^jg a witmess ill okj the dav of 


alekjt aj^d budget; rhev made all of this possible. 
- Charles Leit^ 

tTr ont q UouO: Douglas Sirimmer, J2qo dKarcRanb, 

Harmon tJKoon, Samuel Simons, ShpRan ^ong 

cJlLiddh^ozo: QRarhs JSaiiz, tSUatasRa QuresRi, 

CmUy f^if/er, t^adins QuresRi, Julie SRim, ^rist^ai 


SaoR f^ow: dJln iXayden, t^oss <?rager, tMallReso 

Earner, tMn JSudooig, QRrisiin ScRoseiizer 


R^s ExcirED ro oEsur this vear vvirn rnE^injg 


p Born TUB sT\Bv akjd sruDEKjrs, 


jG «^^ -?«^ «^/>7J of i^ennedi/ trains, 
V LOCAL AurnoR Dede Crak/e who 


HE Summer Keadik/g brochure amd 

RE ABOur ro usrEM ro Vvikjkji- 

eg author, Carol Matas, reading 

<om her mevv book vvhirlwimd. 

/e are all em^ovimg the use 

F THE ''IJBRARV CouKjciL louMGE" Jronijiow: QassiQ ZamlsRi, ^adins (^uresRi, ^atasRa 

MD ITS TEA AMD COOKIES. V/E WOULD QutQsRh Sio6/ian ^hti, Cmily ^rager 

KE ro rHAMK rME EMriRE CouMciL FOR jTiidd h iSiozo : Cmily Sfco/;, Sonja cfSenzhrs, cMrs. Jcaeedie, 

HEIR HARD WORK, AS WELL AS SPECIALLY ji„^^ JJtodsen, JTtrs. ^oRsel, Calorie Jaylor 

HAMK Mrs. IwEEDiE, M^s. VVAKSEL, SocRJSoeo: Jfirs. Eraser dJtrs. dftceac/ien, ®liver ^U6, J\.lhn 




work this vear focused om two 
properties belomgimg to the swam 
Iake Christaias Hill Kjature Samc- 
tuarv. vve spemt mamv a sumdav 

WILL PROVE successful! WE ALSO 

OF Streamkeepimg. 

Yorii i3to!£): dKrs. %XuRUnsRi, JlsRa SanedyczaR, ^aiti Ward, 
hul Davison, tJiocfielle QRan, ^srry J^CHo 
%ac£j^O!iO: JtiRyung ^ang, Judy tXweon, Jee t3n QHung, 
ySatasRa (SuresRi, Mori J2qq CmsRsy, ^oon-JCa QRung, cUladins 
luresRi, dKiti Ju ^arR 

Peer Counselling 

ifront ^ozD: JOiz SuiBauli, QRris t3to, QRrU 

fins ScR!j:>QifzQr, cJKqI SoszooriR, ^atrina 

dJlaciniosR, Jasmina ^QtidricRs 

2nd c?o(i?: ^ony QRuang, ^ill £i, JosR 

Cvans, fMorgan, Qailin QRang, JuUq SRim, 

Clysia f^oporozasRi, Jlngio C^siaR, cfUcfXyL 


3rd c^om?: ^airina WRyh, SaraR cMegan 

fPorier, <^e6ecca cJKinaRer, Jlndrsijo Sh- 

pRans, ^ani ^ard, Jlhxa Sraval, £aura 

SaaBrooR, tXaciQ Ward, SamantRa ^Qn- 

niiigs, Jag ^Rarizoal 

SacR c^oci?: iJiaihy dKeical/Q, Cmily JSam 

iJCendra <fu66s, dKs. Conning, SaniQlla 

Al^ EXCiriMG KjEW PROGRAAl BEGAN/ rms VEAR IKJ -. -. - ., f^p, n. K r,f n ■ ^e 

^ r. c„. ,^„ c^. ^^, . o . ^o^, « » ^ . o.x ^ ^,r.^^ SjoliQ, Cmilu Shan, JSinoa s/ang, Cric &nef 
rwE Senjior School A.S A. GROUP KJE.A.RIKJG FiF^v -^ ' ^ ^' ^ >i » 

sruDEK/rs MADE ruE coAiAiirAiEKjr ro BEcoAiE PEER ^ocRqUq QRan, cJommy cfong, Sordon 


This diverse group of sruDEKjrs was lead bv t\\KS. RonjKjikjg who launjched the kjew program. 


HELP. Through weekly training sessions and weekend workshops, peer counsellors learned 


I^GCich For thG Top 

This year, the reach for the top teaai was 
stronger than ever. vve could answer 
varied questions at the drop of a hat and 
identify lots of faaious people (when in 


Canadian geography (guess Quebec or Mon- 

THE PROVINCIAL FINALS, COMING IN 4.TH IN THE ^"^ojjf c^ooJ: dlts. JlmirauU, cRndrQoo StdpRon 


BY ONLY ONE POINT. In THE TELEVISED FINALS, m r- 'ft r* T tt I C C\. t Oi^ll .. 

r^ ^ f^acK fjioij:): fJiauQQz Jaffarulah, wulan (saiiozn 

WE BEAT Gladstone by a fair margin, but ^1^ f,^ ^ ^ ^ i L. .n \^ fp r- ^ 
WERE TROUNCED SOUNDLY IN THE NEXT ROUND c^a///?0<i? WamQr, Qat c^eZ/Te, dKr. JacHscn 
BY 5t. Georges, the school that went on to win the tournaaient. (It should be noted that^ 


I COG. the ChikJrGn 

This vear ^he I=hee The Chiubrem group nAS 



Lleam, Bur OUR Mosr successful am» ^ront ^osd- . ^ani Ward, Jannifor i^ao, Seria ^ag, t^ertee 
MsPiRArioMAL WORK EVOLVED rHE Fail g^ j^^^ ^ ^-^^f^ Q^^g ^f^oisca ^iattco 

;ala. Over rnREE MOKjrns of plam- " ./, « «» i^ n >» e n /ae <? • v-^ 

,mG AND WORK (Ei^riRELV sruDEMr cgT/ddfe c^oa?: SamaniHa £&&, ^oo RqIIq eR an, Sayi ^m, 

juKj) cuLMiMArED iKj A SUPERB EVEKjiKjG, dKcRyld dKctSufyrQ, iJlngio^^^^g^^fCsiQR, 
/HicH iKjcLUDED SMUS MUSICAL rALEMr, ^atasRa QuresRi, <^adin& ^^^^^^^ 
lUEsr SPEAKERS FROM Ieaders Todav, QurssRl, Juli& SRim 
.AMciMG ro Dakjiel Iapp «t FRiEMDs, ^^^g ^^^. eRarlottQ 

. MLEMr AUCriOM, AK,D PLEMrv OF FUK,. ^^CoUSfofT^aihU 

o Kewa iKj ORDER ro WORK wirH rHE cmQtcalfQ, JQ& f3n 


(jExr YEAR WE AIM ro SEMD A rEAM OF SawyQr, dJtslSows- 
rwEMrv sruDEMrs amd rEACHERs FROM s^orfR, ShpRanie ^uv&- 
pMUS ro coMriMUE rnE PRo^Ecr. nage^JJ^n QooR 

r^mnGStv International AM^Esrv 





SMUS coMMUMirv. Im rnE fall, we were pai? 




V , Sacred. Mosr RECEMrLV, we pulled off rnE 


• - rnosE WHO cam mever speak our. This vear, 


Jronf ^oao: S&rta ^ag, QRris ^io, Cmily &eiff&r, JlngiQ ^E^rERs ro pur pressure om humam 
^si&R, J'qq i3n QRung, SamanfRa £&&, ^aniQlh Sjolt& Rienrs abusers. I simcerelv hope 
tMlddle fSSoso: ^Morgan iSfudwell, ^SfCaiasRa QurQsRi, that our passiom for Mor omlv aware- 
Cmily JSswis, Sara Jrau6&K ^ani 'Ward, eaiUin BRang ^jess, Bur also AcrioM, coMriMUEs ro 
^acR^o^. SaraR cMoselle, Scoff dJtyers, eRarloff& «^o^ ^^ '"^^ ^^JJ^^^^ ^IlflVr^I'^r 

~mm ~i 7y „ rs^ 1 mm I n' I fl >» • '"IC. VEAR, MV GRArirUDE GOES OUr ro ALL 

, ^ousfon, QalliQ Wafars, JSaU&y dK&fcalfo, ^nya^^ ^^^ AMMEsrv members, amd evervome . 
iStosQtiBQrg, %3^adim Qur&sRi ^^^ B\RriciPArED im amv of rnE AMMEsrv EVEMrs. Keep om 

'V/oRKiMG ro CTOrEcr humam RlGHrs woRLDwiDE'\ -Emilv PeIFFERj 



MATHLrTcj tove to share the enjoyment of doing mathemat- 
ics 'Aith iiRp-mindea inoivicluats. AAathematics can oe a spectator sport. Our 
SMUS /V*>ATHLETES are a ve,y similar group to our SMUS ATHLETES. 
Instead of competing in the gym or on trie field, we compete as individuals or a 
team in a room using minos, paper and pencils only. 

I nis year we nad two groups who fulfilled tneir rote as /VaAIH- 
Lt 1 tj in a tremendously successful fashion. Ine first group is our grade 9 AAatn 
Challengers who won the Regional Competition and advanced to tfie Provincials 
in Vancouver. The second group is our AAATH MANIACS. Tliis group 
has volunteered tneir tin^e ^'" -^'^'^ the joy of problem soMng to young minds 
tfirough U vies Mat'. ;-3m sponsored by flMS. Out students join 

professors and Orao stuoents lor an interactive night of doing matnematics. i nis ■ 
year, led by Nicole Edgar and Val Taylor, the MATH MANIACS put on i 
'.vonderfu! Math Mania night in Novemoer at our Junior Scnooi. 

c^acR roui: Wilson 'Wong, t^adine QurssSi, ^wang ^iiRayacRa- 
riyaRul, Jlnns t^enner, iJCsvin <B' Giordan 
Jroni row-. tStaiasRa QuresHi, ^al Baylor, Nicole £dgar, Qfiar- 
lofie Houston, <Margarf J2app, dlis ^Jiajotfe 

K&acR row: tMicSael Jp, iXrisfijan SjorgjeviR, tSraadon 
£iOonus, ^anry Sfiang, Jitson t^seng 
tfronf roa: tXafrina Song, Janino ^su, tXrisfen Song, 
^acfiel Jiim, SHaun <Xlio, (Ms sJiajofta 

SusinQss @lu6 

Its been a fabulous year for the SMUS Business Club. Our 
club has been up and running f'>' ti-"- '■■^■' '^- ""i ^^^•' "«>• 

we recused on preparing our ; 
equipment rental 

'nd this year. 

It-run outdoor 
,;o three major 

iraOon. Th 

company streng_ 


3 times and days, 
the enthusiasm and 
_onq live the Business 

cSflc^ roa: JSaBir T5sadlllf9ltBan Siswarf, ^un Jeoung Sfioi, Jee @Hung, QHrisiopRar SmifR, <^ic/io/as Qitarhfon, Sacfi 

^lumsr, Jagjiipal '^iRarmal 

JRird roazAuis^fieR^^^y tMarfitt, 6liza6e{R Weir, <Morgan ^udooall, iXyls Symons, tS'o *Wsi, QRuang, tSbny eRm 


tfirsf rou>: dtir. J2iggatf 


brings aboi 

eness about i 
tkird term of last yeai (2006) and has 

new and eager members from grades 9 through 12. Uur goal w, 
' to create a "sustainable bigb school at SMUS - an environmer 
» conscious and ecologically friendly school - with the help of Vic 
Sierra Club. In both the Senior and Middle School campuses, w 
set up blue bins in all the classrooms in order to encourage recy 
introduced composting food scraps in Brown Hall, and in the I. 
houses, changed all the lightbulbs to energy efficient fluorescent I 
and all showerheads to water conserving showerheads. t- 1 eam al 
ated the first 'Earth Week" to ever take place at SMUS: a week ful 
of activities to raise environmental awareness, including Dike to School 
*-f. Garbage Sorting, Chapel with guest speaker Guy Dauncey and 
sr cool events. The E-Team has made many incredible changes and 
gotten tremendous support this year! 

->u - 



Fnokjr row: A-Usrin Thiud, Morga-kj Pudwell, Chris Ho 


■, grade 10, and Heather 
nool. I ney spent two weeks 

kayaks, built in the traditional Inuit fashion, without using any metal fasteners or modern 

During Spring Break this year, four SiVlUi students lLI\>ttUl.l«ffl!!J8ra!-§f«!«i y, JoiiiJ-IWiyiBli and ^^^. grade 10, and Heather 
^ -kingham, grade ii) and two teachers (Mr. Buckingham and Mr. Floyd) took part in an experience ur^^^^Bool. They spent two weeks 

ding three kayaks from scratch. They were skin-on-frame kayaks, hullt in the traditional Inuit fashion, without using any metal fasteners or modern 

jcies. The frames were made of yellow cedar, held together with artificial sinew, and the skin was ballistic Nylon. These beautiful, sleek hunting crafts 

ghed in at only 35 pounds when completed. 
_ Our instructor and mentor throughout this project was Mark Reuten, of Nomad Boatbuilding. He patiently taught us how to sharpen, care for, 
and safely use our woodworking tools. Although we went through many Band-Aids, nobody lost any digits! Throughout the project Mark regaled us 
iwith tales of his adventures in the Arctic and gave us an appreciation ^^dB^|^ Inuit people who use kayaks similar to the on« 

With our newly made kayaks and paddles, we nervously 

Jaunched them and even more nervously sat in them. W 
dn t have worried, though, as they floated nia 
ed through the water as though born to it. 
More kayak-building sessions are planned for t 
I for next year. I he name of our club, jMUj 
ins "group of people from SMUS in the Ind 
juage. We hope to expand this club with stu< 
[f who are interested in learning boatbuilding skils. ' 
\Aaggie Tseng ^ 

.^'lEFr ro KiGHr: Somja. IBEW^iers, 



1^ ^ 

Sense and Sensi6Uity 

-- S^ef Smarf 

f^irsf «^o ffl>: (S/iris Qolqufioun, ^endra t^u66s, ClizaSeffi SuUBault, Jatinifsr t^ao, tXarmon 

<Moon, William Jsvne, ^ylan Sallow, iSenna <?uroell 

2nd c^oaj: <?aul Davison, Jlnnslias cBq^qs, Jasmine ^an, tMorgan i^udaell, £ori-£ee 

Cmsfiay, tfrancosca <3ianco, Sillian tJCarpar, JSinda S'i/, SaraR ^orhr 

^a cR t^o a>: JaRa dtlcQlosRay, JosR Cvans, tSiilay Sudgeon, QRarlotfa JKcSee, (Slivia 

'WHillicR, QourtHsy dKaHH, Jans Hammond, Jllex Saunders, ^ 

iXun ^ang JSea ^^ • 



(« ■ 




'-2 ^% ^^* 7^~ 

t « 1 ♦ 

JM f ii 



BiSmEaB "liiiW [fip% iyL° lb Iks SB W te 

1 gin? BBS? 
I (OTI7 FligJ37 





! G53^ sdW Heiibs pna 




! insdi 

Mafe SJiJ l&i Yaig> life paj, 8b ®5i7 fe (ifesB dk ' 

tab dk Ctanaa ^sA a IksS ESiia dkl sssiiiib I 
^ aiJ ISkdl {?o Esd^ (offl dk dW (ikafc TO3 Ikml 
dk kaisyyHlOiHtes) [Dkk dk Oa^ ^Ins W dk 

B ^ dk Iki @!?|[&fe J MW {nk^ {^ sail ( 




^laiMMix I 



! gSJSESiajB S3333? ii 







s been a wonderful year for the Winslow Wildcats. We had the biggest house in boarding, and most of the girls were new 
^^is year, so it was all fresh and new. We also had grade eights tor the first time in a while this year, a group that we were 
glad to have. At the beginning of the year, with a great conviction, we announced our goal to win the house cup. It seems 
liRe that we will not win the cup this year. Dut we shocked all the boarders, even ourselves, by showing our athletic skills that 
we ve been hiding for years! House spirit was at an all time high and we participated in a lot of fun activities like culture nights, 
tie dyeing and many tasty house dinners! Also, we welcomed our gorgeous Winslow boy. Jack! 

1 hank you, /V\r. and AArs. Tweedie, the AAcOueens, Anna, janine, Nicole, AAr. and /V\rs. Jackson, Jaime, Z.yoji, and Ian. 
Nicole, it was a great pleasure to have you this year at Winslow. We will miss you. I hank you to the prefects, grade 12s, and 
T 1 1 s for all the help, and special thanks to Cat AAetke, who worked hard for the house in various activities (And who has 
been the best roommate in the world as well). At last but not least, thank you, Darnacle boys. And we know that you guys 
appreciate to have us living right next to you. Cllood luck next year. Wildcats. Kemember, we are the best! 


Head of Winslow House 06-07 

Ahra \Jrto 


» sT »:». ^ 



*«s',^ y 

Our predecessors thouo,hL there was sonethino, special about this house. Theq were rio^it, and 
this qear we proved it barnacle House, we have led the bocrdino, connunitq in nanq areas 
and after all the wort is done we are sure to be seen on the field, at Hillside, at Starbucks 
because we know that there is nore to life than sittino, in our roon; I think this qear nore 
than nanq we have found the balance between work and plaq. 

The PITS are nore than capable to handle next qear and the rest of the house wffl continue 
to work too>ether keepino, Dom *I the best place in boarding Thank ipu Janie, Zipji, Ian, 
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson all of the Winslow Houseparents and last but not least thank ipu Win- 
slow, we appreciate ipu conpanq. Good Luck Zoqji, with Sqnons and the fanik^. Gjood luci and 
OjOOdbqe evenpne. 

Dave Stewart 









•#v ^^. 


Hr .jaa 










k -''"■•? 

w ^i 

'vt ^W. 







Another great year has gone by for the I immis girls, this time surviving a flood, enjoying the comfort of our new commol 
room and coping with the crazy weather the year offered us. joining the house this year were spuni^y Clare, Kelly witi 
the Jponge Dob invasion, sort spor?en I sumugi, Ashley and her swim seshes, sweet Drenda, supportive jara and there are na 
words to describe Allison. Although she s been a I immis girl for only 2 years, we will remember our growing rowing celebriW 
Kichelle. I he 33 I immis girls and I enjoyed watching AAafiena grow through the year, and many times we saw jandra ani 
jurrey tripping when getting out of their rooms because someone had decided the hallway was a good parl?ing spot. WhJ 
can forget the everlasting dance parties (mostly led by Kate) that helped create the essence of the house.' With the creatiol 
of I immis Next I op AAodel and many other original activities, we had a blast on our weekly Family I ime . CJnce agair 
I immis house f?ept up with house spirit by having a very 

successful year in house games. Our strong group of grade lis (which outnumbered the rest of the grades in the house) led ul 
to many victories. All the grads had a great time at the house outings with the rest of the girls, building uncountable memoriej 
of fun and laughter. 

We are grateful to welcome two more creatures into the midst of the I immis family for the upcoming year. 

Jest wishes and good luck 

to all of my sisters!! 

Ml Olivares 

Head of House 


1 he year was incredible with all these penguins - a time that will never be torgotten. Deing the house with the most boys, right from the beginning 
"Dolton became famous for being funny, causing trouble, messing with 1 immis girls and of course for being damn good loohiing. 
rirst floor was dominated by the clean freaks Andre and his always tired Denson, and late arrivers rrangois and Nathan T^. helped Andre j. and 
C_urtis create chaos. On second floor you could always find the gamers led by Kayeez and his fresh crew Kyan, Joseph and Allan while I im and 
Herman were usually hiding in their rooms, rurthermore you would find Nathan W. buying anything you could thinh of on eliay and trading Jordan: 
with I im Wu or the famous, classic gang of four, AAyung Hwan, Arthur, trie and Andrew \^ punching holes! 1 bird floor had (_ommon running 
show and his army of grade 8 s spending hours cleaning their room and doing pushups for late checR-ins. In the middle of that line of tirade 8 s you 
would find Jcott making fun of his roommate James for playing counterstrihe all day and I ommy and vDordon straight chillin. Inside our new common 
room you could always find Kobbie watching movies and eating candy right beside the couple of the year (oryan and AAJ). 

Ijesides taking part in all kinds of school sports, the boys showed great interest in intramurals such as Cjolf and Junday swimming, which became liter- 
ally Dolton intramurals - no one wanted to swim with us crazy penguins. 

Dut what would the house have been like without the amazing care, support and help Wendy gave everyone throughout the whole year. Let us not 
forget the sweet rHot Dog and poker nights and her ridiculously good Banana Dread! Also thanks to the triple C- s Common Connor and Culham 
for doing dec. Cjood luck next year l enguins. 

Live the Dolton Dream 
Conny Langenbach 

200(> - 2007 Syquiioiis House 

for Symons House. We ve arrived at tlie finishing line of this obstacle run loaded with new 

s. We 


friends, learned 

e ve made new rriends, learned somt 

ror some 



Its been one terrific year for bymons House. VVeve arrived at the Hnishing line ot this obstacle run loaded with new expi 

essons and tried new ideas.Sometimes we felt overwhelmed hut we were treated with Ms. lachson's Relaxation Sessions and a cup of hot chocolate. That mostly did the iob 
For some tough cases we brought in a Yoga Specialist who taught us a lesson for life.We also learned that if we ordered in too much Chinese food, the Harvey boys woulc 
hesitate to help us out. This year over half of our house constituted of new students and those buzzy grade Qns and lOns really kept our energy up. We like to blame th( 
in the laundry rooms on a ghost but we still haven't solved the mystery. We must although admit to the mess in our own rooms, having to appreciate the houseparenb 
desperate attempts to make us squeaky-clean our rooms on I uesday nights. 

At house games, what can I say, we just ROCK! The Superstars all gave their best, played fair and hard, striving to make our 5-year Championship into 6 years 
Our new Common room is where the party's at and the sound of foosbail follows us into our dreams. Although the juniors always stretch their curfew to the last minute, thi 
Grade 12s gave up on social life and hermit to their rooms before the Grad 9s. (Obviously not being the troublemakers this year) 
Symons girls are true Superstars and we have some concrete evidence. Some amazing musicians, mathematicians, actors, athletes and dancers shot their way up to the moon anc 
reached the stars. 

It's hard to believe how time flies and all these experiences have furnished us with great memories. We would like to thank Mrs. Murtland for her care, Ms. Jackson for hei 
wit and funny sarcasm and AAs. Lloyd for her wicked house games strategies 
Last but not least we are grateful for having had Marlese this year, your enthusiasm made our days sunnier, you organized great activities that gave us some time out of boarding 
We are das to say good-bye, but we wish you all the best in your next adventure. 
We are jrf sure what's ahead but next year Symons will have a strong grade 12 group that will bring forth the Symons legacy of friendship, trust and care to make next yeai 


Chloe Shea and Laura Zrenner 







urn 4^1 

Lifer Award: 
Outstanding Athlete: 
Outstanding Athletl: 
Outstanding Athlete: 

McAlpine Award: 

Milne Cup: 

Grade 4 Gaye Stone Cup: 

Bryce F^^^ 
-amantha Cplb 

Lawton Courtnall 
Michael Rossi 
Georgia Quinlin 
Alexander Si 
JelfWi DhilK 
Max Pollen 

Parent Auxiliary: 

Artistic Merit Award: 

M. AW Br idgeman Memorial Avard: 


Slegg Bowl: 

Alumni A^flSclationt 

Alumni Association: 

Kyrle C. Symons Merit Shield: 

Kyrle C. Symons Merit Shield: 

Jessie Cram 
Cimmaron Langlois 
Sydney Witoski i 

Vivan Lam ^^^ 
Sema Hamidi 
Isabella Gudg( 
Adam Chan_ — 
Jeremy Chati^ 
tmma Donald 



Twenty Club Cup: ^ 



Lornc P Hudson Memorial Plaque: 

Sophie Yeates 

Alumni Sheild: 

Gita Keshava 

Leadership and Sportsmar 

tship Award: Mary Lapp ^p 

Ian Jessiman Trophy: j 


Rebecca Griesser^ 
Kate Loomer^^l 

Dr. D. Allistair Baird Cup: 
Robert Murphy Cup: 
H.J.P Schaffter Cup: 
Merit Bowl: 
Parents' Auxiliary Plaque: 

Norman Toohe Cup: 
Parents' Auxiliary Trophy: 
Ian jessiman Cup: 
Lewis Family Award: 

Jonathan Kel 
Megan Parker 
Meredith Witoski 
Christina Chwyl 
Madison Hadfie' 
Alex Davies 
Keiler Totz | 
Christopher Fenje 
Alexandra Courtnall 
Colin Smith 

Roy R Hudson Memorial Award: Mary Lapp 

e/iis 1 

Grade 9 


/mg effor and attitude): 



Grade 10 


Corisid'mc Cup (Most improvca award): ELIZABETH FENJE 

Grade 11 ^ 

Lifer Award Plaque (Best all roiflPfcrard): KATHRYN WIZINSKY 


Parents Auxiliary Drama Awards: 


Grade 12 

Ker Cup (Best all round student in grade 1^)-^HIB 




(Citizenship Award for grade 12): 


Groos Salver Award (Community service award for grade 12): 


lyer Award (Community service in school for grade 12): 

Carol Lobb Award (Girl and Boy who excel in athletics, academics, 

nd school community): ^tK^KL. ^^^^ ' P^^ER jAWL 


Darlene McCue Award (Outstanding conuiuuiiuii Uj urmgini 
members and groups together): NADINE QUERESHI" 


Colin Skinner Award (Music Theatre award): 


Blencoe Cup ( 



Plaque (Art): 

Alumni Certificate (Highest average in 3 sciences;: 






Grodc 9 (Parents Auxiliary) 

Katrina Gong 'HHjjjMpMlma Abrioux Laura 
Leo Marchand ^^^^wmo^PKalsaltantiwongs 

Grade 10 (Parents Auxili 

Lauro Gilmore April Hall 

Matthew Warner Vickie Yang 

Grade 11 (Parents Auxiliary) 

Kathryn Wizinski ^^^n Ju Park Nicholas 
lee In Chung ^^^^Blsle Chen\ 

(Parents > 

Caitlin Chang Andrew Johnson 

Kevin O'Riordan Kwang Pithauachariyahul 

Ravin Song ^^H Valerie Taylor 

Grade 9 (Headmaster's Honour Roll) 

Kristijan Gjorgjevih Brandon Ewonus 1 

janine HMHMHL—J^^y Kweon 

Emily Bridger 
Emily Peif fen 
Natasha Queresfii 

Lisa Ev 

10 (Headmaster's Honour Roll) 

Olivia de Gocdc Kevin Ma Amrita 

Colin Sedgwick Linda Yu 

Amrita Pooni 

Terry Kho Jennifer Debroni 

Laura Miller Carolin Albers 

Joshua Evans 



•■ r^^:^'. 

\ . 

• . ■»-•.■ 


... ,»' 


'f ^ 'if '- 






il 1 

^\ .v 










^ £.f 

^: l# S. 

V^ 4* 

'»*• :> 

? «L«\ -^ M^i^-: »:^^, 

/^ki»llll :-*«■* 



Curad Dinner U 

192 Dinner 







iL M^r^ 



^ ^ 





^N "^^^^^^^^ 








yvV, \ 

1. I I % 






H^-- ' -' ^I'l^^K 



1 -.Slit lH(&mV:< 



i ^ ^i 

LFg is a grecit big canvsas, and you should trvpco cill the paint on it you can. 
— Dannv H^'V*^ 

My first day of classes at SMUS was one of the scariest yet most amusing days of my life. It tool? me a long time to realize SAAUS would becom 
a part of me one day . I would like to thank my mom and dad. I wouldn t be where I am or who I am if it weren t for you. Next, my brother and 
friends hack home who never stopped calling and helped me through my tough times. To my friends (you all know who you are) who made my life 
easier just by making me laugh and were a shoulder to cry on. I will miss boarding with amazing people and sharing those walks and nights up to 
Mt Tolmie, which will never be forgotten. All my gratitude to my teachers who taught me what is useful; Mr 1, thank you for listening to my lame 
excuses for not wearing a tie, and to Mr Young for making me laugh so hard every class. Today 1 leave SMUS behind, but with me I take all the 
experiences and memories that will go with me everywhere. 

Studying at SMUS is a memorable experience. Here, we share laughs and tears. What we have learnt is not just the knowledge in books, but we 
learn to get into the community, meeting different people and making friends. Having friends around always make you feel better, sharing happiness 
and sadness. I have just stayed in the school for a short year, yet it must be one of the most memorable experiences in my life. The trips we took, 
and living in boarding, have been so much fun (hmm hotpot. . .) :) Okay, and maybe now lets give a special thanks to my parents and teachers; 
things you have taught us are precious. Also a great thanks to friends in SMUS, times with you are invaluable, well especially for some comedians, 
thanks for your random-ness . Haha, keep in touch guys!! 


by so fast. I have enjoyed every moment of li\- 

Timmis and at SMUS. I would like to thank my parents I 

not have been fun. Friends in boarding, thanks for the duty visits - they made the duty fly by. The Girls Night Out dinners with my Anya, Christine and 
J Cat were a great stress relief. Drown Hall dinners at 5 p.m. every evening, where we were joined by Uvgeny and the rest of our friends, were something to 
look forward to everyday, especially bad ones. Thank you, Winnie, for being a great friend. I won t forget the late night dancing when you did not realize 1 
was in the room. Cat, thank you for a comic doodles you showed me in between classes, raith and Christine, I will not forget the late night phone calls. To 
everyone else, you have all helped find who I am. Thank you. Keep in touch. 

My time at SMUS passed extremely quickly, as it seemed that my first day at the senior school in Cllrade 9 was too close to the stresses 
of university applications in Grade 12. All the things that I have accomplished in and out of school, and in Japan would not go without 
^ thanks to my friends and family for all their support. I here were a lot of stresses, out nevertheless these were probably some of the best years 
of my life. Along with the long days studying, there were some great nights with friends that I will never forget. I can t wait to go on 
to university, and start the next chapter of my life with all of you in mind. Thanks for everything. Good luck to all the Grads of 2007, 
without a doubt the besfgrad year since 1973. I 

If 1 1 ► 'iir r rx*tv^-430ftrL'orL na 

four years is a long time for most but my time at SMUS has flown by. It seems only yesterday I first walked into the art room and saw a massive fro; it 
was the start of a beautiful friendship with Neeks. Pete, Jesse, Yianni, Dave, Al, Ajit, Jeff, Den and all my boys these last few years have been unforget- 
table, from Rugby tours to friday nights (and the Saturday mornings. . .) I have so many memories I II always cherish. The girls, you have been unbelievable 
and it s true what they say about not being able to live with or without you. Katie, I love you; you have saved me on many occasions, and the last few 
years wouldn t have been the same without you. Mum and Dad, 1 wouldn t be here without you. Thanks again. To my siblings, treasure everyday with 
your friends because you II never forget those close to you. Teachers, cheers. Without your help, I d be back here next year! Whatever the next stage in our 
lives brings us, let s never forget the times we had together at SMUS. 1 love you all! 


for tKe past nine years I've Iwen dreaming of wkat I would say in my grad write-up. yet come this time I m speechless. Of course. I fiave to thank the school for 
transforming me from a shy eight year old who was terrified of hoys to the semi respectable person I am today. To my family, thanhs for always pushing me, I realize 
now that it was all worth it. To James, you let me tinow that hcing smart is cool. Thanhs to the girls for our endless nights of f^oxanne. house boating and the 
Captain. Thanhs to my junior school crew, especially Stephen Dong and his neon green cast, for all the amusement it provided me with. I wish my fellow grads the 
L„^ -f I _L t- .11 ..L_: 1 1 r_ ...-'II ,„- „,^L „^l — ,„,:« , F:„,iL, i.« k'^fo tl^rX,^ ir^r making our vacations unreal, you re the reason that high 


To get into SMUS in 19914, my task was simple: to draw a dinosaur. Unfortunately, tke next 13 years of otligation weren t a task of similar difficulty. 
To my parents, 1 want to thank you a hundred thousand times. To the 16 other lifers, hats off to all of us, we all have our days, our jokes, and our memo- 
ries. To the rest of the graduating class, 1 wish you the Lest of luck in your endeavours. To the teachers who didn t make my life easier, and made me who 
1 am today, thank you very much. It s good to know that this is all 1 have to do to leave because I m definitely ready to get out! To all of my friends, 
keep in touch... All of you are so great, so powerful in your own unique ways, and 1 hope that we can all come back in a tew years, and unt'l that day, 
stay connected. "The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse. -Edward Koch All right guys, you heard the 
man, lets get out there, and make a huge bang! Ciao. 

The last Burnett. . .1 think! 13 years at SMUS has been unbelievable. From cracking a boys head open with an acorn , almost blinding a boy with a berry, 
to getting sent back to kindergarten for a day in Grade 5, my time at SMUS has been memorable. There are so many people who have made my time 
at SMUS indescribable. Thanks to the brothers; Lauchlin, Dave, and Chris for being someone 1 could look up to. Thanks to the parents: you ve always 
been there for me and supported me in everything I ve done. Thanks to the friends: for sharing laughter and tears with me (mostly the former). Thanks to the 
Dominican group: I will never forget that trip (especially New Years!). Thanks to the teachers: for putting up with me and teaching me how to believe in 
myself Good luck to the graduating class of 2007. VIVAT! 
Toco a Poco' - Lttle'by little 


lu ridiculous, its absurd how many times Ive worn this uniform, how many times 1 ve pulled up my socks, buttoned up my shirt. 13 years, it couldn t have 
gone by slower. This promenade began when 1 was 5 years old: 1 can t believe this has been my life up to now, so many traumatic, yet amazing times at this 
place. Those responsible for those times? Well. . .you know who you are. My friends. Really what would 1 have done without you; What s a wolf without 
1 a pack? What s life without music? A brain without a mind? What am I without you? Nothing. 1 count the incredible experiences we ve had but it fails, 
its math 1 can't even do. This is dedicated to all of you who made my high school years worth living, inigh school is just a mild milestone everyone eventually 
climbs, my life starts now and the memories well all memories die out, but not the ones of you. You re really only better off with half your life, and nobody 
really knows which street to take, but 1 II always be there to haunt your mind. 

A huge shout out to ail of you who have kelped me and care about me. It would take forever to make the endless list of names, but please 
know that you guys are really important to me. I cannot picture myself without any of you. Thank you very much, your names will always be 
remembered. All the best. 


Congratulations to tke Graduating Class of 2007! 

4 years of this roller coaster ride has given me the ups and downs that have shaped me into the person I am right now. out this is all coming to an end. I 
am leaving with all the memories of this place: from the alley to poker nights and from midnight deep chats to business club meetings that no one shows 
up to, 1 will be starting the next chapter of my life. The truth is, the same faces will never be at the same place doing the same thing at the same moment ' 
again. All I wish for now is that friends can still be friends for the coming years. It s been awesome hanging out with all my friends and thank you all: Daryl, 
Meyash, lay, Tomson, Max, Emily, Ravin, Kevin, Jesse, Ken, Vernus, Elton, Kyu. fien, lessica, Julie, and many more. And also, thank you for your 
patience in tolerating all my 'unnecessary jokes. I also want to thank all my Hanrey boys for making my last year so incredible. Thanks to all house parents 
^ and teachers. Last but not least, thanks to my mom and dad. 

^00/ 200im 20 OF 


First of all. hanks to my mom and dad for all their support and love. Sis. I know rvc_l)een a brat, tut thanks for alerting me to what s ahead^ Kevin, 
'■ ■" ed atout getting that shirt dirty, but it's always 'IK' (and 'pahr') for life; 'The udon has been boiled. - thanks for beirig there. jWar^. in 

!S we've argued, we've been fools. You're a brother to me and I'll always remember that long weekend. Remember, don t youtube it. Ken, 
'5678,' 'to the window.' '1 like the yellow,' 'clean wipes.' "the mind,' 'bass,' 'French (marc)' - these are the words that only we will understand, 
lake, 1 was kidding, you'll get a great job, thanks for putting up with my uncomfortable actions, and we II have an Ojibwa ritual, lason. you re a kind 
sir. thanks for elbowing me, Halloween night, and your corona jersey, lag. we're boys and it'll stay that way. thanks for all the advice and savirig me 
from that ditch. Po. get a stomach transplant. Ellis, segregation has been fun, and I'll remember to add the r in your name. Thanks to Nick. Henry, 
twins, Q, Hamilton, IKo, Luke. Elton, Diba, Angie, Lauryn, Scott (huge), Winnie, Surrey. Sam. Tony. ALo. Terra, Tori, Nic Dill, Trina, my teach- 
ers, and those that I've missed (you know who you are). Good luck to the grads and remember, 1 do all my own stunts. 


Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2007! 



As Martin Luther King. Ir. conveyed with such powerful, stirring emotion. 'Free at last! Free at last! God Almighty, we are free at last!'. I believe highly 
that it is time for all of us to spread our wings and soar, riding with our newfound freedoms and responsibilities, into the unknown of independence. With 
such exciting change being offered, I can only think that our personal scratches and blemishes from the thorns and prickles of childhood must smooth away, as 
k we learn that the true meaning of education is the development and practice of good citizenship, and we finally grow up. I thank each and every person who 
'has ever shared a kind word with me or let me spend time getting to know them; I think you're incredible. To my teachers, you have been my friends, guides.' 
and mentors, as well as tremendous inspiration, and to my parents. I love you. 

The time goes so fast. Four years have passed already. During these years, I have met so many true friends. Jesse, thanks your food in grade 9 and grade 10, 
Henry, stop asking me to massage you. Kevin, thanks for giving me advice when I was having difficulties. Ian and Eric, you guys are so funny when you 
fight each other, f o-wei, I love your car; thanks for taking me home everyday, lack, you are the funniest guy that I have ever met. Luke, you are my best 
friend because we are both fat. and stop calling me pig. Nancy, you will be my older sister for ever. Makiyo. thank you so much. When I have no idea 
'* how to do my homework, you always help me. To my lovely brother, lohnny. you are so cute. Alice, stop being so mean to your boyfriend; be nice to him. 
For my dear sister, firenda. don't worry too much, everything will be fine. I will always stand by your side. Good luck everyone. Hope I can see you guys 

At last, my five years at SMUS are coming to the end and will soon fade into gilded memories ('Always put a topic sentence! said Mr. Young). I want 
to thank my parents for the love and support. Many thanks to the teachers (as if they'll look at this); Mrs.Skinner (when are you coming to my house for 
dinner?). Mrs.Rajotte (math rocks), Mr.Gardiner ("knowledge is power!'), Mr. Young, Mr.Kerr. Mr.|ackson, Mr.Leggatt and many others. To my buddies: 
Jesse, we've been friends for a long time, I'll never forget those days when we were in grade 8; Kevin, I'll buy the first house you build; Kenny; midnight rice 
party roommate power! Henry, see you in university; Nick, I'll come back to visit; Kyu. when can we play soccer again? fo. let me drive your car next , 
, time; Luke, say hi to your sis; Winnie and Surry (spell check for your name), many memories since grade 8; Chloe. stay tuned with Beckham; Vince. Sandra, 
Ahrom, thanks for being friends; All: Friends forever! Good luck and farewell. 

It is hard to believe that this is my 4th year at SMUS, and this is my final year in high school. At the beginning of Gr. 12. I thought my friends and I still 
had lots of time, but time flies quickly. I am going to Graduate! I never dreamed that I would leave high school and go to university, but this is the reality. 
First, I want to thank my parents. To my friends: lesse, thanks for all the support. I will remember the fun we had. Kevin, thanks for inviting me to your 
house all the time. 1 will remember all the badminton time. Ian and Eric, thanks for the fun in your house and my room, especially the late night games. Ken, 
thanks for living with me for two years and tolerating all my bad habits. I will remember the 1.2,3. Luke, thanks for going to firown Hall with me and trusting 
r me. Thanks to Winnie. Surrey. Chloe, Vince, Nick and all my other friends. Wei-Wei, I love you all the time. Good luck in everything and do your best. 
To the grad class 2007. good luck and take care. 

End of high school life - all innocence lost (!!!) So here I am, trying to cram 5 years of SMUS into a thousand characters including spaces. Her,ry^ thanks 
for making your bed my 2nd home at SMUS. Nick, you are the greatest farting machine ever (it's a compliment, you know that.) Ken, we shall have 
another rice party and sing Lion King before going to bed one last time, lesse, I'll miss you and your jie pi. good luck to you and your family! Kevin, please 
don't tell Yi Magazine any of my embarrassing stuff when I become famous in the future. Surrey (hohoho, correct spelling!), be good, I II go visit you in 
\ UeC (maybe), lustin. WE ROCK! lack, it's all good- Chloe, children are annoying, don't get married too soon! Winnie, forgive me for not keeping the 
) promise. To those who are staying. I offer my best wishes and deepest sympathies. To all the others who 1 want to say thank you to but haven t got the 
' space to do so, THANK YOU! 

s. I never tkougk my iiigh school years would enj so fast. I d lihe to tkanl? my parents for supporting mc and bringing me here, 
against my will at first. I ve learned a couple of things, met some new people, ana learned about other cultures. After being in the school for so 
long, I think I finally understand what studying means. To my friends, you Snow where I m going and what I II be doing next year. To the grad 
class 07, good luck. 

;- f- ^ 

So, tks is the end. I'm leaving. GooJ-bye, SAAUS. GooJ-bye, Canada. Four years at SMUS leaves me with uncountable memories: late nigkt chats, 
musicals, and so many things that I will never forget. Moreover, those years at SMUS helped me to discover my passion for performing arts, fine arb, and 
filmmaking, which I will he doing for the rest of my life. Great thanks to all the teachers at school, for teaching me, and helping me to cope with hardships, 
and also guiding me to reach my goals. Thank you. Winslow house parents - the TweeJies, the McQueens, lanine, Anna, and Nicole. I II miss you lots. 
To Winslow Wildcats, meeting you all was the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life. I love you gids. Thanks, mom and dad, for always being 
there for me. Yura, you re the best sister in the world. To my dear bros, |ay Jung and Sang, you guys are the best! To all my friends, I hope our friendship ' 
last forever. Congratulations, grad 2007! I wish you the best. 

life r iftrt!n\sS:^hol 



It is hard to believe that this long journey is almost over. This journey was both exciting and painful and I accept this marathon as an opportunity to be 
mature. First of all, I really appreciate those people who were always there when I had difficult times. Dad, who is my life counsellor, I won t disappoint you. 
Mom! I always miss you and I will definitely keep up the promises. To my eldest sister, thanks for your advice. Special thanks to my second sister, Christina 
for taking care of me with such great food and sorry for making trouble. I will make it up to you later, fo my third sister, you are like my good friend. 
Cheers to your dream. Bumjin! I won t forget the meaningful time we spent together (with Accord). Without you, it would have been impossible to keep 
up with my grade 12 year. Thanks to loonwon (GC prince) and don t forget the fun time we had at UVic! Nicolle Kwon, Physics was so fun. Finally, 
Good luck to my exciting future. 

Whoa! I have wished for this day to come, and it is finally time for me to write this. But to whom? I don t know. What time is it? Umm . . . it says 
1:00am. Am I going to graduate? That is if any university will accept a chronic procrastinator. OK, enough with all my questions. I can t believe that I a 
actually graduating this year. The time at SMUS has gone past really fast. It feels like yesterday I was still in Middle school except NOT, what is this! 
Thanks to everyone who made my time at SMUS enjoyable. I would like to thank the following friends: Luke, Kyu, Winnie. T^iley. lason. Jack. |ag. Surrey, 
Angie and to the rest that I did not mention; great times: pool, ball, poker, party, golf, eating, dinner, driving. I would also like to thank my teachers. Tony 
for always competing with me so I never lost the incentive to work hard, Kevin, Dad, and especially Mom. To all those people wondering if To has ever 
dunked or ever will? Not yet. But I will. . .one day. 


I'm certain that my 3 years here at SMUS can never be beat. First, I want to thank my Mom, Dad and sister for being there for me the whole way 
through and making all of this possible. I love you guys. Yianni, Niko, you guys are my best buds! Those were some good Aberdeen talks Yianni; Niko your 
Drogba celebration is brilliant! Stay in touch, fete, those I AM drives to McDs and talking about how much of a god Henry is are unforgettable! fioz, 
the countless hours spent in Abrioux s room with you have pretty much made me who I am! Conny, 6 chicken mcnuggets is ail I need to say: I 11 see you 
at Octoberfest, buddy. |esse. Dave, Al, lake, |elf, all the boys, you know who you are, thanks for all the good times. Stay in touch. Gids, I love you: can t 
' live without you! Cheers to the best soccer team this school will ever seel We made this extra special, and I will never forget all the memories. Well done 
boys! Stay in touch! Peace guys. Take care of yourselves and good luck in the future! 

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 200?! 


I would like to thank our grade 10 rugby tour team for an experience that I will never forget. I would like to holler out to Sean, see you next year. Aaron, 
thanks for the help viith the Geo; let's pump the bass. I would like to make a correction, George: I do not drive a lawn mower; it is the Titanic Geo. To. 
my brothers, hope your time left at SMUS is enjoyable. Finally, to my classmates. RUCK on and have fun at university. 

^00/ 200Z 

007 2007 2007 

I m going to try to make this as ORIGINAL as possitle: [Twelve years ago I arrived at the steps of the junior school not knowing much atout who 

I was. what I was doing or where I was going. Now in my final year at this school I realize that not much has changed. It's hard to Leiievc that after 

twelve long, enjoyable years at SMUS I will he leaving this school and setting out on a new journey. From tag on the jungle gym to winning the provincial 

soccer championships, I can genuinely say that my memories at SMUS have been the best of my life. To my friends, thanh you, you guys are the best! 

When I look bach, I will be sure to remember all the fun times we had together. I wish all of the grads good luch in the future. Congratulations we did 


<lnsert favorite memory or Uan nere.> 

All I would like to say after three years at SMUS is that I have made amazing friends. I have innumerable memories of some of the best moments of my life. 
Lets not mention my affections for the colour brown and illegal possessions. On a similar note, I would like to thank the school for my many undescn/ed 
excused absences, which served me well. It has nonetheless allowed me to become a person I don't necessarily dislike after all. On a less serious level, such 
things as our affinity for youngins, poking sessions under the chemist^ table, or countless laughs shall never be forgotten. I must thank the teachers for being 
amazing: Mrs. K, Mr. Young, Mr. Gmeron, Mr. I, Mr. Keble, your presence make my last year unforgettable. All my friends (you know who you are), 
I cant thank you enough for all you ve given me. . .je vous fais de gros bisous! And to the grad class of 2007, I'm going to miss you, so keep in touch! 
Much love to you all, and best of luck in the future! 

As the end of my life at SMUS rapidly approaches, I realize it is too late for some things. It's too late to give Brown Hall another chance to serve 
identifiable food, too late to have an 80's dance, too late to play field hockey in the 6Cs. But I have accepted all of this. I am ready to move on, ready 
for more closet space, for one thing. Parting with my uniform after nine years will be weird, and unfortunately I don't think I will ever be able to wear plaid 
again. It has been too overdone. I would like to thank my Dad for his hours spend proof-reading and his endless to-do lists, and my Mum for her helpful 
k advice and exquisite lunches. Olivia, you ve unintentionally pushed me to work hard to compare with your impressive grades, keep up the classy work. 
I Thank you to my teachers for supplying me with more than just enough knowledge to get by with. Finally, my friends. You've helped me sun/ive the 
r worst, (out-trips in the rain) and experience the best (talking until 3am at slecpovers, fondue and movie nights, and more). As you depart for new, foreign 
places, remember that I will be here in Victoria, expecting stories. My advice? Don t eat anything I wouldn t eat. 

To my fnends: Thanks for eve^thing. Thanks for the laughter. Thanks for always being there for me. Thanks for not taking yourselves too seriously and 
for taking me just seriously enough. To my teammates: You made eady morning workouts and running suicides worth it. Thanks for making me laugh and 
having my back on and off the court/field. \ II miss you guys. Thanks to my teachers, my coaches, and anyone else who helped me out along the way. 'It's 
been such a long time/ I think I should be going, 
I And time doesn t wait for me, it keeps on rolling/ Sail on, on a distant highway/ I've got to keep on chasing a dream/ I've gotta be on my way/ Wish 
there was something I could say. -Boston 


It has been a pleasure growing up with you guys. The past seven years have been the best years of my life; we've gone through and almost overcome fads and 
phases from Yo Momma jokes to lil Jon quotes. We ve had our share of laughs and cries, fortunately more of the first than the latter. I came to SMUS 
in grade 6, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I was eleven years old and scared as hell. Years later, I've lost my braces and replaced them with years of 
' memories, jason, you ve turned into a man, but the gigantic empty bucket of protein still remains a phenomenon, jack, you II always be my evil twin, Wario. 
fo, I ve seen you go through pounds of bread. For the great life at SMUS, I of course thank my parents who always believed in me, and my sister for 
always being there when I needed her. So now we are set free to the wodd, but guys don t be afraid, lust look the woJd in the eyes and say (as my friend 
LL COOL ]AY once said) Momma said knock you out! Cheers Grads. 


Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 200?! 

Do I has a graduation? Yes, I docs! Upon leaving my chrysalis Q years ago, I never would have thought 1 would reach this day. But I has. It s been a long 
road, but relatively straight and smooth other than the occasional deer crossing, but that is to be expected. I found my way past these obstacles with the help 
of my chums, whose nicknames fade with age, but nevertheless shall be written in my memo^ along with the good and bad events of my life at SMUS. 
Shout-outs go to lohn Reid, who has been in 7 years worth of these memories that don t inspire fear in my heart, an admirable trait not shared by all members 
of the faculty. SMUS has treated me well over the years, and the list of good times has grown as fast as the tuition hikes. I therefore bid a fond farewell to 
the grad class of 2007 and i will rejoin you all at the 10-year reunion. It has been a great lurning experience. See you! 


A6CDEFGHIIKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. Rearrange tkem a tkousanJ ways, throw in some spaces, anij you can say anything: supposedly. I 
try now. First and foremost to Mom and Dad, who have always heen there and have made all of this possitle, thank you. To all teachers, thanfe you 
for your unrelenting attempts to plant a seed in the barren landscapes of my mind. To friends, it is impossible to sum up thirteen years of memories in a few 
words. You know who arc, but if you do not, if in thirty years you read this and still think this was addressed to you: it probably was. Know that I will 
never forget you or the Junior School monkey bars. To poker nights, to hockey, and to good music, all that is unmentionable, and all that is extraordinary 
will remain with me. Thank you. To all of the grads of 07, but most especially to you unnamed few, best of luck and, always, always, watch your back. 

iSi^A^rcKi'" v^i n*Ciy^^3*'^ o n V mousi 

Well here s to the END!!:) But it means the we all have to say goodbye:( To the school Goodbye and thanks for pushing me and for getting me to 
whichever university I do get into. To all of the 2007 1st 15 rugby team we ve done very well over the years and let s keep it up. To all the rugby guys on 
both of the tours we had way too much fun!!! RUGBY ROCKS!!!! To all my friends, guys and girls, good luck with the rest of your lives. Hope to see 
you all again. I II miss most of you;) HAHA Just kidding I II miss all of you! 

Since the beginning Andrew, Shane, and Dunk, have continually made fun of me whether it be about the way I talk, the way I dress, or how I spend my 
weekend. Some how through all the harassment, I love them. These boys have taught me how to laugh at myself, and more importantly how to chill out. To 
lane, my boarder friend for life, ' there is not a star in heaven that [you] can t reach . Kailey is probably the only person that really understands the majority 
I of who I am; I don't talk to her enough. Kev you have been the centre of my universe (you keep me sane, provide me with happiriess, and you have been 
the most unreal person of my life), I love you. For all of you that I didn t single out, you know who you are, you have made life here more than I could '. 
have imagined. As for family I LOOOOWWEEE YOU! To the Grads: its important to remember, remember what we were, what we did, who 
we met and what was said: to look back and know that we were the best that could be. See you around. ' 

My 7 years at SMUS have been filled with some of the best, most interesting, and most stressful times of my life. There is no end to the number of 
memories made by all the activities. The Austria Music Tour, volleyball trips. Middle and Sr. School musicals, all the math contests, and never ending 
^^\ calculus sessions, the lunch hours spent talking and laughing, frantic phone calls with homework trouble(bother Chem!) It feels like not that long ago I was in 
\ gr. 6, walking into the Middle School for the first time. Little did I know then what amazing things lay in store for me. Thanks so much to all my teachers, 
I especially Mr. Reid for putting up with me for 7 years and Ms. Rajottc, you re the best ever, thanks for everything! Val, you have been a great friend. I II 
J never forget the fun times in Math. To my family, thanks for helping me through thick and thin. |osh, work hard and you II make it, the end is closer than 
/ you think. Good luck to the Grad class of 07 in your many adventures! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Faculty, Friends and Family and the St. Michaels Graduating Class of 2007, I wish to say hello and thank you for 
~,„,^ bestowing your honorable presence upon me in the past t years. My time has left me with skills, confidence, memories and friendships. I find myself staring 

\ out into a sea of shining faces, the best and brightest. I see captains of industry and business as well as those who will have careers in medicine, law and 
\ public service. Also, four of you, and Im not free to say which four, will go on to do magnificent work in the photo indust^. No laughing, it s a statisti- 
I cal fact. We are about to embark on a journey into a world unfamiliar to all of us using the skills SMUS has provided. To my friends who have always been 
/ there for me, thanks for the memories, best of luck, always stay in touch. Thanks to my family for supporting me. I love you guys. Finally,good luck to the 
^^ 2007 grad class in your future endeavors wherever they might take you. W 

I've waited solely for this moment and now that it is upon me I am speechless. It's been a long 5 year ride at SMUS, filled with many great times and even 
more lasting memories. To all the teachers, amazing friends, and especially my parents who have guided me through this never-ending labyrintri, a sincere thanbs 
to all you. I doubt I would have ever found the way out without your continual support. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to take my last few 
I years of high school here and meet so many wonderful people. Thanks to my best friends Daniel, Kevin, Nick, and Aaron for all the good times and I hope 
we keep in touch. If you ever hear an explosion reverberating from the direction of the labs, it clearly indicates that Drennan is on his spare. An-I ^-"<''' 
glad to be with you [Grads of 2007], here at the end of all things. -LotR 

To the Vlf s: Tim Chan, you are an idiot, but a good friend: what else can I say, I II miss you. Gordon, You, me, we can make it beautiful! Liz, great 

chat about the one whose name must not be spoken. Lughs AhRom. Glad you are always here: I m going to miss you. Rochclle, next year, I II have to 

make a new schedule without you in it, which is a lot of spares. What more can I say? You are special to me. lustin, keep upgrading your room; I II pay 

a visit someday. Vincc, let s just see if I'm at your university. Gloria, remember the trust. Winnie, we went to the same middle school, bankrupted together, 

I now finally we are going to different universities. I'll miss you. My buddies, remember our Uther s Party, you know who you were. Boarding life at SMUS 

is absolutely transforming, and Im going to miss it. My gradel2 year is a mess and I love it so much. Chilling on the field, the middle school, the gym, my 

j/^ room, your room were intense and exciting. Finally, I m out or here. ■ 

^00/ 200/^007r 

first of all, tfiank you to SMUS for presenting me witfi more opportunities in tie tkree years I ve spent kere tkan I ever could kave im 
Moose, Em, Liv, & 60 - we find a way to dramatize eve^tliing, & it's been one hell of a ride; I love you all. Coop, Siiay, & Ayla - Never forget where 
we started. 1 Match - You've helped me through so much. Think of me whenever you hear Dane. Should we lose touch, 1 Uow that neither of us will 
V disappoint the other when we meet again. Keep dreaming BIG. The Captain - you've influenced almost all of my bad decisions throughout high school, & 
^ I wouldn't have it any other way. Kate - we've made high school quite the adventure. There will always be someone to provide comfort on those late night 
Ikl tossers, come along on endless scenic drives, approve of inappropriate behaviour, indulge in the occasional fistfight, & above all LUV' 

^ either of us to forget that. My family - we've been through literally everything together. Thanh you for the endless love & support. Lveryone I ve lovea aionc 
W the way - thanh you for being a part of the happiest moments and memories of my life so far. The Class of 'O? - I wouldn t be who I am without you. 
I hank you. 


1 sisters, vaood luc 

first and foremost, I would like to thank my mom and dad who have supported me with endless love and opportunities. I LOVE YOU!! 1 am so grateful 
to have been given such a chance to experience SMUS and boarding life. SMUS rewarded me with lifelong lessons, great teachers, and friends that will 
remain a big part of my life. My best grade 12 friends, I will never forget the past two years living with you. lung Ah-Rom, we will long for f ujiya even if we 
become millionaires! You and I must start getting used to eating less. . . liMin! I will miss our late night talks. . . Sandra, live a happy life as a lady ! Sharon, 
keep your nest growing on your head! It's so STYLISH! The rest of my friends, you know who you are. You guys were all such good sisters. Good luck to 
all of class 2007. VIVAT!!! 

Let's just say I've changed a lot in my time at SMUS. Whether it's because of SMUS, the people in SMUS, or the aliens, it doesn t matter; it happened 
while 1 was at this school. Michael, you have transformed the way 1 think about life. . . there will always be a rhythm beating in me because of you. I d 
like to thank Mrs. Rajotte for being the best teacher in the world, and Mr. Kerr and Mr. Leggatt for all the time and effort you put into the soccer team. 
i You gave me the best years of soccer I will ever have. My family, thank you for tolerating me, especially in my procrastination, anger, and rebellious phases. 
The three stooges (plus AD who have (affectionately) christened me 'mess', may you all crash in Christophe's Geo. Iggi, I love you. All my other ninja . 
minions whom I can't name for obvious reasons, continue the mission. Congrats grad class. Good luck wherever you go; don t do drugs, stay in school, 
don t drink and drive 

SMUS, it's like a new pair of underwear. At first it's constricting, but after a while it becomes a part of you. After being at this school for 8 years you 
start to feel a lot like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Once you find you feet and start running though, you start to meet some great people. Zach, 
Duncan, Shane, lohnson, Lucas, Ajit, fete, 6ozy, we have had some super awesome raging sweet times. If only there was a magical land that we could go 

)to that would let these times continue. . . single tear. Tori, you're the reason I succeeded at all at school. I've learned a lot, but the most important thing is 
that it doesn't matter where you arc; it s the people that you re with. 
"Did you ever see that 'Twilight Zone" where the guy signed a contract and they cut out his tongue and put it in a jar and it wouldn t die; it just grew and 
pulsated and gave birth to baby tongues? fretty cool, huh; Garth Algar 

13 years ago I entered the doors of SMUS unaware of what 1 would learn and become. Now as I look back over those years and all those awkward stages 
that came along, I understand how valuable of an aspect SMUS has been in my life. 1 have made so many friendships that will last a lifetime and to all of 

)you I cannot even begin to explain how thankful I am. To my family, you made this all possible. Mom and Dad, you pushed me all the way and were there 
for me when I wanted to push back. Sasha and Simon thank you for all the support and Sasha, yes, I will admit it, thank you for the. . . competition. My 
time at SMUS has been more crazy than the wildest roller coaster on earth and I would not have liked it any other way. To the grad class, keep in touch 
and hopefully I will one day see some of you published in 'f orbes 500," and you see me in "GO," but until that day best of luck in your endeavours. 
"Our candle burned out long before our legend ever will. I eat barbs for breakfast. VIVA I ! 

Oh how wonderful! How truly eloquent. . ..oh I couldn't perhaps just a peek, oh they are even more cherishable than 1 could have ever contemplated. 

You say 1 may touch, for me to touch such glorious creatures my heart may explode, or implode or skip a beat. . . .but the temptation is wrenchingly 

tantalizing. So soft they are, so universally perfect. I must stroke and grope this haven of heaven. I must bow my head. This is the symbol of all awesome- 

ness, all creation, all evolution, infinity forever. Oh I cannot. . ..I am not worthy of such privilege. . ..please. . ..I. . .must. . .oh. . .can't resist. . kiss 

to be born. . .to kiss is to die. Oh kneecaps glorious KNEECAPS oh my such oneness. . .oh bellowous, benevolent, banquet of beauty, you doom of 
ecstasy, you intoxicant of the radical. . .you are the shinning puddle of water. 

To my 30.year.old Andre, as you reminisce while reading this paragraph you should know three things, l) High school rocked and the people you surrounded 

yourself with were bloody awesome. 2) You were a pirate in love with a maiden named Rye. 3) Your mother is the reason you are where you are now, 

assuming your not currently wearing cut-off wool mitts and a cardboard refrigerator box. Wherever you are, know that these last couple of pre-adult years 

\ were the best. You used to listen to that infernal noise of the White Stripes, wear tight jeans and pointy shoes as you 'chilled in the quad' with all of your 

. 'bros, and hunnies.' You would, listen to Michael's cat eye jazz and lustin's relationship ballads. 'Derelict, (Sam and Dan), we came we saw and we look 

/ really, really ridiculously good-looking all at the same time." Scotty, here's to long boarding in Church parking lots and turning into real men. Conny, you re 

as dependable as a big golden retriever. Best of luck grads on livirig your dreams. 

his is the symbol of all awesome- 

oh . . . can t resist ... .to kiss 

quet of beauty, you doom of 

yourseir with were bloody awesome, il 
assuming your not currently wearing cut- 

I ve been told t^lat this gracJ write-up will matter to me in tnirty years. To keep tnis in perspective the same teacher preaching this, has admitted to forgetting 
entirely, his own grad dinner/dance. As far as I can tell, he turned out alright, and so 1 have to thank him for teaching me two things: that high school isn t 
as important as we might think, and to love language. 1 have Mr. Gauthier to thank for the opportunities to take part in the French Revolution, sail on a 
pirate ship, dance the salsa, and tccome a close friend to jesus. Music mentors: all different, all passionate - you ve added much depth. Fnends, family, you 
dragged me through these 5 years and that is worth some praise. Last, Andy - always holding steady, a light In my life. 

I've been at SAAUS since 1998 and I've seen many of my peers grow to tKe keigKt they arc today Tkanks to SAAUS, I can t .magine having a more 
privileged liigk school experience. Special thanks to the Outdoor Leadership program for some of my best days spent A:th the school, skmg mountaintops to 
white water kayaking with friends were first-rate. To the soccer and field hockey teams, we weren t always victorious bLiC I .e never had sc much fun on the 
field. To my parents, thanks for supporting me all the way, 1 don t know where you found the patience tmma thanks for being the ult.mate big s ster I o 
1 Andrew, you always made me laugh and smile. And of course, thanks to the mischievous group of characters I m protiC to call my friena:s. for the sweetest 
memories of high school wouldn t have amounted to much without you. This grade has been the best, a class apart I m proud to have been a part of \Jraa 
class 2007. 

1 will never forget the day in Middle School when AAcKyla and I lay in the middle of the field under the sun as we daydreamed of being sixteen, the perfect 
age, while our kilt tans grew darker. Soon enough, we will hang up our uniforms for good and I will no longer be found incredibly stressed in a corner of the 
library furiously studying or locked in AAs. Rajotte s room tackling derivatives. To all my friends who have asked where I disappear to for weeks on end at 
school, my secret s out. AAs Brooke: basketball is nothing without you; Provincial girls; Ria s infectious giggle is a permanent reminder of our unforgettable 
week in Kamloops. I apologize to my teachers for always asking too many questions. To my family. I m sorry for all the trouble I ve caused and to Vlcki 
you II always be my biggest competition and my only older sister. From an amazing trip to Japan, outdoor leadership with mischievous grade tens and the 
nights we laughed and danced our lives away, I have no regrets. 

They tell me these grad write-ups are kind of a big deal, like everything at SAAUS. I now find myself attempting to compose one of un.que eloquence and 

nour. . .but alas, originality fails me. So to avoid further corniness here s what I take from SAAUS: I no longer dread the words skip class, |ane Who*^ 
never gets old for others, if you wait too long and do not carry firearms people (i.e. me) will never return your money, and pretending that you understand 
k the teacher is a cruel, masochistic game of lying to yourself. I may not be able to create quotes of genius (proof .s before you), but 1 now jndersLand A A 

AAilne s words a little better. 'Pooh.' 'Yes Piglet? 'Nothing, said Piglet, taking Pooh s paw. I just wanted to be sure of you With luck, when I rer 
' this in the future, 1 will A) not induce vomiting due to my shameful narcissism, and d) understand Piglet s words again and more 
'AAay I never be complete. AAay I never be content. AAay 1 never be perfect. - Chuck Palahniuk 

Big thanks to all faculty and staff for their endless support and an even bigger thanks to the boarding community ana my parents for their encouragement 
for me, the multiculturalism had a huge impact. Spending the last two years with guys from around the world was an experience that I cannot desi nbe m 
words. AAaking close connections with the grades above and below was both an honour and a privilege All aspects of school such as sports, jom 
ing school musicals, signing out to go downtown, house outings, late nights staying up, all contribute to the fun m boarding Very rarely could I have 
experienced anything similar to this anywhere else in the world. To those in Barnacle, the house parents, and all the 50 brothers that I resided with the last 2 
years, thank you for your time. I only hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have. To those I was close to among day students and other boarding 
houses, best wishes and thank you. Once again, it was a great honour. 

Am I here already? Seems like time has gone so fast, and what has seemed initially like such a big feat has been accomplished' I would like to thank my 
three amazing big sisters for always being there, my mom and dad for all your support through the years and my grandma and futti who have always given 
110% for me, without you I would never have been able to accomplish any of my dreams. To my best German friend in the whole wide world. I will miss 
^ you unbearably , but I know no matter what distance you will always be there for me. Thanks for always holding my hand. Soul mates; I thmk so. Julie 
J DeGa I love you with all my heart, our scandalous nights will never be forgotten. Cass lady, what can I say we are practically sisters. Dixie, cheers to escap- 
ing in yo mama s big red van, brownies and star gazing. Peggy. I m so glad that we had this year together. Pieffy, you are the greatest Iriend I could nave 
ever asked for. To all the rest of my awesome friends (you know who you are), I want to thank you for all the late night chats, movie /corree nights, and 
yummy dinners. Congrats Grad class! Dance hard, love lots, and never have any regrets! 

I came to SMUS in grade II, intimidated by the size and talents of the school. In the past two years, I ve had some awesome times. I II never forget the 
procrastination, late night movies, rugby practices on rainy days, the pranks by Constantin while I slept, am lots more. I thank my parents for sending me here 
and always being on my side through the whole experience; my uncle and aunt in Vancouver; and my brother too. I hanks to all my teachers for their com- 
mitment to my success. To my friends, thanks for everything. Connie, it s been an awesome two years. I won t forget the 7:50s half of grade II, the pranks, 
our alarm clocks, that button that plays the ... you know. Thanks to Scott, my other roommate. Andre, you owe me for physics- Joseph and Kyan, to good 
times with great pizza, and Ryan thanks for the chocolate. To the Bolton guys and Wendy, you guys are awesome, jag and Jason, thanks for having me 
over those times. Jane, calc was fun. To the future of SAAUS, good luck. ^,_^ ^^^ 


200. 200^ 200 

I appeared as a little II year old in an oversized tiazer, not Lowing a soul, Ut after 6 years oF SMU I tfiink I am finally ready to peace this scene in tfie 
blazer that fits, though having said that I can't even hcgin to imagine my life without this school and eve^one who goes with it, our standard adventures will 
always te remembered: from the Big T sittings with the chip, countless car camp-outs, classy summer afternoons at the "yacht club , with the captain by our 
side, the cheerio incident and ocean 'sessions'. Of course to the Desolation Sound nights and to the crew: 'the deck mystery', forever unsolved, but we have 
our suspicions. And to you: always remember that Ohanna means family, family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten. Never forget. To my parents 
and to my brother, thank you. Thank you for my world and everything in it, I promise to make you proud. To the grad class of 2007: 1 love you all, and 
don't forget to leave your mark. Life is ours. Live it laughing. 

^^^sbII , „ ,,,.,„ 

My five years at SMU have been the best five years of my life. From outdoor adventure trips, to road trips, to memorable tours to the UK I will never 
forget these years of my life. To all of my friends, you know who you are and thank you. Yians and Necks, what needs to be said? Making sure each 
sports team we played on since grade 6 is a winning one: Priceless. I love you guys. 6oz, words can't describe the amount of times I've neady passed out 

guys, no class can teach. To my family; Liz, Dave, Mom and Dad, thanbs for being the peopi 

Irads; I wish all of you the best of luck in the future. Remember: 'The difference between ' 
doing would suffice to solve most of the wodd s problems -Cuandhi 

Ne do and what we are capable ( 

rISa£id Rieruetti 

; real, and it was run, but it wasn t real fun. 

Six years at this school have taught me a great deal and, though this may be nauscatingly clicked to say so, most of it cannot be Found amongst my scribble 
notes or essays. I have watched our class grow with each year until it has become the group of infuriatingly talented and ruggedly good-looking individuals tk 
fill these pages. First, of course, the gratitude that usually remains unspoken: thanks to my parents for giving me the opportunity, the freedom, and the support; 
quite literally, I could not have done anything without you. 

To my friends, though again it may usually go unsaid, I could not have asked for a better group of people with which to waste my time. To my fellow grads: 
I wish you happiness above all else, above money, fame, status or tangible success. You are a more talented and inspiring group of people than you may ever 
realize and I am better off for having known you. A bow to the grads, a nod to the teachers, cue the music. Good night, and good luck. 

This year marked the end to a new beginning. It was the best ending I could have ever imagined. It's not often that you meet characters like I did, so full of 
compassion and excitement. Thanks to everyone who crossed my path, if you walked beside me, I followed you, or even if you cut me off. You have made 
your mark on me. And if you made me cry there is no doubt I won't forget you. To all of my friends, we've made the memories that 1 will talk about for 
ages. Mom, thanks for being guaranteed support. You're great at what you do and you have made me beautiful. Dad, thank you, for whatever it is you do 
that always makes everything ok. Lo, though I had to do the last year without you, growing up would've never happened if you weren t there for the first 
seventeen years. Andre, our love will never get old. To all my friends, it's been just what we've needed, all the time. I love you. Let's Bounce. 


Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 200?! 

13 years I have been here for, never thought 1 would miss it more; 1 ve had some good times here at SMU: its been fun hanging out w,th all ol you; I never 
thought that this time would come; I've been waiting 13 years to become an alumni here at school called SMU. 1 II miss you all, more than you II know; 
\ Good times at Renees making grilled cheeses yo; Zach, lohnson, Lucas, Duncan and Ro, Rarksville will be epic can t wait to go. 1 o the lifers we ve been 
\ here for way too long. We have even memorized the S.M.U.S song. To the soccer team, now its time to put smu to the test: Can any new grads step 
- up to beat the best? Match Craig Gorman's freekick? Or that hard shot by Nic? We've had strength in the middle; the power up front; our defence was 
U solid and we had lessie K's Punt. We've been the best and have the trophies to prove it, now it's time for someone else to think they can do it. It s Ume 
y for us to finally get going. It will be hard because we don't know what's coming, but I'm, happy to leave because I m leaving knowing, that the epic Uuad 
'^ will keep tne gooa times flowing. „^___^___^ 


I arrived on the first day of grade nine, unsure of wiiat I was getting myself into. Uttle did I know that countless hours over the next few years would be 
spent studying in the library, running suicides in the gym, and slide tacRiing in the mud on the soccer field. I couldn t have imagined the benefits of th 
long, and sometimes tedious hours, but somehow it all came together in the end. from placing third at basketball provincials (and the movie ), to going to 
Hawaii with the soccer team, 5 am sunrise surfs in Tofino, and backountry skiing in the May sunshine, it s been an amazing four years! To my parents and 
brother; thank you for pushing me to t^ my hardest and go after my dreams. Galium, you ve always been there for me with a big hug when I needed it. I 
love you. To all of the grads, I wish you the best of luck in the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. 

Wow, I can't honestly believe that my time at SMU is finally over. Without a doubt I m going to miss this place. It s been a surreal ride and I have had 
the most outrageous times with all of my buddays . We ve had so many unforgettable memories at parties and on the field that will never be lost in my mind. 
This was our year, boys, and I know we made the best of it. Ill never forget all of our sporting accomplishments and how hard we had to work for them. 
All of those 330 s and pouring rain practices were worth eve^ minute. To the giJs. lets just say you re a crazy bunch, but I loved eve^ second of high 
school with all of you. To the family, thanks for all of your support throughout my high school career, because let s face it without you I wouldn t be where 
I am today. Next step is University and I m hoping that it shows me as good a time as SMU did. Thanks again to my homies and family, and Congrats to 
the grad class of 07. Stay in touch with yourselves, feace. 

I started my journGy at SAAUS in grade one. My kigWight in the junior scliool was playing hide n go seek at Duncan s house. I was kind of afraid of 
getting stolen if I hid in a garbage can. Middle school was a tough transition. My high school years: I discovered my true self as a musician: writing sad love 
songs about girls, composing pieces about betrayal and then singing out my ecstasy. . . stealing kisses from your midnight lips , Lighthouse, fhuket. . . I hank 
you Hamilton for demanding I be honest about what I want, my freckles are gone. Andre: Hey buddy, josh: DaijouDu.' Alex: 1 m straps. Aaron: I hanks 
for the math help plus other things. Ill get you some super lemons! Thanks to my band, lake: Keep playing those cool bass parts. Ian: 1\ock beat. Michael: 
' Blues. The Ko legacy goes on. Mom and Dad, thanks for the junior, middle, and senior opportunities, especially my months spent as a pirate lad, Frederic 
• of duty. A bevy of beautiful maidens! 

Five years in SMUS passed so quickly. I gained priceless memories and met amazing people whom 1 will never forget. I just want to thank my 
family and all my friends for supporting me. I love you all. 

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. 
/ -Walt Disney 

As hard as it is to believe, my high school days have come to an end. My three years at SMUS have definitely prepared me for the coming years in life. 
Mom and Dad, thank you for being so supportive and for always believing in me. I would not be who I am today without everything you guys have taught 
me. I love you guys and I hope I made you proud. To my teachers, thanks for everything I have learned. To the Starbucks crew, we ve had some amazing 

) times. To my girls, I don t even know where to begin. I II never forget our trips to Mt. Tolmie, the rujiya runs, the Croc, ana countless times of I never . 
The 3U798023545 times spent on the party bus with the legendary Anthony will always have a special place in my heart. You girls have always been able 
to make me laugh. Our nights of tears, drama, and laughter will never be forgotten. GG s for life. To the grad class of 2007. best of luck and take care. 
Le Tig re Out. 

Goming to SMU has been a life changing experience for me and I cannot believe that my two years have finally come to an end. A lot has happened and I 
have met many amazing people. 1 want to thank my parents and my bros for all the help and support. To all my boys, the time with you was unreal: I loved 
Partying Wild, playing sports and having the best laughs with you guys - memories, which I II never forget! And thanks for having me over so many times. 
i Ladies, thank you all for making my two years so crazy and so much fun! To all my Dolton Buddies: we were definitely the funniest and best-looking boarding 
I house! Scott, Andre and Ben - living with you guys in Boarding was incredible: Awesome times just hanging out, the video and poker nights, and all the 
' great meals together in Brown fHall! Germans - Looking fonvard to seeing you back in Germany! My Rayeez - you re the best roommate ever. Sorry for all 
the pranks and for running around naked all the time haha! Best luck to all the grads this year. 

For me, junior school was all about recess, pizza-day, the computer lab, and episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy. In the middle school, I acted in Oliver, 
enjoyed some great classes, went to japan, tried the oboe, and was introduced to u-15 soccer and nightleague basketball. When my days in the senior school 
arrived 1 took part in Outdoor Leadership, I.C.S., councils, went to Australia, Austria, and Hawaii, became a prefect, had amazing teachers, enjoyed spares, 
sports. Strings, and lunches in the music building. To the grad class, I hope you all end-up doing what you love and what you are most passionate about. 
You really are the most amazing group of people. Lastly, I would like to give a special thank-you to my mum for encouraging me to come to St. Michaels 
in grade four, oh so many years ago. 'You shall above all things be glad and young/ For if you re young, whatever life you wear/ it will become you; and if 
you are glad/ whatever s living will yourself become. (£.£. Cummings) 



Wow! Can't tclieve tkt 4 years of SMUS is coming to an end so quick. SMUS is a Jiffercnt experience and one that 1 will remember forever. Tkere 
is too muck to say Lut I only have so many words. I would like to tkank all tkc teacKers wko gave me guidance for tkc last 4 years. Especially my kouse 
parents, Geddes, lamie, Ian, Zyogi and tke lacksons. LukeL: man, best mate in SMUS. Good luck in tke future. |okr S, Henry H: take care guys! KenY 
EltonC VernusC: Cantonese Buddy forever. KyuL TristenC Po: Skut Up Wilson!! Lex: Best friends forever la!!!! VaressaL: man it's great to know you 
in tkis sckool keep in touck! lane: lane Wko?? Or is it lane Hu?? CatCat: take care!! Find me in Hong Kong!! To all tkose people tkat I kaven't 
mentioned: you know wko you are and 1 love you all. We will reunite someday in our lives. Lastly, To my mum and dad: I love you botk and tkanks for 
giving me tke ckancc to come to tkis sckool. Congratulations to tke Grad of 2007. 

As I settle myself in tke sofa, I take my note and pen and begin to madly scribble down 4.5 years wortk of accumulated recollections akout my time in 
SMUS. I look back, only to find myself kaving spent years overflowing witk priceless memories. Before 1 step out tke door to Graduation, 1 would like to 
sincerely tkank my parents and my sister Hae Kyo for always providing me witk wonderful support and everlasting kappiness. Also, I can never forget my eack 
and every friend from all across tke globe, wko kelped me endure tke gruesome 4.5 years in sckool and actually made it blossom into wonderful memories in 
SMUS. finally, to all my tcackers including Mr. Taylor, Ms. Frascr, Mrs. Murtland, and Tkumm Sensei, wko made tkis moment possible. Tkank you, and 
wisk all GRAD 2007 witk kest possible wiskes! 

5 years kave passed and made me grow up as a strong and independent person. 1 would like to tkank my parents for making me study in tkis great sckool. 

I am really glad tkat I can end my kigk sckool years witk great memories.To all my teackers: Tkank you so muck for kelping me to adapt well in tkis sckool. . 

To all my friends: So-Hyun,you will be tke one wko I cannot forget in my life. Tkc time tkat I spent witk you will be tke kappiest and tke most unforgct- 
\ table.Ak-rom, I was really kappy to kave a person like you as a friend. Tkank you so muck for 4 years. Gonzie, you migkt be tke most positive and funniest 
' 1 person 1 kave never known. It was really good to see you and kave you as a friend and a sister. Let's keep in touck!! Sandra, I am glad tkat we became 

closer before graduating. Good luck witk everytking. jung-moon, my younger sister, tkank you so muck for kelping and caring for me tkose two years. 1 will 

never forget tkose years 1 kave spent witk you. Luv Ya. 

People try to find patterns in tkeir lives because tkey want to predict outcomes. As a proof, we made matkematics, wkick is based on regular patterns. 1 love 
matkematics because tkey never lie. However, I kave come to love sciences more. Sciences are about nature, wkick is full of unexpected tkings, so tkat we 
cannot dare to find regularity in it. Wkat I am really trying to say is, do not limit yourself by calculating your situation. A pattern can sometimes prepare 
' you for certain results; kowever, it sometimes limits your ckanccs. For instance, you know your grade is low and tkink you would not be able to make into 
Ivy League, so wkat you do is you just give up. Tkis is no good. Life is fun because unexpected tkings kappen. Believe in and get used to irregularity. It will 
come often and sometimes put you from tke nadir to tkc apex of your life. 

In my three years at SMUS, lots of tkings happened, kut I was able to get tkrougk tkcm. I couldn't do it witkout, most importantly, my family. My 
parents are always tkere. I couldn't kave made it tkis far witkout tkem. Tkank you, you are tke best. Also, 1 would like to tkank my sis wko was always 
tkere to support me wken I needed it, I believe I have learned a lot in SMUS especially in tke boarding community. Tkree years at SMUS makes me a more 
independent person. To my friends: Henry, tkanks for always being tkere for me and kelping me wken I needed it (calc!!). PoPo, tkanks for always driving us 
everywkere, especially to McDonalds; don't worry, I'll drive you next time! lesse. Ken, Kevin, jack, Ian, Eric, Nick, Margaret, Liz Eng, Alice, otker friends 
' tkat I missed out, tkanks for all of your support, care and love. To my special person: Tkanks for always being witk me. Peally appreciated. I will never forget 
you all and keep in touck, will miss you all. Grad of 2007, best of luck and take care! 

Hard to believe my 5 years of kigk sckool life kas finally come to an end, and belong to a group call GPAD 07! Looking back at wkat I ve been tkrougk 
and gained, memories are what I'll bring with me in my life. Many thanks to my parents for all tke unlimited support and opportunities. 1 kope I made you 
proud. Ak De & Elepkant, too bad we couldn't take our grad picture togetker, but do remember our promise in 2008.5.20. Sheri, I wouldn't sun/ive in 
Stanley Park witkout you. Cat-Ak Biu, tkanks for all tke laughter and tears, things wouldn't be the same without you at SMUS. Dear Harvey Symons, 
I too bad no more time for you, thank you for all tke ckanges you made for me, and I do believe notking is too late. I will always be your first-reader and tke 
' only audience. Wei2, kaven't called you by this name for so long. Sorry for always being a fisk-killer, but I will never forget tke "gkost family", Cking2, Ak 
dum & Ak dut. Hope to see you at you-know-wkere in 2008. Good luck to you all GPAD 07! 

lesse: gege, love and tkanks, reply me on msn! Winnie: the most-love-hate-best-friend, 2 totally different girls make up a unique couple. V.nce: no chips tor 
you, don't tkrow up next time Ckloe: kow long will our friendship last? Forever if 1 can find you. Karen: you're always part of grIO gangster, jon: I LOVE 
baba. KenTo: no more Dior but Gucci bags ROCK. Sandra: roommate let's go on a diet TOMORROW. Makiyo: pkysic Ckinese class. Gloria: 
you can kandle men now. Rockelle, Vannie, Lz: keep up tke BAPO spirit. Elton: you're not my cup of tea so no need to stay away from me. Henry: 
honghong, my man. TimTim, Bryan: tkanks for being my sweetie part-time-boy-friends ditcking me alone kut I still love you 2. Tommy: my ckem. and econ 
/ saviour. Vemus: We're friends. Kyu: wink! Ravin: I want ice cream. Po-Wei: you pig stop eating! Food isn't tke only tking in life. ByuRi: I'm cute, cool kut 
naugkty KenYim: I kave no more tears unlike tke past years. Kevin: No YiuYiu No LinLnXYiuYiu LnLin 


1 still mnenixt tlw day vAxn I gave my dad a long hug and said goodbye in front of Winslow. Tfie fiist 2 months at SAAUS were the toughest time ever, 
and it was lull of tears. Yet. at SMUS. I have gained so much. Many thanhs to the houseparents for their care in the last two years; Mrs Shinner for her 
help and comfort in Grade II. I had a great time with AAath 12. Mr Kerr, for pushing me into the Physics C course. I found it tough, yet I never regret 
taking it since physics is F uN; AAr fisher for teing a great homeroom teachen Mr Gardiner tor his help in Af Bio; Mr Leggatt, AAs Rajotte. AAs 
Ding, Mr Taylor for their guidance. AAargaret Yau, thanhs for tolerating my complaints and whines when I got stressed. Also, thanks for spending endless 
nights vuith me laughing at stupid gags and going crazy ahout Wu Zun and liro. Our midnight madness must have given people a lot of Irouhle. hut it does 
help me to relax. I am going to miss the time we had so much. All the best to the Grads of 20071 

All the good times here at SMUS are never going to be forgotten. Between the doing homewodi at 4 am to the Titanic sinking, all the Fugiya njns during 
the spares and lunch, the facebook drama, the musical, and good ol boarding. This is to everyone who believed that 1 could go the distance and had feith in 
me not being a basket weaver when 1 grow up. Mom. Dad. |osh, Alex and Zach thanks for always being there, jenn (the other one), you made the final 
year that more enjoyable, puddle jumping, the scary movies from which I ve been scarred for life, the quote book, downtown ludis and Kate for the all dancing 
to Starbucks. Mr. Gauthier. the teacher who I actually could talk to. All my friends' thanks for an amazing year it could not have been the same without 
you and all the memories we shared. Good Luck to J the Grads of 007. 

"The end? No. the beginning!' To sum up my 2 unforgettable years at SMUS in one short paragraph would be impossible. The ride wouldn t have been the 

same without a few distinct individuals. To Kimmie. Deeds, Ty, Bish. you are my sisters. To Mr. and Mrs.A. I love you! To eve^ Yukoner. thank you for 

the strength and support. To all who inspired me. believed in me, cried with me, ran with me, sang with me, danced with me, kicked it with me, loved with 

I me ... you have all left footprinU on my heart, and you are amazing. Finally, SMUS would never have happened if it weren t for my family Mom, if it 

I weren t for you, my life wouldn t be shining. Thank you for pushing me to the moon, and thank you for the independence. You re a beauty - never change. 

' Dad, thank you for showing me how to tnjiy appreciate jimmy Hendrix, and how to question the universe. Stephi, thanks for letting me win just because you 

know I have to. I love you! 

Coming to SMUS four years ago was a big change from what I was used to. Coming from a farming community into a boarding community was a shock. 
The people were different, the culture was different, and the food was especially different. It took awhile, but I got the hang of it Not only has SMUS 
given me a great education, but I have also met many new people and tried many new things. Thanks to my parents for giving me the opportunity to come 
here, and for always believing that I could do it. Karolina. you kept me grounded through the many twists and turns of grade 12. To all my friends, thanks 
guys. From njgby to boarding, you guys made my years here a great time. I have to say a special thanks to my teachers for putting up with me, and always 
' pushing me to do my best. Last but not least to the jacksons, who for four years, dealt with the trouble 1 caused. Thank you. So to the grad class of 2007, 
it took awhile, but we finally did it. Good luck with everything guys, and keep in touch. 

The past five years at SMU have been unforgettable. I am grateful for having the opportunity to play Soccer, Basketball and Rugby for the school and the 
memories of the triumphs and trophies will always be remembered. 1 vwjuk) like to thank all the coaches who have helped me along the way. your on and off 
the field guidance has been invaluable to me. Also thanks to all the teachers who have been more than willing to help me along the way Boys thanks for all 
the parties, wodiouts, Fifa games and love sessions we went through. 1 can t forget the road-trips eitfwr. Gids you ve all been amazing thanks for everytfiing. 
' Fran you've aUays been there for me and have enabled me to become a more complete person thanks a lot. Yianni and Ria you guys are the best. I don t 
know what Id do without you. Mom and Dad thanks for akvays being there at my sports games, cooking me breakfast eve7 morning, dinner eve^ night 
and making sure everything is just right. Good luck to all of you, cya soon! 

Tl\irteen years at SMUS and I am finally ready to leave the 'bubble" and discover how remarkable the world can be. To the gids: thanks for listening to my 
stories even if only I thought they were funny, for deciphering my mumbling and for making me laugh when I needed to the most. Kate: countless trips to the 
V 'Big T," my underestimated listening skills and the infamous quote, "1 think you're scared." Steph: "Wake up! Our tent is going to collapse! Don t worry, 
1 we II deal with it in the morning." -when you re not in my life, my wodd isn t the same. Mckyla: a part of my life since the beginning; 1 love you. 1 o the 
' guys: with two brothers by my side, you still found a way to show me some of the best times and to protect me from the worst. Yianni and Niko: I would 
be lost without you. To my parents: you taught me what I needed to know and let me make my own mistakes; I thank you for who 1 am I love you 
both. To the Grads. follow your hearts and show the wodd wfiat it has been missing. _w 

1 started out at SMUS in grade 8 and from then on things have been great. First, to my family, thanks for being there every step of the way Without your 
support, none of this would have been possible. To all the boys, you know who you are. thanks for everything we ve been through these past few years. The 

(Soccer. Basketball, and Rugby trips were awesome and I will have those memories for the rest of my life. To the girls, thanks for being there, you are aUays 
fun. To my coaches and teachers, thanks for helping me out along the way. Your guidance has made my time here much more enjoyable. Finally, congratula- 
tions grad class of 2007 and best of luck in the future. ' ^^ 



In graJe eigk. I nervously tugged on my pigtails and tkc kot breath from my lips constantly Fogged up my ckerry red glasses. The sweat began to gloss over 
my back and my bands pulled at the bottom of my new bilt as if I was twitcbing. I remember tbinbing bov 

to evolve. Suddenly I could write essays and talk in front of a class. I bnew bow many ligbt years it is to tbe sun, wben tbe first known piece of art was 
created, and tbe rbytbm for a dotted sixteenth note. Most importantly 1 was taugbt bow to believe in myself. Witb I 
I ambition, acceptance and confidence. It's as if I bave tbe power to do anything. So do you! Grads of 2007, lust fielieve.' I will never forget the people 
who guided me down the right paths. Thank you teachers, my family and friends, and last but certainty not least, my lordan. Without you I would not be 
the person I have become today. I graduate standing tall, confident, proud, grateful and optimistic. I am smiling. 

At times in life you find yourself in a situation where the inevitable has happened. The thing that was so far away is here, and when it comes it hits you like 
a brick. This is one of those times. So let's have some fun witb it! Back in tbe day, 1994, I came to this school knowing little more than one plus one, two 
plus two and just barely how to tie my shoe. But now I'm old and now I know, just what friends can do in Tofino. Thanks to the Yeti, Johnson, Gorman 
and Lucas, so sweaty. To Mom and Dad, you guys weren't bad, so I want to thank you like mad. So where from here, my friends so dear? On to a 
much bigger, faster, better thing; a thing so great, a thing so crazy that you'll wish you weren't so lazy. From days where we d play catch witb a koosb to 
days where all we say is 'Shane's a. . .' Never mind. But this thing, so great and vast, will make a million memories last and one day I hope will bring friends 
together to once more sing: Vivat! That was fun, good luck everyone. Tcace. 

Wow, what a journey! There is a limitless list of people to thank for my successes and experiences here, because I met so many amazing people. To all my 

friends and fellow lifers, I can't imagine how I would have survived these years without you. Girls, thanks for making me smile wben I needed it the most. 
\ Late-night swims, soccer road trips, stolen cats and snowy campouts ■ I wish I could re-live every laugh. Boys, thanks for showing me tbe humour in eve^ 
J situation ■ I miss you already. To tbe rents, thanks for supporting me through every decision, whether you agreed or not. I know it was tough to sit by and 
7 watch, but you did an amazing job. And of course, Huf, thanks for teaching me there's more to life than an A . I'll miss you and our Uam chats. Looking 

back on my years at SMUS, I would have to say that it wasn't always a walk in the park, but given the chance, I would do it all again. Advice to next 

year's grads ■ enjoy evc^ day. When you feel what we feel now, you II know why. 

I've officially closed my last high school textbook, attended my last meeting, consumed my last bite of Brown Hall cookie, had my final bow on tbe Mcf her- 
son stage and spent my final spare being useless in tbe library. The past four years bave been busy and unreal. I've come out where I predicted: content, 

\ excited, a little bit sad. For tbe Rogers gals who have been around since the days of Spice Gid role-play, and for those I have met since Grade 9, thanks for 
) the lessons, wisdom, and especially tbe laughs. I've enjoyed 'chill' nights, "crazy' nights, themed dinners and our ownership of tbe music building. For all tbe 

] gids- you know bow to make me smile, you've made SMUS home, thanks for being so amazing! My teachers, I appreciate all that you bave done for me. 
Dad, Cam and Beth, you are extraordina^! Mom, no word count could ever be adequate to express my love for you. Grads, I'm proud of us! flease make 

your upcoming years absolutely exceptional! 

It's been a crazy three years at SMUS, full of walks to nowhere, adventures everywhere, loser dancing, and of course. Dr. Pepper. There were also many 
awesome people I've got to remember. Abra, you're the best roomie ever. And next year, fight for the bed by the window. Asha, I feel a little safer knowing 
that you'll always appear wben I least expect you - and need you the most! Chuckles, it's all right, and it's all good. To my crazy crew from Winslow (you 
know who you are): you guys made this year the best. Mrs. Tweedie, thank you for everything. You truly are wonderful. Mr j, I'm going to have to find 
someone new to tease, and I'll always cheer for the SMUS RFTT team, knowing that you're behind them. You (and geology) rock my socks right off. 
Peace out, eve^body. 

I came to SMUS for my grade 12 year so I would bave a new experience and gain useful knowledge in order to pull mad scrilla in the future. Sick props to 
all my friends, and especially my infinitely patient room-mate Joseph, who has probably developed a very low opinion of people from Courtenay. St Michaels 
has helped me to decide what to do in my future, but also provided the means to get there. While it in no way comprises my entire high school education, 
it has been a suitable climax. My three years up-island at Vanier definitely set the stage for the transformation wrought upon me here. I d like to apologize to 
all my teachers for every late assignment, and thank them, especially those at SMUS and in the Explore program at Vanier, for arming me witb tbe tools to 
seize my future. While this is tbe end of my life as I know it, I think tbe best part is about to start. 


Four Years of chilling witb the girls, four years of wild partying, four years of late night visits to McDonalds. These were the best four years of my life. I w,ll 
always remember the times and memories I have shared with each and everyone one of you! Brownsenberg, you are a legend, I will never forget you. Danke 
Mimi und Papa, ich werd euch vermissen! And thank you for all the support you have given me. Tom.Vince, ich liebe eucblVio, you're my role model, len 
- rolling in your car at 3 in the morning, visib to the infirmary, eating endless amounts of blizzards, was the highlight of grade eleven. Lena, you belong to 
me! Cbey.trying to help you hitting on all the German boys. You're unreal. Rye ■ I love yoxi till the cows come home. Mc - thank you for always being 
' there, witb cake at my door. Ria- driving to Mac's b4 class to get some 'teabags', you're amazing. To the rest and tbe boys, you made everything even 
more unforgettable. Now its time to go our own ways, and I hope all of you choose to do what you love to do! Yours truly, Olivia 




As I vwite tliis. 1 cannot \>Jmn how fast tliese last 4 yeais of fiigh sdmol have gone by. Hxse last b«o yeais at SMUS have heen unforgettable and have 
provided me with many experiences. The knowledge that 1 have gained throughout my schooling will hopefully never leave me. I want to thanh my parents, my 
brother and my sister for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to leave home one year early. Mum. you have made me the person I am today. I love 
you. To my brothers: &>nnie. these last two years would not have been possible without you. Andre, things just seemed to escalate too quickly, eh? To the 
rest of my friends - great memories and we II see each other soon. These years were the best. To the grad class of 07. best of luck! 

^^&DSS% 1 

4 yean in SMUS have passed, and i can't believe I have graduated this year! So many things have happened through these 4 years, ups and downs, but 
all memorable- I've met many great friends that I won't forget. Keep in touch! Thanks to my teachers and special thanks to my parents for their love and 
support. Glo. next year maybe a little bit different, but you'll be fine! Ah-Rom. I'll definitely miss you. I wont forget the talk and the days that we shared. 
Vannie. wow. reduce your "cold jokes' and don't miss me too much. Surrey, I won t forget all the time we spent. Remember to buy me a dinner when you 
start your episode 1. Winnie, we couldn't get over the Mario still. Chloe. summer school and watching drama is unforgettable. Elton, don t miss me too 
much. A/\akiyo. Blen. )i-Mn. Sandra. Tommy, Rachel, take care. Rochelle, Lz. Alo. Myung. Andrew. Karri, wei-wei. good luck and enjoy the last year! 
Timmis Gids, Timmis is what? RED.HOT! GRAD 2007, best of luck & take care. We made it! 

1 am sitting here, writing this paragraph at my computer, the site of my many mental frustrations in the form of essays, which more often than not turned into 
a rage against the machine. However, those former tasks pale in comparison to this grad write-up. What shall I write? How will I be remembered? How 
will 1 remember myself in 30 years? In the end, it comes down to memories with friends and family. To my friends: thank you. It s been one heck of a 
ride and I wouldn't have traded it for the world- All those poker and pool nights were fantastic. It's too bad I m pretty atrocious and get slaughtered every 

\ time. To my parents: you are unbelievable. It's hard to imagine a stronger foundation you could have given me. To my teachers: thank you tor sharing your 

/ wisdom vinth me (and the countless essays assigned). And finally to Renee: you are amazing. I don t know how you manage to be everything I could ever 

ask for but you arc. Thank you all for tlie most memorable times of my life. 

. I-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-IO-II-B-I3 interesting long years. I think I can tell myself that I've lived happily, successfully, and to my fullest. 1 nnean eve^one has some < 

regrets: procrastinating, annoying the wrong teacher, unzipping the wrong person, arriving late eve^ day, missing the highest and loudest note every time in pit 
orchestra. Yet. at the same time there remain shimmers of fun. intelligence, and ingenuity: so many good times with friends, the creation of the legendary String 

)6ustin Cats, and of course the epic relationship of Emma and Jordan. My love was always there for me and I depended on her guidance. However, alter all 
this, as one nears their end. one must stay positive. AAaybe the budding of a new existence is real after death and there is something new to look forward to. 
So. 1 will take these memories and experiences with me to share and learn from. What would we be witrwut our memories: 
God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December. |.M. Carrie 

Although a great time at SMUS is ending. I am excited about the new life that is waiting for me. SMUS has prepared me for a bright and interesting 

life. I am so glad that I have been able to spend my time with my closest friends. Surrey. Sharon. Ellen and AAaria lula. Surrey has been my most amazing 
. roommate for 3 years, and 1 will never forget the times we spent together in our room. 1 will miss our aerobics, our face packs, and our great conversations. I 
% will always remember Sharon, the other member of Be a Lady . for our funny plans and our laughter; you made me smile and be happy all the time! Ellen will 
I get the joke when I say. 'let's virafce up at 5:00 and study together.' I really appreciate M)'s optimism that has helped me through hard times. I thank all 

the wonderful teachers who have taught me. But mostly. I am grateful to my parents for the opportunity to corrw to SMUS and for their love and support 

Lastly. I thank myself for being patient and for doing a good job!!! 

AAoving from home in Mexico to a boarding school in Canada was a big step in my life, which 1 am really glad 1 took. During my planned grade 10 year 

2 more years at SMUS. there were uncountable good memories of fun and laughs that were worth all the stmggle and stress. Being part of this school was a 
V great experience with many life lessons and I owe it to my parents, teachers, houscparcnts and roommates. Huge thanks to all my friends for all those amazing 

I times . . . late night cbats/movies/phone calls, tea parties, walks to Starbucks/f ujiya. growing up. Brown Hall jokes, boarding adventures, the Timmis mid- 
^ t patrol, crazy shopping marathons, innocent pranks, fancy dinners. Mexican/Girly/Childish times and many other great moments- To the Bolton boys: 
you rock and I love you all!! SMUS gave me rrany valuable, life-lasting friendships (1 am not bothering to give names for fear of lawsuits) and broadened my 
horizons. VIVAT to the class of 2007! 1 can t wait to see you all again. j 

Since that fateful day when I stepped into School House to take my admission test, my life has changed forever. Through all the days plagued by lor 

strife, the never-ending torrent of exams and final grades. I've finally made it. Coming to this school, I learned a new way of life. I found hope, a passion, and 
discovered that love can truly exist for anyone willing to look for it. Beyond all this. 1 found myself, the person that can do more than just sunrive. that can 
succeed. Ill never forget falling asleep again and again in almost every class, late nights, and the constant chatter of every Asian language ever created! For all 
those that helped along the way. thank you. because memories can be forgotten (thank god), but the person forged out of the lire will last forever. Though 
I never found my home. 1 think I'm one step closer to finding where 1 belong- For this, thank you. St. Michaels. Most importantly, thanks for everything 
Mom. Black pride and Onyeabors forever! 

W^,at a long, strange trip it's been. We Uen't even pulled out of tke driveway yet, and were about to get l-ttoned by lite. I don t hnow about you bids, 
but I'm scared as bell; will I really bave to do my own laundry? Deep breatb in, deep breatb out. 

As scbools go, SMUS is pretty dope; bere's to tbc tcacbers, unsung bcroes; tbanbs for all tbe mulligans. And bere s to tbe teammates, eternal 
bretbren. Here's to tbe fitness centre, my sanctua^, to tbe Quad, a tbing of beauty and bliss. To tbc gids, congratulations for resisting me. Atbena, my god- 
dess, you complete me. fiaby, you're tbe greatest. To my friends, all I asb is tbat you know my name if I see you in beaven. I'll let you be in my dreams if I 
can be in yours. Tbanbs to Mom and Dad for everytbing. I love you. Beau, good lucb; you're gonna need it. To tbc deflectors. . .watcb for enemy figbters. 
younger grades, stabilize your rear deflectors. 
Well, 'bout time for me to be bittin' tbe old dusty trail. . .Wboops, found tbe fire exit. . . 

I'm a debater; I'm a tbinbcr, 1 m a green tea drinker, now I m about to grad, 
I'm a dreamer, I'm a scbemer, I m a tympani-er, leaving tbis world of plaid. 

St. Micbaels University Scbool is a place of intellect, but it is also a place of junior School computer monitors playing 'Now 4, Middle Scbool social 
activities revolving around Ms. Walinga's room and Senior Scbool parking space battles. Tbese things don't make it into tbe mission statement, but they 
bave been important parts of my education. 1 love and appreciate my family for giving me countless opportunities. Mother knows best and my heart belorigs 
to Daddy. My friends, past and present, have supported me in sickness and in health, with electricity and without and for this I wish them love and e-mail 
' bombardment. As time goes by, 1 hope tbat tbe Grads will make someone happy, for me, 1 will keep being an optimist until someone can prove to me 
that 1 cannot change the world. Tbis is just adios and not goodbye, f cilfie. 

You'd think after thirteen years, 1 would know what to say, tbat I'd have planned a nice little summary of my time bere, but lets be honest, tbis is probably 
my greatest procrastinating achievement thirteen years in the making. Some of you bave been with me since the beginning, from our bumble beginnings in 
Mrs. Miles kindergarten class, to them and tbe others that have just jumped in along tbe way, its been fun, well, for the most part. My friends, you prob- 

^ ably fall under tbis category if you remember tbe infamous white couch and 'eats' cupboard, thank you for always. . . usually laughing at my sick humour, and 
for creating some pretty memorable experiences, which I will treasure long after I've forgotten tbe names of these brick buildings. Thanks to my parents for all 

,' these opportunities and memories, my brothers for attempting to give useful advice, such as, to never to tuck your shirt into your kilt, and finally to some of 
the most amazing teachers 1 may ever meet. In the wise words of a dear friend '1 will look at this in a future as near as tomorrow and regret its creation. 

r f^, 

My three years at SMUS bave been some of tbe most memorable times in my life. SMUS has provided me with a great education, sports opportunities, 
and unforgettable experiences. To my parents, thank you for all your support and believing in me. 1 cannot imagine going through those tough times without 
you. To my brother. Art, thanks for everytbing in tbe past two years; SMUS is definitely different without you aroundl To all my friends, you know who 
you are. Thanks for all tbe good times together! Too bad, 1 will not be bere when you guys graduate next year. Take care and enjoy your grade twelve! 
To Mina, my little sis, thanks for the cheerful smile and all the fun we bad together, good luck and 1 hope you will enjoy the rest of your time here! A 
special thanks to my bouse parents and teachers; I will not forget all your help and support. Congratulations to tbe grad class of 2007! 

In 1000 characters or less, I am supposed to sum up thirteen years, a dynamic, vibrant and beautiful group of peers, a wealth of knowledgeable teachers and a 
million memories to last a lifetime. It is impossible! For The Girls, tbe times together are irreplaceable. Thank you for all the love, smiles, tears and laughter 
we shared each day. for Tbe Boys, it would not bave been the same without you. 1 couldn't bave asked for a better group of 'goofs' to keep me smiling, 
I crazy and in the midst of all tbe drama! Mom and Dad, 1 couldn't bave asked for better parents. Thank you for tbe endless hours you spent giving me the 
1 guidance, fabulous opportunities, and unconditional love. Leah, my best friend, big sister and pillar of strength, 1 wouldn't be where I am today without you 
. thank you. 1 love you. Drew, you're crazy, I'm crazy and we share a brother/sister love that is second to none. Grad Class of 2007, dreams are only 
limited to your imagination, never stop reaching for tbe stars. 

I finally became a boarding lifer. SMUS is a very unique place. The community bad taught me tbe ugliness in human as well as the debnibon between true 

friendships. Tbese years of SMUS boarding experiences had compose tbe foundation of my personality. SMUS. 1 bate you for turning me into such person, 

but 1 thank you so much for doing so. Finally a say to my buddies, friends, team mates, classmates and enemies. (The naming part bad annoyed me for tbe 

^ past 50 minutes already so 1 will go easy.) Human, you know who you are, and fall into which of my category, or in between. No matter which category 

) you are in, 1 thank you for being part of my dramatic high school life. Thank you and for sure keep in touch. Brother, take care. To the special pig I met. 

/ "Still got a few more years," we always said. Somehow tbe "years' quickly flew by and now bere we are graduating. You are the catalyst (tbe worm?) of my 

lool life. You are the person who truly falls into all of the categories. Thanks. 

tbis is tbe last 

. bigb scbool. Three years of boarding life in SMUS teacbcd me to become an independent and confident student. 1 bave to tbanbs 

supporting rr,^. . 

go visit you. Vince: b 
:h a nice roor ' 

SL .iiciiories in my higti sckool life. 
. Symons: SUPERSTARS. We will be ttiG best forever! 


My experience at SMUS can te Jescrited as tke best years oF my life, and it would tc wrong to say anything less complimentary. A great mind once said 
"Life is just a mirror, and what you sec out there, you must first see inside of you. Three years ago I came to Victoria from the smallest school in Edmon- 
ton, to become the motivated young woman I am today as I discovered a universe of opportunities and potential with which I soared beyond my furthest 
dreams. 1 will forever appreciate my teachers and peers who have given me many memories that I will always carry with me. A great thank you to my parents, 
and, although words cannot do justice, thank you to my sister, Natasha: you arc the only one who knows the significance of conversation at a glance, who 
brings life to Saturday night Calculus parties. You will always be my inspiration. I wish the graduating class all the success in the world, now that \ 
into that mirror, see our potential, and take this great leap to find it. 


My three years at SMUS have been filled with inspiration, wisdom, and the true joy of accomplishment. Looking back, 1 will always remember and value 
the patience of my friends, the wisdom of my teachers, and the strength given to me by my parents, all for which I will be forever grateful. My regards to 
the Debate team: you guys are awesome, and keep up the great work. To my sister, my second self, thank you for listening to my random rambling, for 
sharing those panicked midnight debate preps, and for being there when I needed it most. I'm glad that we will be pursuing our post-seconda^ education 
together. Remember that a wise mind once said, slow down and enjoy life. It s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast ■ you also miss the sense 
of where you are going and why.' To the graduating class, congratulations and best of luck in university and wherever life ukes you next. Let s show the 
world what we re made or! ,.' 

6oyz in tha quad remix: Lyrics by Alex Reid. I woke up quick at about 6 hours to noon, knew that I had to get to workout soon; Got to get pumped 
before the day begins, before I have to deal with school books and friends. Walk across the field with the sun on my flow, thinking about how SMU helped 
me grow; Went into the quad to get the scoop, say hi to some friends as I make my loop. A car pulls up, who can it be? Probably Dave, Yianni, Niko, 
lake or Jesse; Music is way too loud, but I hear him say, "Wow, this year has been a great partay! Because the boys in the quad 1 will never forget, thanks 
I to my family and friends for helping me to a level that I would never get. Knowin nothing in life but to be legit - in me is a fire that SMU has helped lit. 

I came to SAAUS in grade 8, a tiny brown soul. All of you know notning has cnanged since then. No matter how much I try to deny it, I must concede 
that this school of ours has meant much to me. first off. my teachers, you have all taught me to reach for the stars and for this I thank you. My friends 
have also been okay, I guess. After all the fights and drama I have to say that I've ended up with the best friends I could possibly ask for. No matter how 
much I joke about what goons you all are, well, now s the time to tell you all how much you mean to me. I wouldn t ve become the person I am today 
without all your pearls of wisdom, or lack thereof. Mum and Dad, if you hadn t been so irritating I never would ve gotten as far as I have-so thank you, 
Karia, don t do anything I wouldn t do next year. I love you all. i eace easy. 


ems like it was only yesterday that I came to SMU as a small, stout, and boisterous little grade six with a profound love of wearing pigtails. Six years 
later I am still small, at a staggering 52, yet I have grown. I have surpassed the point of working hard, involved myself in some serious mischief, created deep 
friendships with the addition of potential enemies and made memories that I will value for the rest of my life. The Girls; All I can say is that you have made 
my experience complete. Endless nights, empty fridges and laughing past the point of no return will never be forgotten. Lc Tigre out! My teachers: Thanks for 
the motivation and support that has lead me towards the path of success. My Family: Thanks for the support and love, without it I am not whole. Dad: I 
graduated from SMUS after all, and you didn't have to stand naked on a field to see it happen. The reason I go so far is because of you. To all the Grads: 

1 you didn t have to stand naked on a field to see 

We did it! Remember to work hard, but still be able to step back and enjoy life. Congratulations and all the best! 

It s been three years since 1 was a new kid to the school, and in that time I ve grown attached to the people here. It was a hard time for me to adjust to 
my new life, but with the help of friends and awesome teachers that transition was made as smooth as possible. Sure, there were people like Christophe who 
didn t realize my name wasn't Dave until grade 11, or Aaron who is the main reason why I never leave my bag out in the open, but eventually they also 
began to help me feel more welcome in this new environment. I owe thanks to a lot of people, like Michael and Sean who pushed me onto the journey of 
earning a chromatica to jam along with. Also to people like Wilson, who taught me that it's possible to trip on almost anything, and lustin, who I owe too 
many favours for his help in the past. In the end. thanks to everyone here, I ve had one awesome time. 

It's hard to believe that I first stepped foot on campus as an awkward 13-year-old and that now, five years later, I m sitting here writing my grad write-up. 
It has gone by so fast. The times I've had at SMUS have been some of the best, worst and most important in my life so far, and 1 wouldn t trade them 
for anything. Thank you to all the staff for your support and encouragement. Thank you to my family for always being there for me through everything, the 
good and the bad. You mean the world to me. And thanks lastly to the friends who truly made high school everything that is has been. Workouts at 06 
rec, spring break vacations, late Friday and Saturday nights, rough mornings, rowing practises, regattas, Starbucks trips, council lunches, concerts, bubble tea 
' and Azuma, surfing, boarding, mangoes and ice, dinners out, DQ, fights and drama, good times and times in love. . .the list is never ending Thank you for 
cve7thing and good luck everyone from the class of 2007 with whatever comes your way. You II be great! 


1 came to SMUS in grade eigkt and ever since I never noticed Inow fast time was passing ty. Now, I am graduating and it feels like just yesterday wken . 
I stepped into tfiis uniform. Reminiscing through difficult and joyful memories, 1 will ckerisii tliem forever. SMUS lias changed my path into reality. I kave 
experienced so much from all the opportunities the school has to give. Leaving SMUS will he painful. I will miss my friends, extra activities, and all the 
teachers who put tremendous effort to guide me in the right direction. I truly thank everyone for the memorable moments in school. If I could advise any 
junior students, I would constantly emphasize how much the school has to give for each individual student. The only harrier is time, so take advantage of the 

aet involved, txi 

I different cultures and don t shy out. Cheers Grad of 2007. 

I came to SMUS 13 years ago; my tie was longer than my jumper, and most days were spent leaning against the stucco wall of jr. school avoiding the 
other children. Let's hope my hack just keeps getting farther away from that wall. My time here was stressful, hut recess, movie nights, just heing, partying 
(and subsequently laughing so hard it hurt) made for some unforgettable memories and made it all worth it. To a few: Mom and Dad, you two gave me 
everything, thank you a million times. Andrew, our late night chats won't be forgotten. Megan, you're my gid; nothing will compare to the hysterics we 
shared. Keep it real, man. 06 skids, you guys taught me to enjoy the ride right when I needed to learn it most. And finally to the gidies who were with me 
everyday, who supplied me with endless inside jokes and pulled me through, you're all amazing: we did it! I love those I mentioned, but to all the rest of you, 
remember: it wasn t cruelty, just stage presence. And truly, it s been a pleasure. 

After seven years at SMUS - with alarm clocks that go olf hours too early, homework assignments that take longer than time spent in classes, and sports 
for hours every day, I know that I would not have been successful by myself So thanks to all my friends who always knew exactly how to make me relax 
and to my teachers who tried to teach me everything I needed to know. My time at SMUS was not always well spent but it was never boring, so thanks 
\ for the time . . . 

My three years at SMUS has finally come to the end and it's hard to conclude my life here within 1000 characters. SMUS is where 1 learned to stand 
up when I fall on the bottom of a hill, and it is the place where I understand humanity. I guess I must appreciate this place since it furnished me with a lot of 
memories and good friends. No matter these memories are good or bad: I'll never forget them. To my dearest friends: 

Thanks for going through all the days with me. Honestly, without you guys, I'll be buried with the beauty that I see here. GrIO Gang, night talks, late inter- 
house nights, long weekends with rice-balls, gatings, singing-grams, hot-pots, foyer, young times two, and of course recently, MAfilO. Don t forget these 
memories cuz they are the only common 

things that we share, and I'll review them secretly when I'm missing you guys. It's sad cuz 1 know I'm not gonna see some of you anymore, but life goes on. 
Grad 2007: Thank god we sun/ived and good luck. 

How quickly time flies. I have been at SMUS since grade 8. I would like to thank all of my teachers and coaches. Without your help and guidance, I 
would not have been able to amount to being the individual I am today. Your efforts are much appreciated and (I hope) well-rewarded. To my grad class, 
I you are all an oubtanding group of individuals. One of the best I have ever seen to pass through a school, and one I will truly remember. Well done. To 
I the boys, thanks guys. Without you, school wouldn't have been half as fun as it was. Whether it was when we would all gather round and hear Al rap, 
or just playing the best games of our lives on the SMUS pitch. To my family. Mom, thanks for the support and wisdom you've shared with me. Bigs, you 
have done a phenomenal job of supporting me the only way a younger brother can. Avi, thanks for the smiles. I bid you all 'A-farewell' and look forward to 
meeting with you in the future. 'Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. 

I have been at SMUS for 13 long years. 1 had my ups and downs but enjoyed my experiences nonetheless. To my fellow Ufers, we finally made it. Its been 
a while since the days where we spent time in 'The Thinking Chair". To all my friends, I love you! Remember our first meeting at the dollhouse. Good times! 
\ Thanks for the fun times and always being there for me. 1 love you! jen Squared, I hope your rocks at home start to grow. Party at Sevens at 7:00. Kate 
W., you're the greatest! We had our fun with The Gof and the l-AAAX. Kate T., good times during our early morning canoe ride at the lake. I wish you 
all the best! Val, thanks helping me pass my piano exam. I couldn't have done it without you. I'd like to thank my family, especially my parents, for pushing 
me to do things I didn't want to do and for always supporting me. To my brothers, 1 love you guys! I wish you all the best. To everyone else, I wish you all 
tine best at university. Keep in touch! 

It's been a long ride. Although there were both ups and downs, all in all, the last 3 years at SMUS have been priceless. Mom and Dad, thanks for always 
believing in your son. I couldn't have sunrived without your endless support. I love you guys. To my big sis. Mavis, thanks for always being there for me. 
Kyu Young- you'll always be my big bro. Hyunjoon- you were there with me during all the tough times; I cannot thank you enough. Hugo- my fiC buddy 
. lol keep it up man. You'll be huge. Chadie- I won't let you down, I'll be better than you. lay- thanks for all your advice. Special thanks to all my teachers 
and coaches. Congrats class of 2007; I'll never forget you guys. 

I awkwardly arrived at SAAUS on tlie first day of Grade 7 witfi a mouth full of braces and a sliclied liacli hairstyle. Six years later I have come a long way 
from that moment (thank God) and I have grown up with an amazing group of people. 1 II always remember beach runs on day four (even if it was Febru- 
ary), sleeping in a snow cave in -20 degree weather, dressing up in pirate/Moulin Rouge/golf pro gear. 2am feasts, catching some sick waves and of course 
endless trips to the gym. But I never would have been able to experience J these unreal times if it weren t for my friends, who stayed with me through thick 
, and thin (fat and slim). Ill never forget all of you because you made high school fun. 1 love you guys. To my parents: you supported me the whole way. and 
it made all the difference. I am no longer that awkward girl sidling around the middle school. To the Grads: good luck in higher learning and life, wait, what 
am I saying? Tarty as hard as you can! 

V^'ell 1 was planning to attend SMUS for one year, but after tliree 1 can say 1 iiave enjoyed myself. 

For tkose who have lived in the boarding life, congratulations! You win. 

for everyone else still working at it, don t nave too much fun ... or don t get caught. 

To my parents and friends, thank you for the support. 

You know who you are. 

I wish you all the best of luck. 

Many long years ago. . . well maybe not so many, but certainly long, life turned, how do 1 say it? Tragic. The years of TV before school, ability to express 
myself through the art of fashion and classes the size of a small county had disappeared. Although the walks to school were quite long in most cases, 1 don t 
think I can legitimately say I walked 50 kilometres, in 20 below freezing weather up hill the whole way. looking out for bear traps that could potentially ruin 
my day. In fact the walking really ended when I reached for the car door. |ust goes to show how long our hallway is I suppose. 

SAAUS has done some wonders for me. I think. I suppose being famous has really granted me the rewards 1 truly desen/e. AAy great years behind bars have 
been great years nevertheless. Thanks to my parents for always encouraging me to keep it up and to my friends for being way too great for their own good. 
To my fellow rockers. Iiecp up the great music. For the rest of grad 07. go live life. 

The past 6 years have gone by pretty fast, but the last two have been the best. I have to say that being in Schoolhouse and Crothal is better than smelly 
old Challoncr, even though we've had to listen to construction for four years. To the rugby team, it's been good times and good luck to those of you who 
go on to play for university or Canada. To the future students. SAAUS is only going to get nicer, so 1 hope you enjoy it. but good luck to you if Drown 
\ Hall doesn t get better because it gave me more than one stomach ache. To the Starbucks crew for all those Starbucks runs during chapel and (lex. those 
e good times. And most of all to Niche, for always being there for me; those were the best times of my life. 

I love music, and to me, my last three years at SAAUS have been like one giant stud 
on my Altus flute. The gift of the new Barker Lbrary was like getting my Baldwin pi; 

I love music, and to me, my last three years at SAAUS have been like one giant studio session. Having classes in Crothall and Scho 
on my Altus (lute. The gift of the new Barker Lbrary was like getting my Baldwin piano. Doing my homework was like practicing s. 
thought of it made me groan, but in the end I knew that it was good for me. Brief periods of silence were like a measure of rests aft 

loolhouse was like playing 

on my Altus (lute. I he gilt of the new Barker Lbrary was libc getting my Baldwin piano. Uoing my homework was lihe practicing scales and technique: tt 
thought of it made me groan, but in the end I knew that it was good for me. Brief periods of silence were like a measure of rests after a torrent of sounds 
AAoments of laughter were like dazzling runs of notes that left me exhilarated. Smiles and waves were like melodies resonating with the pedal. All in all, I v 
had an awesome time here at SAAUS. (Triumphant cadence) Thank you to all the teachers and students who have touched my life and helped me leave 
SAAUS with a great set of recordings for university. ("\Ar'hen in doubt, read the question! ) Best of luck grads! 

1 arrived at S,^AUS in grade eight and, during the last five years, have experienced more than I ever could have imagined. I made some great friends and 
was taught by amazing teachers. From out-trips to sports teams, my time at SAAUS has been memorable. To the Freestyle Club, weekends were always 
exciting, from landing my first jump, to completing my first rail. Finally, thank you to my family for giving me this great opportunity and for all their love and 
support. Good luck, Grad 2007! * 

Here is where everyone v^Tites their final piece, usually filled with inside jokes and generic messages of inspiration. This space, however, should appear somewhat 
different. There will be nothing generic, at least. I hope not. It has always been a simple pleasure of mine not to conform, and I don t plan to change that 
here. Im not going to ask anyone to remember me. If you don t remember me. you don t need to. If you do. I thank you, for I must have left a lasting 
impact on your life. I know of a few people who should definitely think back. 1 hope I'm not too forgettable, at least I don't think so (is this an advantage?) 
but it reflects badly on me if nobody remembers. Everyone wants a record that they were alive, a lasting impression of some sort. I just hope that my trench- 
coat isn t the only thing notable. Surely 1 m not that boring . . . 

One final note to the people I love: I love you. ,£, 

To Quote the late esus Christ, t is finished. ^ . 'W 

lustin once stioweJ js exactly kow to 'U two tirds witk one stone'. Serving as an example we learnt to work liarJ and play hard during our time here at 
SMUS. Ill always remember the late nights and the early mornings we had up in Whistler, and how we took 'put your bindings on fast because the powder 
doesn t last' to heart. I want to say thanks to those of you who helped us achieve such dopeness to date. 
Remember I'll pay bail for any of you fools, so beep it up in the future. 

thanks guys. Wfiat a great time we had. 

Due to limited space in this write up, I have decided not to mention those who are worth mentioning and of course they know who they are (this also s 
the trouble of forgotten names). Being a lifer in the boarding community is without benefit. All you get in return for over 17,000 dollars tuition fee, is recog- 
nition at your grade 12 year in boarder's year-end chapel service, fiut what's priceless are five years of endless opportunities, unforgettable friendships and gracious 
experiences. Through these five years I have laughed, wept, hurt and matured. These five years brought me valuable lessons that prepare me for the life ahead 
and shaping me a more ready and exact man. Blessed are the misguided, for SMUS will lead you into the light. Blessed are those who thirst and hunger for 
knowledge, for SMUS's new library has many scrolls of knowledge. Blessed are those who don't know where to spend their cash, for SMUS is worth your 
money. Blessed are those who see this write up. Cuod bless. 

'All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us' -Tolkien. My time is up here but I'm excited to start this next phase of my life. 

Before I go, I want to thank my friends who have made the tougher times tolerable and the grand times unforgettable. Thanks to eve^one who supported 

me throughout the years. I've leamt a lot about myself at SMUS and how important it is to be around people that want you to reach your full potential. 
I Thanks for rooting me. To the G.G who have filled my years with chill and gong show times, I'll never forget the endless laughs and inside jokes we shared 
I together. I'm ready to embark on my life and live it on my terms. 'This is how it works, you're young until you're not, you love until don t, you try until 
/ you can't, you laugh until you C7, you cry until you laugh, and everyone must breathe until their dying breath. - f^egina Spektor. So excuse me while I 

breathe, laugh, t7 and love my heart out. KlO is peacing. A little hate & much love! 

i<( I i?ichuciiwpioni 

First off for my teachers, thanks for all your help, for 'The Lifers' congratulations on 13 years! Thank you to Sue Saunders for admitting me to the school. 
For all my friends who will never see this, I wouldn't trade the world for all the good times we've had. Rooftops, beaches, basements and cars. If we ever got 
caught it was worth it. Last but not least to my Father for supporting me for the last U years. Thank you, all. 

From being a boarder in grade nine to a dayer from grade 10 to 12, I think I can say that I've had some fine moments. These years have no doubt changed 
my life and I cannot say that I am excited to leave this wonderful place. To the boys, thanks for all of the fine nights, especially those 2 am Broadmead 
adventures. Summer of grade 10? Mrs. Williams, I don't know how a teacher could support a student more, thank you so much. A special shout out to 
f hysics 12. You have been good to me. To all the grads of 2007, I wish you luck, as we arc by far the best grad year since 1973 


My first day of classes at SMUS was one of the scariest yet most amusing days of my life. It took me a long time to realize SMUS would become a part 
of me one day . I would like to thank my mom and dad. I wouldn't be where I am or who I am if it weren't for you. Next, my brother and friends back 
home who never stopped calling and helped me through my tough times. To my friends (you all know who you are) who made my life easier just by making 
me laugh and were a shoulder to cry on. I will miss boarding with amazing people and sharing those walks and nights up to Mt. Tolmie, which will never be 
forgotten. All my gratitude to my teachers who taught me what is useful; Mr |, thank you for listening to my lame excuses for not wearing a tie, and to 
, Mr Young for making me laugh so hard eve^ class. Today I leave SMUS behind, but with me I take all the experiences and memories that will go with me 
everywhere. To the Grads of 2007, the best luck for all of you! 

Although I've only been here for two and a half years, it's been a lot of fun. Boarding in Timmis house has been the most joyous of occasions. I would like 

to thank all of my family, especially my grandparents for allowing me to come to SMUS and also for the friends that I have made throughout the years. 

Without you, I would be completely nowhere. To my day student buds, you guys are awesome and I will never forget our times in the music building during 
\ lunch and recess. To my boarding buds, I will never forget you and our dance parties in my room at late hours. To my roommate, you are my masterpiece of 
1 corruption. I love all of you so much and the good times we have shared will never be forgotten. As to my teachers, thank you so much for everything and 

you are some of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. As for the rest of Grad 2007, I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you all at our ten 

year reunion. Have fun & let tne good times roll! 

r '-i^ 


Wow!! Now, I am in English class, and I came in 'lO minutes lats" (ist period) - couldn't find where my class is!! I came in. and the teacher told me to 
write my Yeartooh Grad!!!! YcarLooh Grad ... I have been reading other people s Yeartooh Grad for 4 years, and now I have to write my own!!! I can t 
believe it. it has ticcn a long and unbelievable 5 years at SMUS, but I would say it has been the most important and unforgettable time period in my whole 
life. I can't express my feeling with words right now because what I am feeling can t be express with words. 

Coming to SMUS for my grade 12 year was such an amazing experience. After spending many nights in boarding, days buried in text books and eating 
countless meals at Brown Hall, it is sad to think it's over. I have met so many unforgettable people and have had lots of great times that will stay with me 
forever. To all those who made my grade 12 year as good as possible, I greatly appreciate it! Symons gids, you are awesome, and Mahiyo I couldn t have 
asked for a better roommate. To my teammates, you are all incredible and I had so much fun with you guys. An enormous thank-you to my AAom, Uad 
and little brother who gave me this opportunity and have always been there for me and supported me. I honestly wouldn t have been able to do it with out 
you. After countless times of doubting my decision to come to SMUS, I realize that it was worth it. Finally, to the Grad class of 2007, congratulations. 
We made it through high school. It is now time to move on, and I wish you the best of luck 


'This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper. As we come to the end of our days here at this lovely institution, I have some words I 
would like to share with the grad class of 007; 'May the force be with you." To this institution that has been my home away from home, my cause for 
getting up in the morning and the reason summer is my favourite time of year you will see us as you want to see us and nothing more. My memories of 
this place will last forever. My family I can never thank enough. I love you more than words can say. As for me, I will leave you now, not forever no, but 
I am moving on to smaller and worse things, for what can be better than the days spent at this institution? Thank you for everything, and thank you for 
nothing. Grad class of 007, I leave you with this: Go ahead, make my day. 

These 4 years at SMUS sure have been some journey. With some highs, and many lows. ... But the truth is, I almost failed, my family, my friends, my 
biggest supporters, and myself If it weren t for a select few people, I truly believe I would not be sitting here, writing this letter today (I am t^ing my best for 
this not to sound like an acceptance speech). The Cooks, Mr. Blake, Mr. Yan, Mr. Tongue and especially the Andersons, thank you for your support, 
understanding and guidance through two of the most difficult years of my young life. I must at this time also thank those, who did not have the opportunity 
I to write this either, f eter Erickson, Andrew 6imm, Felix Steinberg, and some one who did, Osel Hita-Torres, you will probably never read this, but still, 
thank you for your support an don-going friendships. Of course, there are the rest, there are too many to name, which have also dealt with my recklessness 
throughout my interesting high school years! (I must mention Yianni, Niko. fiozy. Al, Anj, Weir and Walker). 

My first encounter with SMUS was in the spring of Grade 3, coming in my baggy sweats and Velcro sneakers, scowling at the kids in their tidy uniforms 
and angry with my parents. Thank-you Mom and Dad for your constant guidance and unwavering support, I could not have done it without you. I o I 
my friends, you have made my 9 years here amazing, I could not ask for a more hilarious, loyal and genuine group of friends. We have so many memories 
together and you have made me a better person. To my coaches and teachers, you provided me with opportunities to prove and challenge myself I o Undsay. 
Dave and Andrew, I cannot imagine life without you: I am so fortunate to have had the three of you since day one. Finally, thank-you Gracie for being the 

most unselfish, kind and loving person that I have ever met, I value your wisdom and thoughtful words. 

'Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility. -Oprah Winfrey I 

^ ncodorclSybiCC icKl 


Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2007! 

In this final year of nine at SMUS, I have had many flashbacks to my younger years at the school. Trips to the Senior school for choir concerts in the old 
gym. acting in The King and I in Grade 5 and Oliver in Grade 7 - these are just some of the memories from long ago. The school has changed greatly in 
nine years, and so has the class. To my friends: you have all have a part in my memories from school. I hank you for being 

there to share them with. Many thanks go to my teachers past and present, especially those that have affected my course throughout the school in a greater 
way. Thanks to Douglas, who has given me a vision and a passion for theatre, and while I wont study it in the future, there is much to look forward to. 
Finally, thank you to my extended family for their help, and thanks to Mom, Dad and Si for their trust, guidance and love. Your support has been truly 

2007 2007mm2007, 

^l>lat^)5n^V j |^nsi| 

Congratulations to tine Graduating Class of 2007; 

Wilson Wong is currently 18 years, montks, 19 days, 13 hours, 50 rr,inutes anj 37 seconds old. Because he hates writing about himself, he has delegated 
this ioh to his inanimate volleyball friend. St. Michaels has apparently teen a wonderful experience for Wilson and he will he feeling disappointed (LIES!) and 
sad (not!) to leave this great prison, uh, school. In his 5-year mission to explore this detention-centre, he has learned many life lessons lihe "there's ALWAYS 
something to trip on," and "as idiot-proof rooms are not idiot-proof, accident-proof rooms are not Wilson-proof.' If he were here, he would give shout outs 
to his friends like the lolly Not-so-Green Giant' Aaron Brooh. 'Strong (not really) Right Shoulder' Alex, the tig 'St. lohn's Medic' Christophe, and the 
"Class-skipping Mess' Sean, tut alas, he is not present, and the above sentence should te omitted. It has taken him 2 days, 3 hours, and 15 minutes to write 
this. To this exactly 1000 characters, please ignore: Y ARR! 

A bunch of thank yous to those who helped me forget how crushingly tough this year was for me: to you for the numerous fights, to you for screaming 
with me in the middle of the night, to the gang for always shouting outside my window and accompanying me during my duty, to you for letting me take 
naps on your cushion, to you for the 4am call without realizing it, to you who laugh with me over nothing, and to the group who had hot pot with me 
outside science building because we wrecked the fuse in the room. I wish I could bottle up every moment spent in SMUS, and cork it. So that it would not 
fade away, or gone. (Including all the restrictions I might have grumbled over: the groans with my roommate at the instant our internet is cut, the moaning 
of f riday prep, and even the one sentence I m being yelled at almost everyday - 'Speak English in the foyer!') And I could unseal it whenever I want to, and 
feel the glistening momenb happening once again, without them turning distant nor vague. 

^our«,/ tattling through my five years of hoarding life in SMUS, 1 must thank my parents for supporting me. To my tun yau's: Henry: switch your 
music playlist. Wanger and tsenggg: my 2 best middle schooler' friends, without you, I would of never made it this far. Elton: Let's see those report cards 
on your wall. Vernus: Don't run me over with your 'car collection'. Hugo: Calculus class was memorable. Chloe: My name is too long too mention. 

' Winnie: No more ski trip! Surrey: Thanks for everything. Ahrom: Go to the practice room in music building. Margaret: Long hair is so annoying. 
Sandy: Af Econ class was memoratle. lack: Reggie, raintow. junior fioy's fiaskettall Team. Twins: Increase rent fee for coming into my room. Rimi: 

. I'm not random. Brit: You're too Asian. Finally SMUS 6 Bolton & Harvey: Bye, tye. 

^jsuaa^ M . r , 11 

In my eighteen years of life so far, the three years 1 have spent in SMUS have teen the most memorable. First, to my family especially to my mum, you 
are the kindest mother on this entire planet! Thank you for the care, love and the unlimited support. I could not be here without you. To my girls, Sandra, 
' Mochi. and all my other friends, the late night chats, silly hyper jokes, daydreams, fat-free snacks, Friday night ferries, and our " be a lady or other plans. 
You know you are the test! Thanks for all the good and bad, the struggles and laughs. To all my wonderful teachers, you are great! Lets keep in touch. 
' Congratulations, Class 2007. 

The past three years have been very important to me. As a SMUS student, I have learned English as my second language after Mandarin, and discover, 
that my true passion is for art. 1 also learned to share my room with someone else. As an only child, this was a new experience, but a good one. 1 have 
\ gained confidence and learned discipline. I feel comfortable trying new things and taking risks, knowing that I will achieve my goals eventually. Thank you 
' everyone for your kindness to me! I will not be sad to leave-l will be taking wonderful memories away with me to another stage of life. 

My brother once told me boarding school would not teach me much more than appreciating good food. Well, that s a given, but I still have to ob|ect: ,n 
my 3 years at SMUS. I have learned to take my life in my own hands and make decisions even my mom would be proud of And more than that, my 
roommates especially have taught me a lot about myself and atout what's really important. Pushing through life, even when it's difficult. Most ^portantly, 
I've learned one's home is not in places but in people. Therefore I want to thank all those who have made me feel at home. First of all: Mrs. Hurner- 
You've been my source of support and optimism! Mona and Christian- You are a big part of who I am today. Emily-You are such a special friend to me. 
Peggy- We have way too much fun! Caro-I'm so proud of you. Al fin. Lexi- All those late night chilies, walks along the beach and private dance parties ^ 
be remembered in 50 years from now when we arc sitting on a parktench in Italy, sipping capuccino. 














k I 



Meres to unforgettable memories and unfor- 
gettable people! Grad 2007! Vivat! 




Tke SMUS bear is a long, beloved tradition but inspires 
kmiles every year: these grads can t nelp but grin! Delow: 
Peggy, Cassandra, Julie, Lexi, Kacie, tHugo, Kiley, bears. 


a:l.-A. . 

I he future of the world, 
In whose hand; 

In your hand, brother, in your hand! 
Dut do not nnistreat the wond. 
Deal with it 35 your best friend, 
As your only friend. - jri Chimnoy 


V _^ ^^■Delow: 



friendsfiip is rare, and these smiling people have found it. Above: 
Imma, Jordan, Kelly, Angle, Kacie, Lexi, Laura, Cnanelle, and /V\er. 


I Education is 
vhat survives 
vhen what has 
been learned ha 
been forgotten. 
I-B.r. Skinner 

Try not to become a 

man or 

a woman 



but ratner 



a man, or 



of value. 



t CMi«. 


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